A new chapter has begun for all of us, so welcome to the Aquarian Age – or whatever label you want to put on it! If you are reading this, then like me you survived 2012! We did not disappear on the 21st December, and the world did not come to a catastrophic end as many around the world believed this to be as their reality. One thing about all the hype and information of the 21st December is that the mental focus on that date was a wake-up call for humanity to adopt a more conscious awareness, both on a personal level as well as a global level.

Yet it never was about what was going to happen on that date, it’s about what will be happening after it. As we now find ourselves “on the other side”, it is up to each of us individually to decide for ourselves whether we want to explore the possibility of change as we now co-create with our Creator on our journey home to the heart. We are all in a new reality now, yet we will still be processing stuff to rise above the “old ways”.

My desire is that you will take the time to read this posting in its entirety, for there are many pearls of Light to be revealed within it…

Life is hard for a lot of people at the moment as they face their challenges, I know, I have had my fair share of challenges to face too.  Yet I also believe one of the biggest challenges that we face in our humanness is the challenge of growing into who we really are.

Maybe we can cope with the pain that life’s challenges bring our way. Yet what wounds the soul the most is the suffering we experience from believing and judging ourselves that we are not good enough, we are un-loveable, or that we have done something bad.

What does the New Chapter look like?

As we have entered this New Age of Light now, are you ready to open yourself up and awaken to the new energies of possibilities in the Aquarian Age and create the life you want? Even though you may not know what that life looks like yet, are you ready to move into a place where you can be seen, heard and acknowledged for who you are? Are you ready to shine your Light or be that Light for others?

Many will still be clinging to the “old ways” of what they “should” be doing and as we enter a new time, a new era, change IS in the air. That change is also about going within to find our true selves, to find the potential that is within each of us so that we can embrace the new times that lay ahead.  2012 was about getting to know ourselves at a deeper level and learning the Mastery of Self – now, in 2013 it is about embracing our Mastery, recognising what matters to us, so we can find a new way to BE in this world. This is the year of great potential for all of us.

2013 I believe will be a year of opening the heart, as many will seek out ways in how they can grow into themselves. It is giving us all an opportunity now to heal the relationships with ourselves and with others – an opportunity to heal the wounds that divide us. It is time now for us all to heal and to come back to that sacred place within. It is never too late, regardless of how old you are. The Universe is calling us all….NOW. Can you hear that Call? Are you listening? I mean really listening?

That Call from the Universe I feel is about learning to live with ourselves in a more healthy way – a way that allows us to accept and honour all of who we are, including, and especially including, the parts about ourselves that we don’t like and have kept hidden in the cupboard. This is the year to bring the skeletons out of the closet, especially the parts of us that were shamed, judged, abused, punished and driven into that dark cupboard through fear.

We see so much deceit and corruption in the world that is now being exposed and many feel helpless to do anything about it. Yet the reality is we can all do something about it if we so choose…we can all choose to become as authentic as possible and then connect with others that are also real and authentic. Harnessing the power of the group collective energy is the way that we will create the “New World”. However, that has to start with each and every one of us becoming authentic first.

Even through our monthly gatherings in the “City of Light”, Circle of Love community, I have felt and known for some time now that the Aquarian Age requires us to relate and be in relationship with each other in a new way – a way that we have not seen or experienced before. I feel 2013 is about even more transparency, we are now being called to be more authentic and more honest with ourselves as well as with others. Let’s face it, if we cannot be emotionally honest, how can we expect others to be emotionally honest with us?

Shining a Light for others

There are so many people in this world suffering the feelings of not being loved, and many more are living in fear and missing the messages that the Divine is giving them in life. When we are in judgement of others, we are in fear. Even more do not understand the relationships they are having with many in their lives and why certain things are happening in these relationships. Yet these “others” are your teachers and they are there for you to get to know yourself better – including disease, illness or injury. Yes, even the “bad” or poor relationship you may have with your mother, mother-in-law, father, father-in-law, husband, wife, spouse, work colleague, boss…all of them are your teachers…including me.

Those that may be in judgement about what I write here are being faced with a wonderful opportunity…you see it is not about me, it never was – it is about YOU. It is about you being able to be in a place of Love, even if it looks as if stress and chaos is breaking out around you.

When a frightened animal that snarls and coils back in fear when it feels cornered or threatened, would you shout, scream, argue or call names back at it? (Maybe some might!) When you are faced with an angry, shouting or argumentative person, that person is a frightened person on the defensive also. You see, they do not need your anger or fear – they need your Love and compassion. They need to be seen and heard.

