On this longest night in the Northern hemisphere as a dance between light and dark take place, we are being called to go within in the knowing that no matter how “dark” things seem to be as we see old structures breaking down….the Light will return and Love is all there is.

In the silence and sanctuary of dusk, as I light my Yule candle on Solstice, Mother’s Night, my thoughts turn to four years ago on this day of receiving a cancer diagnosis.

I share this personal story now because at the time I felt an overlighting presence within me and around me through my journey with cancer as I was being kneaded and moulded into a newer way of being. That presence was the feminine essence of the Divine – the Divine Mother. She was the Light in the dark.

So Love’s healing message from the Black Rose this month is this:

Honour and respect the Wisdom of the darkness and stillness….

Rest awhile in her warm embrace,

for she is the Light within the dark

Surprisingly, I felt no fear or hopelessness when I was told “it’s a cancer”.  What I do remember is it felt surreal. I had to hold this diagnosis within and from friends in the uncertainty and not knowing, trying to get through Christmas as best I could as my son was coming to stay with me for Christmas and into the New Year.

During this time I was shown a vision of me walking alone on a wide, long path of Light, flanked either side by Cosmic Beings of Light waving and cheering. I interpreted this that although I felt alone, I was not alone. So many beautiful visions happened during my treatment, I did not doubt I was being held and guided by something so much bigger than me and to trust.

Nothing is wasted, no experience is wasted. The Divine Mother has many faces and Her presence within me and around me at that time culminated in the co-creation of the Black Rose Oracle deck in 2020.

I feel Her presence acutely at the Winter Solstice, for she is creation itself and I always sense deeper mysteries lie waiting to be revealed. Many may be familiar with the Twelve Days of Yule and Mother’s Night.

Mother’s Night

An ancient Mother was linked to the Winter Solstice. There are many traditions around Yule or Mother’s Night so lighting a candle to honour the darkness, it is an ideal way to honour our personal ancestral mothers too. We can use the sacred ritual of burning a candle to connect with and honour the Divine Mother and all women past and present also.

Let go of resistance and clear out old energies so we can replace them with new ones. Like the rebirth of the sun and return of the Light, we too will grow stronger and stronger as the Earth starts to awaken from its deep winter sleep.

This is a magical time if we can open to it. Releasing and creating space for what needs birthing within us, we can use this time to reflect and align with our soul self and the Galactic centre.

Following a few days after the Solstice we have a new Moon on the 23rd December inviting us to go within and honour our own needs during this time of death and rebirth, being at peace in the uncertainty, the not knowing.

Choosing new ways of Being and Acting

A new way of being is also the journey of acceptance….

There is a New Moon on the 23rd December. If we can be open to the wisdom of the dark, what does our new way of being look like?

On the 11th December I was given two words to take with me into 2023. They are Health and Resonance.

I don’t know what the health aspect looks like at the moment, I will dream that into being. In the meantime, I am at peace with the not knowing what it looks like or how it will unfold. I am sure the Black Rose will show me in Divine timing.

As for Resonance, I understood the call I was receiving. For a while I have been nudged to create an audio version to the written blog.

Whilst there is an energy signature within the written word, the audio and blog will not only continue to provide information and wisdom, it will also anchor a different reality and provide ongoing sustenance as the blog and the Temple of the Black Rose online calls continue to remain a sanctuary for refuge, replenishment and rejuvenation.

However you celebrate the Holy Days, may I take this opportunity in the last Love Letter of the year to thank you all for supporting the blog, for your lovely comments and emails and to wish you happy holidays and joy for the creations you are dreaming into being for 2023.

See you in the New Year!

In Love, Grace and Service,