Many are called by their soul’s desire for wholeness. Yet few truly respond to that call. To answer that call is to enter into the journey of the soul – it is the inner journey we must all take if we desire to truly know ourselves. Yet to truly know ourselves, live authentically, and live life from the Love of the Heart demands a steep price – and until now, it is a price few have been really willing or even prepared to pay.

That is about to change. July is offering us wonderful opportunities, to all who are willing to open to the portals of Love, Wisdom and Power, to be vulnerable, and to be more of who we are. Depending on whether we are driven and guided by our Soul or driven by the ego will reveal where we are now at.

The planetary alignments this month are highlighting our emotions and feeling bodies and our attitudes to what awakening is about. With so much unresolved trauma for many, embracing everything is the key. By the time the Blue Moon comes round at the end of July, it is definitely a time to step out of what feels comfortable so we can truly know ourselves and see the truth of who we are – wholeness. But how do we really perceive ourselves? Are we really in touch with our Soul? It is Love that heals and reveals more of our wholeness.

Love’s healing message this month for both men and women is this:

Integrate your authentic power and call it home to yourself

This month’s post includes a key to transformation and an invitation to a method for developing a powerful relationship with our feeling Heart.

It is who we become that changes the world…not what we do. We are all being asked to embody the Divine – from the top of our heads down to the souls of our feet. Focusing on and holding the Divine in the higher three energy centres is not enough and is not the same as embodying the Divine on Earth. Just remaining in the higher three energy centres ignores the Heart which is our central energy centre.

Lighting the Way Forward

Whilst others can light the path and show us the way to awaken the Light within and open the Heart to live a more meaningful heart-centred life, ultimately, we have to take action and awaken to that power within us and do this for ourselves. Words carry powerful energy but merely reading these words will not get anyone out of struggle or lower vibrating energy.

We are required now to actively work to balance and re-centre ourselves by going within, and why a regular, daily spiritual practice of some sort is an important part of self care.

For both women and men, the evolutionary challenge for wholeness is bringing into union our inner feminine and masculine energies by rebalancing the mind and the Heart. It is through the integration of the Divine Masculine (Higher thinking Mind) and Divine Feminine (feeling Heart/emotions/body) that we reach a balanced state.

These energies are not gender specific so when we can drop the need to label them they then become pure, spiritual energy. But they do play crucial roles in how we think, feel, act and behave. The process of self reflection enables us to see that we are all made up of a mixture of feminine and masculine energies in a constant of movement. Depending what is going on within us and around us we can start to see which energy emerges. By becoming aware of them, the Heart is then the place to be where healing the self and the planet begins.

It is OUR responsibility and ours alone for the way our beliefs and thoughts contribute to our words, deeds and actions, yet there has been great avoidance of that responsibility. I will never cease or tire of emphasising the importance of self inquiry and how our thoughts and beliefs (masculine mind) create our feelings and emotions (feminine heart), which then create our behaviours and habits.

When we go into the silence we are reaching beyond our current limited point of view of things and reaching into the unconditional love that we truly are. To embody our soul, the masculine and feminine parts within, means that we develop our own personal relationship with the Divine, protected by our own light to live life from the inside out, and allow Love to lead the way.

Whether we use meditation or mindfulness they each give us the mind/body connection that give us the instinct to reach beyond the pain in the body, the loss, the anger, the resentments, the fear and allows Love to speak to us. When we turn over a fear, a doubt or resentment to Love, it is Love that re-qualifies the energy and heals. Some use prayer, but prayer is not just for the religious. If we are carrying preconceived wounds and judgements around religion then we are rejecting an ancient form of healing. When we can take out the religious context around it prayer becomes the ancient form of the mind/body connection that it always has been.

Our spirituality and soulful journey requires commitment, honesty and the willingness to face the challenging aspects of ourselves and others. Anything other than that is spiritual glamour, escapism and an illusion of what the true purpose of awakening is about. The only truth that really matters in the final realization of who we are is: I AM. For it is in this mystical mantra that the masculine and feminine come together in the union of their energies.

Open your Heart and Embrace the Divine Feminine of YOU

Opening the heart and embodying the divine feminine energy go together. Men are hurt and wounded too and the dysfunction in many relationships is that both men and women are not able to be present in their relationships with the truth of who they are and what they are feeling. It is assumed that men were taught what it means to be a man by their fathers, but the deeper truth is, particularly if their fathers were not around much or their fathers were distant or divorced, they were taught what it means to be a man by their mothers.