That is the choice we have always had – do we react to someone through our own fear and unhealed wounds or hold them in a space of Love and love them just as they are? If you find yourself constantly in toxic situations that keep repeating themselves, then that other person is giving you a wonderful opportunity to change YOUR behaviour and heal a wound within YOU. If you continually find yourself still reacting from a place of fear and judgement, then Inner Child healing may be the way to empower yourself and the way to stop you reacting from your past.

It had taken me most of my life to come to the realisation that most of my life was closed in fear. Although it did not feel like fear at the time, I unconsciously allowed that fear to control me in all areas of my life and keep me stuck, invisible and powerless to do anything about it. My life changed dramatically in 1999 when I started to ask the bigger questions. Those questions took me on a wonderful journey into Self, although at times, many times in fact, it did not feel that great at the time.

My Creator knows in my heart that I will continue to be a channel and vessel for divine love – and to be of service to those that are in need of the healing of the heart. I invite you now to live it and be that love, for you are here on this earth not to suffer for past lives, you are here to embrace the divine within you and all that is sacred. You are here to come to the realization that YOU are a magnificent being of Light and to share that Light and BE that Love. What are we to do with that Love?

This blog, website and the “City of Light” gatherings hold a grander consciousness and are my gifts to humanity in this New Age of Light. It is my desire to help and assist others open their hearts so that together we can lift this world into what it was always meant to be. As we rise in Divine Love and Consciousness reaching closer to the ultimate – we will eventually find and realise that the divine inspiration that was given to one was intended to be openly shared with everyone…

It is not about competition, envy, judging, slandering, ostracising, using, excluding or withholding anymore. These energies are altars of the ego which are based in fear and come from a place of lack – a belief that there is “not enough” for everyone to go around and which keeps us in separation. That separation is shown to us in other ways too.

The Card of Death

Those that are familiar with a Tarot deck will be familiar with this card and its symbolism. In the journey of the Major Arcana, the Fool sees that he too feels like a skeleton – all that he was has been stripped away. This, he understands, is how all great transformations start, by removing everything down to bare bone or soil so that something new has room to grow or be reborn. So the Death card portrays symbolic death-a change or transformation.

Sometimes, we are dealt a card in life that screams so loudly for attention it rocks us to the core of our being. We have not been dealt this card because we are being punished for having done something wrong, it is through the pain and suffering we endure and our own efforts to go within to find a way through for ourselves that we are able to light the way for others. If you find yourselves in that place of “separation” right now, then bless it, for life is putting you into a place where you will not be distracted. You are being given the opportunity to “take time out” and go within.

Within each of us is the urge to reconnect to a lost unity and Oneness with the rest of life, which we can unconsciously remember as having experienced somewhere in our long distant past. There are many names given to this and the Mystics call it “divine homesickness” – the longing to find God or return to our source. There are others that call this the greatest wound of humanity – our separation from Source being our original wound and which we are now being called to heal…

How Healing Works

Our old beliefs are dropping away now, because as we start to become more aware, we start to see the truth of who we are and healing does not need to be a long drawn out process anymore. When we understand how healing works and the potential gifts we are offered through it, we will never see “healing” in the same way again or give our power away to others to “fix” us. The true place of healing wisdom is within YOU – it is not outside of you – it never was – and that is the Truth.

For those of us in the “healing” professions this may sound like a provocative statement to some, yet whatever the card life has dealt you there is nothing broken and nothing needs fixing. How can it be broken or in need of fixing when we are all divine beings of perfection?

The journey of pain and suffering a soul endures is a journey back to wholeness through love and compassion for ourselves FIRST. Whatever your beliefs are, stirring within most of us is a deep longing for wholeness and harmony with something that is greater than ourselves – a Cosmic union that is beyond the lonely boundaries of our isolated ego.

I know that like many I had lived my life in fear. And I can see so many who are still held in fear. Now I am older and much wiser, yet I also know that there are many in turmoil, in relationships and jobs that they “should” not be in, wearing false masks to hide their true selves, or wearing false masks and trying to be who they are not.

Through my past work as a counsellor and Spiritual Response Therapist, I have guided many on an inner journey to heal their wounded inner child. Many of us find ourselves at a point in life right now, whether we are conscious of it or not, that the “issues” in our lives are being presented as an opportunity and invitation to make ourselves whole again.

When something happens to us in life, there is usually emotional trauma from past life times that gets held in the etheric body. It is held in the etheric body for a reason until it shows up in our lives in some form or another that will scream so loudly, we have no other option but to deal with it. I will share that reason in the next blog on how to heal Core Wounds.

What is your Catalyst?

