Perhaps we have a lot to learn from the D Day veterans. Returning to the battlefield in Normandy 75 years later on the 6th June 2019 for commemorations to respect and honour their fallen comrades and appealing to the world to “keep the peace” – a gift from history that perhaps many take for granted.

Many of us are returning to the battlefield in our own way too. Whether that is to face the war that is going on within our selves or a “war” with someone else, returning to the battlefield will bring clarity, acceptance, peace and understanding within relationship or family issues.

As the veterans of Normandy had an opportunity to heal their past, we too will be offered opportunities this month to heal our own challenging past experiences that were never resolved or had closure, in ways that we never thought possible.

We are all being called to return to something to find peace.

So the message from the Black Rose this month is this:

Let Peace be the Rose of our time

To tell our story we heal the land….

To tell our story we heal others….

To tell our story we heal ourselves

Many of the humble veterans who were young boys seventy five years ago were now telling their stories…..some for the first time. Returning to the beaches they could not forget, some still haunted by the memories and atrocities of war, and the unacknowledged grief and guilt of losing comrades.

Tears falling from some of the weathered faces of these men, most in their 90’s, some admitting probably for the first time that as young boys, they were frightened….

These young boys that were lucky enough to survive and return from war, learned to suppress pain and deny how much they had been wounded.

What is the Wound?

I get a sense that the energies playing out in June will present us with opportunities or challenges to overcome a fear of some kind that we may bring peace and balance to the masculine and feminine within.

Whether there is reluctance or resistance to moving forward, or our paranoia gets triggered, not knowing if someone will reject us, or we are fearful that we may not be able to control our anger, there are also some healing opportunities this month with someone from our past.

In Gemini season we are being called to move to a new place within our relationships. I personally have my doubts about a certain relationship that is coming back around again that I thought I had buried and left a long time ago.

After all the judgements, the knockdowns, the deception, the theft, the lies, the abuse ….I am still standing after finding an antidote to the poison.

And we will be given these opportunities and challenges to stand in our truth and decide whether we really want to reconcile with someone or whether we want to move on.

When we become aware of how the wounded masculine and feminine “act out”, we can start to see it within ourselves when we are triggered and spot it in others.

The Wounded Masculine

We are being called to find fairness and balance, and the Wounded Masculine and Feminine are archetypes that reside within all of us. The Wounded Masculine projects it’s own wounds onto some external “enemy”, using force to manipulate, dominate and control, and use power over others, often using tactics of shaming and guilt tripping. It is immature behaviour.

The Wounded Masculine will always withdraw when feeling threatened, often with an air of arrogance, entitlement, never having the willingness to be vulnerable due to its own insecurities and feelings of unworthiness.

The Wounded Feminine

The energy of the Wounded Feminine is often jealous and withholding, is manipulative, passive aggressive, judgemental and critical. Often carrying the Martyr and Victim archetype, the Wounded Feminine feels unseen and discarded and will often project this onto others.

Is it any wonder many of us are “at war” within ourselves and within our relationships? Balancing the feminine and masculine within to bring balance requires that we look at our own behaviour by being aware of what we react to and what triggers us.

Then we have to dig deep to find the core wound, the core belief, the fear of not being good enough or not feeling loveable.

When we have brought the masculine and feminine energies within us into balance then we will know Love. We will know Peace.

Peace Rose – the Rose of our Time

To honour the veterans of Normandy, whom I refer to as the Roses of their time (and our time), I am about to purchase the Peace Rose.

In Antonia Ridge’s book “The Love of a Rose”, the Peace Rose was truly a miracle to have survived the war. The Peace Rose has her own touching story to tell of two French Rose families – a story of Hope in the midst of destruction through war.

According to an article written by Ludwig Taschner for a Rose magazine in 2005, the Peace Rose was at that time the “Mother” in the lineage of 150 varieties of Roses, and the “Father” in an another 180 varieties of the modern day Roses. There are probably many more since.

The Peace Rose is offering us an invitation to receive the gifts of our past. The burdens we have been carrying on our shoulders and within our Hearts can begin to melt and dissolve returning us to a state of peace.

By the Solstice on the 21st June we will experience the peak of the healing frequencies that June has to offer to bring in a fresh start at the Full Solar Eclipse on the 2nd July.

Perhaps we can all surround ourselves with beauty and Love and be Roses of Peace by breathing hope, peace and new life into our lives this month, through the essence and Liquid Light of the Peace Rose.

In Love, Grace and Service,