Whilst the Divine Feminine has suffered much repression and denial, it is time now for women to rise above the role of victim and self denial. To strengthen the feeling Heart of both men and women it is essential we now open up to the Feminine parts within ourselves. That means dissolving the belief that there is competition, lack, and struggle that arises from fear, and focus instead on the intuitive and receptive side of ourselves so that we can bring forth Love and trust, compassion and empathy, and knowing that the consciousness of the Divine flows through us and around us so we can experience the world.

It is also a requirement to let go of any past hurts and resentments, for these feelings only serve to block the light of the Feminine Energy from entering our hearts.

The Importance of Embracing the Feminine aspect of our Soul

What I have learned on my own healing journey is this:

In order to be truly whole, we must embrace both the male and feminine aspects of the divine within us (including the inner child) if we want true balance in our lives. When we can acknowledge that these qualities exist in ourselves and others, then we can start to find balance in our relationship to ourselves, others, and the world we live in.

Some seek the Divine Feminine through goddess worship, women’s spirituality or earth-based traditions, but that is a post for another time. To embrace the Divine Feminine is to embrace the unseen dimension of our soul that is connected through our instincts, our feelings, and the longings of our Heart – it is an inside job.

Many of us are disembodied and disassociated from ourselves and others, our lives are a struggle, where we keep our spiritual life separate from our ordinary life, and our bodies have become separate from our soul. Nothing is integrated and what appears to be missing or absent is our core power. Some leave their bodies through pain, trauma, abuse or addictions yet our Soul is waiting for us to be awakened and to come alive to a deeper meaning in all of us.

The time is now to think Love, believe in Love, speak Love, feel love, and act as Love, so Love then becomes our new destiny. That does not mean that we deny, suppress or hide all that we do not want to look at within ourselves. Love comes to all the places we are afraid.

How Balanced are You?

Women and men will continue to be wounded until we take the time to embrace the whole of ourselves. As long as we continue to see the problem “out there” in someone else we will remain stuck.

Some masculine qualities are action – orientated, focused, passionate, assertive, supporting and protective.

Some feminine qualities are receptivity, intuitive, compassionate, creative, empathic and nurturing.

Do you resonate more with the masculine or feminine aspects of yourself? Do you need to practice or develop more of the qualities above, or bring more of them into your life?

The Divine Feminine called me forth through my body and illness and my own imbalance showed up to heal a Core Wound. It is truly painful and incredibly humbling when we finally turn and face our soul. In 2011 I went on a quest to find and unlock the suppressed, defiled woman that I knew was there…hidden somewhere amongst the debris. I found the Love, the Power, and the Wisdom.

I grieved for all the decades that I had sold my Soul. When I had finally surrendered to the Light and opened my Heart, I published the blog “The Importance of Healing Our Core Wounds” so it may be a shining light to help others to know their deeper selves and get in touch with their Soul. What I walked away with was this:

Compassion and self love for myself and my own unique journey, the voice for fierce truth telling that sets others free – and in allowing my heartbreak it guided me into service. All of this is now grounded in Love to kiss others tears away – which enables me now to devote my life to writing and service to assist others who choose to wake up their own life, their own souls, and remember the truth of who they are.

Although it was an arduous journey, I let go to this Heart ripping experience to rip through me so I could truly embody the feminine and masculine aspect of my soul which is still unfolding. It became a beautiful process that is far beyond words.

What I found in my perfect divinely orchestrated storm when I surrendered…and my Heart was cracked open …was an evolving Being. What I found there was messy, where I had sacrificed my true self for my false self to fit in. I also found what false beliefs I lived by, my biggest fears, and what I was angry about but had got suppressed. I was one pissed off woman. Because I had ignored my soul’s guidance she guided me through a painful intervention of loss and illness as a WAKE UP call from my slumber.

The Key to Transformation

An open Heart and the integration of our emotions is the key to our transformation. Self Love is to love all parts of us – our bodies (including our emotional body), our Hearts, our sexuality and our emotions. That means to fully feel and embrace the power of our emotions to heal our emotional body.

Whatever emotion we feel it is that we are feeling it – and it is our feelings and emotions that not only connect us to our passion and power, they connect us to our creativity and to the feminine and masculine aspects of God/Source/All That Is.