And that loud scream will come to us usually in the form of a disease, physical or mental illness, deep emotional suffering, a financial crisis or an injury of some kind. Yes, even the bad back, headache, broken leg, urine infection, blood pressure, cancer and knee problems – they all want our attention and have something to tell us. Yet there are also many that dismiss their minor ailments without consciously being aware or listening to why it had been presented to them in the first place.

Modern day life teaches us that when we have a physical “inconvenience” such as a headache we must “get rid” of it. Our bodies are wonderful instruments, if only we would listen to them. Whatever your body is “doing”, it is not something we need to do to get rid of the “inconvenience” it is something we need to KNOW. Pain is the body’s way of getting our attention. Anyone who has read “YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE” by Louise L. Hay have found this a valuable book on all you need to know about life, its lessons and how to do the work on yourself was all contained within it.

It has taken me a long while to listen to my body, I mean really listen. Having dealt with the physical and emotional losses since being dealt the “Card of Death” and diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, I can share with you in the next blog how the unhealed core wound of injustice showed up in my life, and what it was trying to show me so it could be integrated and healed. The higher purpose of sharing this information with you now is to show that by going within, what we perceive as our challenges, limitations and loss, are actually the pathway and catalyst to melt away all our obstacles to truth, transform us, and move us forward into something more.

Releasing the Piscean Age

I have been gifted in my life with many great teachers and with gratitude, I thank them all from the bottom of my heart to all those that have written the books and facilitated workshops to help enlighten me.

As I release the Piscean Age I thank all of those in their loving service as I now look back to remember and acknowledge all those beautiful souls and their messages that they shared in their own unique way in their dedicated service to others. For each of them divinely guided me at the right time to reach the level of consciousness and love that I am at in my life right now. However, all the books in the world will not make you wise and information on its own at an intellectual level will not heal you – it is up to each and every one of us to process the information and go within to do the inner work.

There is a mass “out there” of teachers, books and churches that keep telling us we must learn to love ourselves – yet not many share how to do that. The process of Inner Child Healing I will share with you further in the next blog on Core Wounds.

Why do Inner Child Healing Work?

It is through healing our inner child wounds that we can learn to Love and respect our self. By healing our inner child wounds we can heal the world.

You see, the Inner Child resides within the heart. Those that have high opinions of themselves will never see who they really are and those who are reading this who are not in touch with their own Inner Child would not understand this type of healing work – and that is ok too – they have a different journey to take. There is as always no judgement in any of this – just learning and love.

Your Divine purpose is to reclaim the Power of YOU and the power to heal lies within YOU. Life has given to each of us a core wound to be healed and a core purpose to be fulfilled – this is the soul-work that each of us is here to do.

Once upon a time….in days gone by that is…many of us were brought up that if we got excited about our creativity we were told not to “get above our station”. The “rule” of the day was to crush a child’s spirit and creativity so as to control them. We know what control does don’t we, designed to keep us trapped in a place of fear. Many have even experienced this attitude in the work place, particularly from someone in “authority” where we perhaps felt powerless to do anything about it. This also left many of us that in order to gain acceptance or approval of others, we had to keep ourselves small.

Whenever we present ourselves as “less than” we really are, or apologise or justify for something we are about to say or do, we do not serve ourselves or the other person – it will keep us both small and disempowered. I hold my hands up to that one, often justifying before I say or do something so as not to hurt another feelings. The truth is we can never hurt another’s feelings because offence can never be given, it can only be taken. It is not about sacrifice or compromising ourselves anymore. When we sacrifice ourselves we are dimming our magnificence to make someone else feel better.

Being Emotionally Honest

The painful process of letting go of ego occurs so that the true, authentic Self can appear. Rumi, the 13th century poet wrote,

“Don’t hide your heart but reveal it so that mine might be revealed, and I might accept what I am capable of”.

We live in an emotionally dishonest society and I grew up getting the message it was kind and caring to put others before myself and that I was responsible for other people’s feelings and behaviour. I remember being hauled into a manager’s office once who told me I had really upset someone with what I had said. I remember thinking at the time, “and what about me? What about how upset I feel at what she said to me?”

I spent most of my life being the “victim” of my own thoughts, and emotions. I always attracted unavailable people in my life to love, or people that used me for what they could get from me and I had to learn about becoming open and honest enough with myself and set boundaries. Through my own childhood wounding I could not trust my own emotions because I was incapable of being honest with myself – I had spent my life reacting to the wounds of my childhood of not being seen and not being heard. Emotional honesty is absolutely vital to the health of the being.

