As the energy has been building for the Chiron Super Full Moon in Virgo on the 19th February, big shifts of endings and beginnings, of insights and glimpses into the future of possibilities, is starting to unfold for many of us. Some are going through a major transition, as a migration to “a promised land” awaits us.

We are in a powerful portal for big endings, ancient insights and big realizations, to bring forth our legacy. A purging and letting go of some really ugly energy that appears to be ancestral, involving generational family trauma for some, illnesses for others, is coming up to be released. There is a karmic cleansing of the deepest of the deep, the most hidden of the hidden. It is subconscious, and it is a cycle that has been hidden for so long.

Diagnosis and issues within the physical body for many (myself included) are coming up. These events can keep some frozen, but what we don’t realise is the Light behind it that is pushing it all to the surface. Illnesses of all sorts appear to be on the increase, particularly around immune systems, and it is my belief they are linked to recalibrating the body to update our 5D system and way beyond.

So Love’s message from the Black Rose this month is this:

Restore the higher Order!

Release the deepest dark wound – and let Love live!

Starseeds or not, we are not immune to the traumas, illnesses and challenges of the 3rd dimension. As multidimensional beings, creating our own Pillars of Light to become illuminated from the inside out, can though bring clarity to what once may have been confusion and return us to a place of Love.

Some are dealing with some major paradigm shifts, so what is your dark wound? What is the burden you are carrying on your back? When did you last tune in to your body’s wisdom? It’s about a “massive leap of faith” now to break the old cycles and step out of the past!

There has been a divine presence channelling information through me. For the past year I myself had been blocked to speak out a truth to a certain individual whose deliberately cruel and abusive behaviour left me with a trauma where grief became stuck in my body. It has taken me a year to work through and process this event (which manifested as another disease within my body). I have dropped the burden, released it, and returned to a higher order.

I can still live in joy and bliss regardless. Neither victim of illness or circumstance am I. Using emotions as a healing tool we can begin to unlock the suppressed emotions of unacknowledged grief and loss and truly move into our passion and purpose.

I am not blaming another, or claiming the label of disease or owning it as mine as it is all happening for me. I believe my body is upgrading and recalibrating – I am in a place of total acceptance and trust the journey, knowing it is passing through and I shall be empowered by the experience. I have got to the root cause and been able to take the wisdom from it and receive the gift from the past.

It’s not the events in our lives that are the issue. What truly matters is our ability to recover from it, release the past, and restore a higher level of thinking and order. We know that by aligning our higher divine self with our human self will bring the higher levels of Light into our physical body to be anchored on Earth. What then do we do with the Light?

Super Full Moon

Endings and beginnings, closure and completion are the themes of this upcoming Full Moon. In times of great change it can be difficult to master what we perceive as chaos and disorder within ourselves when we are attempting to create a new reality and give life to our dreams. We are all being called to something so much bigger, and to redefine what Love and “family” truly means to us.

Whilst there is an urge to break free from stress and what others may perceive as senseless drama, we can end up being shielded from the truth with spiritual bypassing which disconnects us from our feelings. Owning our stories of failure, heartbreak, disappointment and shame enables us to write a new ending to our trauma and birth something new.

Yet we live in a society that does not have much tolerance for pain and tends to shun negative emotions – no wonder they get suppressed through spiritual bypassing. For some it is easier to stay in the mind and escape to the higher realms than to be in the body feeling everything that is moving in and through.

The energies of this super Full Moon are giving us the opportunity to finally break free.

The Lady of Light

I have recently been shown the Black Rose (the lady of Light) is a multidimensional Rose of the 13th dimension – the dimension of the Cosmic Wound, of completion and new beginnings. She is the Trinity of Mother, Father and Divine child, and serves as the Great Awakener to all dimensions and cosmic consciousness. This dimension is the gateway to access other universes beyond our own.

Through the Love and wisdom of my body, I received the message of the “dis-ease” that had manifested in my body from a soul wounding, and was given the healing vibrational frequency to use to return myself to wholeness. The Love and Wisdom of all the Masters that overlight humanity is available to all of us now.

Whilst in 5D we live in unity consciousness, some have also made a choice to work with the 3D frequencies to help humanity heal and open their Hearts and ascend.

Whether we like it or not, we are living in two worlds right now, and the need to control things (consciously or unconsciously) is escalating. Not everything can be to our expectations. We can “be” in the higher frequencies right here right now…regardless of what’s going on around us with others.

We are all, in one way or another, truly remembering and embracing who we are, seeking that connection to Source, to the Cities of Light, to Shamballa….the Diamond Light of unconditional Love and awakening into the multidimensional self to be a conduit for Divine Truth.

Light is Calling

What is your masterpiece to bring forth? We are all being called to a higher octave of service. The service of helping and assisting others to heal and move into the Light. How can we help others? We hold the multidimensional field open which allows others to make a quantum shift in reality.

And how do we align ourselves with the new level of service? Are we connected to the groups that share our values and can we share our values with those groups? Do they align with our vision? Who are we interacting with? What actually works? We must learn the importance of illumination within a group setting and to work with the Light as a group.

If the Aquarian Age is the age of synthesis and Light, working in the 5th dimension (and above) there is no authority or hierarchy, and no judgement. We join in oneness but retain our own authority to connect with the higher realms, not giving our power away to an outside source to take us there. In this place, everyone is self empowered, and at this level, we know everything is in Divine Order and happening perfectly.

Old 3D modalities of healing no longer work on those who have raised their vibration to a higher frequency. And no-one outside of us can heal us. In truth nothing is broken, nothing needs fixing. At this level we are open to co-create with Source and allow Source to work through us.

I have observed some strange behaviour in the animal kingdom recently, implying they are more intelligent than us humans have perhaps given them credit for. Or is it that they are raising their consciousness too?

So it is with the plant kingdom. As I tap into the consciousness of my body and the Roses that grow in my garden, I allow them to speak to me. For the Rose too, although of Love and divine perfection, it’s my belief she also is rising to another level!

In Love, Grace and service,