We are experiencing a very rare numerical frequency between 2nd February and the 22nd February 2022 in what is referred to as the Aquarian Gateway. Through the Master number of 22, often referred to as the “Master Builder”, we, individually and collectively, have stepped into an important time and an important moment in history.

Whilst what appears as a separation of some kind with humanity splitting into different paradigms and different levels of consciousness, we have all on some level entered the paradigm of our choice to rebuild anew. For those who are sitting on the fence, Love’s healing message from the Black Rose this month is this:

You cannot hide from the truth any longer


You cannot hide from the truth
any longer.
If you have been in an
unbalanced situation and
stagnant energy,
things are about to change.
Something or some truth is
about to come out.
Have trust and faith for all is in
Divine Order.
What is meant for you will
never pass you by.
Temperance is about to

The Black Rose Oracle deck©2020 Linda Raven

When I sat down to write, I asked the Oracle what was the presence that wanted to over-light this month’s healing message from the Black Rose? It was Divine Intervention.

We are all here for “the big shift of the Ages” that is taking place. We know we are here for a mission of some kind to awaken to our own truth. We are multidimensional beings and the light force of Mother/Father/God is within us to expand it all around us.

With the plethora of information and misinformation out there, we can observe what’s taking place in the outside world and see that many are losing their faith and trust in “authority”.

We can observe their frustrations turning to anger and in some cases violence – because here in the UK for example, many perceive their concerns and their “rights” are being ignored by MP’s and authorities that are out of touch.

As we see the collapse of old structures globally, countries, politicians, friends, families and some within relationships are now going their separate ways. So Divine Intervention had a message to share.

These Light Codes through the Aquarian Gateway are helping us to break down and clear old, toxic programming and fear based conditioning, particularly around injustice, judgement, fear, anxiety, deep pain and wounding.

When we transcend our emotional wounds and bring the mind and Heart into union and balance, we heal separation. It is there in that place of union and balance that we then can carve a pathway through any drama and challenge with grace and ease.

In every given moment, we are simply being asked to live our truth.

We live in what appears to be a messed up world. What price or sacrifices are we prepared to make regardless of the consequences to LIVE our truth or EXPOSE the truth wholeheartedly?

Our truth may not be the same as another’s truth or the Truth. We have opinions and others have opinions. People and situations will always come and go in our lives. That is the way it always has been.

If someone or something does not match our frequency or is not in alignment with our energy anymore, that is ok. We no longer need to carry the guilt, the shame, the obligations or regret for the choices we make in our lives – or for speaking out.

When we can break apart our distorted patterns of behaviour and rigid mindsets we are freed and liberated from the past, which brings us into the present moment of NOW which is highly creative.

Moving up into these higher frequencies of consciousness and awareness we are no longer pulled out of our centre through adversity and challenge. We gain greater clarity and creativity to make different choices.

Do those choices take us closer to Source or further away? Do they fulfill us or leave us empty? Do they bring us joy or anxiety and distress?

222022 – 2222022

During this Aquarian Gateway, this Portal of Light is offering an opportunity for those that can tap into its Light and cosmic state to co-create with the Mother frequency and bring forth their own unique experiences to assist in humanity’s sacred Heart awakening.

Whilst we need to remain focused on the Light through these challenging times and whatever our current situation, can we find self compassion to look for the blessing in the situation and not blame or judge ourselves (or others) for what we were not able to see happening at the time?

Our egos had an important role to play in the past. Nothing was wasted though. The experiences made us a stronger and wiser person with an undistorted view of what loving ourselves really means.

We are all part of the Universe and we each have an important part to play and a reminder that like a shock wave, our thoughts, deeds and actions ripple out into the collective.

Tomorrow is promised to no-one. Some of us are doing work for the collective and working with the collective energies that are part of our Soul contract for us to move through so that we may bring healing, a greater awareness, or create a shift in consciousness for another to embody their own sovereignty.

Temperance is about to Intervene

In a Tarot deck, Temperance in her upright position brings balance, patience, moderation and purpose – and co-operation with others to find solutions. She offers us an invitation to allow the life force energy to flow through us in any given moment without resistance.

If we are fearful of the way things are going and the way the world is looking at the moment, she also invites us to manage our emotions, even if at times we feel stressed and anxious. Temperance will guide us to the right outcome for the greatest and highest good of all concerned.

What is meant for us will never pass us by. Her intervention alchemises and blends into gold a situation, or a clear vision we may hold and want to achieve.

She also reminds us that when faced with a challenge, we are still capable of finding well-being and harmony for ourselves – even in the face of challenge and adversity, illness or disease.

Temperance is a learned skill, reminding us to not only hold back from reactive behaviour and judgement but to remain calm during moments of distress.

Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention is to see our world both inner and outer as perfect and hold it in that perfection.

When we can see the beauty in the ugliness and darkness, in death and destruction, in illness and disease, even in a beautiful Rose that is shrivelling and dying and to feel the Love and joy within it all, we can’t help but become filled with appreciation and gratefulness, even in the smallest of things.

Divine Intervention comes from within us, not from an external source. I can only speak from my own personal experiences so for example, I have been shown my journey with illness and disease is part of a plan that is beyond this lifetime. I can therefore see illness and disease and my realities as perfect and can hold them in perfection.

I can see my body without ailments and hold it in that perfection. I can see the world without war, famine, disease, poverty and disaster and hold that in perfection too. It doesn’t mean to say I don’t slip out of that perceived perfection sometimes, it’s a reminder that divine intervention is within me.

How would we and the world look individually and collectively if we all practiced divine intervention? That is up to us. We all hold the power of divine intervention. Can we use it wisely and for the greatest and highest good of all and put it into action for a world that greatly needs it?

In Love, Grace and Service,