My life opened when I openly and truthfully admitted who I was. When I finally surrendered my heart to love that love spoke to my heart – as it does to you now.

We are not here to be in judgement or slander others because their beliefs do not resonate with ours. We are here to start respecting everyone and everything. We are here to put the love of the divine into action and practice. We are here to demonstrate it in a practical way. What better way to do that than to walk alongside the marginalised of society, all the souls whom society rejects, the mentally ill, disabled, those whose lifestyles are totally different to ours. And I know what it feels like to be one of the marginalised of society, I know….

We do not have to be the victims of our childhood programming anymore, so over the next few months we could even start to see some changes where people are going to start moving off in other directions to “do their own thing” or do their own inner work. However, it is worth noting that the grief work associated with inner child healing can be very scary stuff for some and it is worth bearing in mind that someone who has not done his/her emotionally healing grief work cannot guide you through yours.

I also sense that there may appear what looks like duality for a while, as what seemed like people coming together could look like they are moving apart. There is a higher purpose to this because what is happening is that people will be moving more into alignment with what feels right for them as they prepare to birth their gifts and a new way of being – a way of being authentic and emotionally honest. I sense also that this could bring up fear in some as they could react to what is happening around them.

I have seen this in the “City of Light” gatherings over the past year, because whilst allowing it to come together in unity, it is also about honouring the individual differences of those that attend. Things can no longer stay the same and we will not be able to do things the “old way” because that is just not working anymore – we have to change, we have to move forward. And that move forward is about being authentic, emotionally honest and being able to show and share our vulnerability.

The Next Step of the Journey

Although that move forward for some at the moment is unknown and holds no guarantees, there are some that are ready and prepared to move forward to the next level of growth. My inner guidance has been prompting me to move forward and all I have been able to do is to surrender and trust in that process.

In past newsletters, I have shared how in 2010 I chose to stop exhibiting at Mind, Body, Spirit Shows because I could see how they were “imploding” on themselves and that for me it was a case of “time served”. I made that leap to leave them behind because although I had given my all to them in serving others, they were no longer serving my higher purpose or supporting the energy work I wanted to take forward.

Gathering of the New

Around the world today, a movement of visionary scientists, philosophers, and spiritual thinkers is forging a new understanding of evolution that honours science, reframes culture, and radically updates spirituality – they call themselves Evolutionaries. Many that have served as “Lightworkers” in the past could well find they are being moved now, or prompted to move into more humanitarian or planetary healing work.

For some time now, I have chosen to have the courage to stand up and say it is not about teaching or healing anymore, even though that may have been provocative to some. I chose to drop those labels and “titles” when I created the “About” page for this site, they are not who I AM.

Time at the shows showed me those whose world revolved around their “titles”, “I am a healer”, “I am a Lightworker”, “I am a psychic medium”, “I am a Reiki Master”, “I am a crystal healer”….all these titles and labels do not define who we are and if we are serious about the next step of evolution then we have to be prepared to drop those perceptions of ourselves.

It is certainly time for me to explore and embrace the new energies and a new way of BEing. Although this site is a work in progress and will continually evolve as I evolve, it is time for me now to step forward and create that change, even though I do not know what that change looks like in its entirety at the moment.

About The “City of Light” Community

Spirituality is concerned with people finding meaning and purpose in their lives, as well as a sense of belonging, and of community. This year will also be a time when people may start to create their own communities to find their “Tribe”.

In May 2011 one such community was created here in Bingham, the “City of Light”, Circle of Love–where hearts and minds come together in Divine Love as a group consciousness in a multi-dimensional community of Light. A new page has now been created on this site for those that hear the Call to come together with open hearts and unite in ways that support each other so that they may become a channel of Divine Love for others.

The time has come for me now to move higher and beyond the confines of the old energies of the past because there is a higher purpose to the “City of Light” community here in Bingham. At some level we have all chosen whether we want to move to the next level and receive the Light gifts or stay the same – whatever choice anyone has made, that is ok too.

We each have within us the creative seeds of potential and the “City of Light” community gatherings in Bingham are for all those that are willing and who choose, to find a new way of loving, and a new way of serving. As multidimensional beings, we are being called to Love the Earth by receiving the Light frequencies from the Angelic, Cosmic and Galactic Realms and extending God Consciousness into the physical plane.

For those of you that have been a part of this community for the past 20 months, you have helped create an energy portal to anchor and receive that light – it is time now, if you choose, to know yourself as a channel of Divine Love for the many. Step forward now…and stand in YOUR power…guided by the heart of Love and Light.

In Love, Light and Wisdom, Linda x x x