I will not cease or tire of emphasising the importance of emotional awareness, or re-iterate that thinking our way through is not enough to grow and evolve. Full participation that includes a spiritual practice are now a requirement for spiritual growth and transformation.

I am continually committed to serving and assisting anyone to heal the emotional body and integrate them with the Divine Masculine energy whose power lies in the mental body in service to the Heart. This is the union of healing the rift between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energy that we all hold within ourselves. It does not mean that the Divine Feminine takes precedence over the Divine Masculine, for this will just create another imbalance.

Many are not interested in their emotions, yet alone look at them. Yet for both men and women, to turn away, deny or suppress our feelings and emotions is to turn away and deny the Divine Feminine within ourselves. We have to find ways to accept and embrace our emotions, for our emotional body is our inner goddess…and is the Source of our Love and Power.

The ultimate price we can pay with suppression of feelings, emotions and pain is with our health. I know. I also know a lot about pain and suppressed emotions and from this experience this is what I have learned:

Pain and painful emotions are given to us to help us to grow. Pain is a gift to embrace, to turn towards Source and become whole…which includes the embodying of the feminine aspect of our Soul. Through sharing my own painful struggles in the “Importance of healing our Core Wounds”, I invited the reader to seek their own truth within themselves.

Calling our Power Home

Techniques do not heal…it is only Love that heals. So what do you do to nurture your soul? And what do you need to let go of to make more time for yourself? I now humbly offer here a simple balancing and re-centering process for connecting with the Heart. Practiced regularly, healing and transformation will follow.

There are many who do not want to do their “inner work” for various reasons, usually because they think it means endless analyzing and investigating of the “darkness”. This is not true because we don’t get to the light in this way but end up going round and round in circles. If we believe we have something to clear, the ego will always find things “to” clear. The only way to the Light is through entering the Light.

I invite you now into a powerful relationship with your feeling Heart.

Allow at least ten minutes for this process. Sit back and relax and take a few deep breaths and drop your consciousness (awareness) down into your Heart…it is not to meditate but to stay present in your body and not let your mind drift.

Become aware of your feeling body. Notice what is going on with it. Is there heat or cold? Keep scanning your body. Does it feel heavy? Perhaps you feel nothing. That is ok too. Just keep scanning your body in a relaxed state without the mind going into a story. Just stay present. That is all that is required. No falling asleep. No meditating. Just stay present.

Remain relaxed and quiet as you receive more of your divine self. Pay attention to any sensations you are feeling. If there are emotions just let them be. All that happens is perfect. It is your soul doing this as long as you are keeping your mind quiet.

Become aware of your breath and go deeper into yourself. Stay present in the physical body without meditating. If you are feeling sleepy or spaced out you are not present in the body. Just notice any changes in your breathing or any changes that may be happening or moving around in your body. It’s ok if there is pain. Your body is trying to bring your attention to it. Just remain present and allow your soul to merge and align.

Expand your feeling body outwards. You may even sense this expansion but make sure you remain in your body. Keep yourself aware and observant, your mind quiet, and a reminder you can’t do this wrong. Stay present in your body. You may notice sensations become intense or softer. You may be more sensitive to the temperature of your body and how it fluctuates.

Notice your breathing. What is happening in your hands and feet? Is anything happening at the top of your head? Are you aware of sounds around you? Just remain present in your body. What is the space like in your head? Is it full or empty? Heavy or light? How does your heart space feel? Try not to let your head become filled with thoughts or judgements or analyzing. Just let yourself be in the silence. After ten minutes you can open your eyes but be gentle on yourself. What do you feel?

True power comes from surrendering the divine within us. Embodying our soul is about living from the inside out. The Divine Feminine is within all of us – men and women – waiting to be heard, healed, re-ignited and reborn again. She is waiting to be revealed in all her glory…no longer hidden…no longer silenced…no longer invisible.

The Divine Feminine came to me in 2011 as a clear spiritual essence in the form of a Rose. The Rose works with the Heart and seen as a symbol of beauty and Love, its geometry speaks to the Heart at a cellular level. Man or woman, listen to her when she calls you – over time you will learn to discern her voice – she speaks through your dreams, symbols, and resides in your body and feelings. What is your soul longing to experience and express? Our goal must now be to fully awaken and to be self realized in totality.

To be free, powerful, loving and wise:

Bring your power home and be your divinity embodied.

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In Love and Grace,