What a month November was, to hold the resonance of Love and embrace the shadow at the same time. Regardless of what was going on in the outside world or within us, November heralded a time of breakthroughs – and opportunities on a grand scale.

The Super Moon on the 14th November magnified so much in our lives both the Light and the shadow, and we have certainly been seeing it playing out on the world stage with so much denial, protest and disbelief. As we received more Light, it certainly brought up all that needed clearing out. Including all the ways we do not Love or accept ourselves unconditionally – and ways we keep ourselves small.

At some level we are all experiencing an overhaul of our shadow aspects, all in preparation for a massive awakening and the creative power of the divine feminine as we approach 2017. We may even find that work we have engaged in for many years is coming to an end, as anything that is not in alignment with the new paradigm and who we are now will be coming up for review.

Compassion and kindness will evolve the soul, so Love’s healing message this month is this:

Don’t be afraid or turn away from the dark…

For it’s time now to truly blossom

I took myself out last month to really get to grips with this incoming energy, for it was affecting me on a profound, deeper level, stirring up some old wounding buried deep within my being that I was not even aware of. All of it in preparation for what is about to be birthed.

We see the Dark Feminine shaking everything up, both inner and outer, bringing to the surface all the shadow that is not in alignment with Love. Are we choosing to evolve or choosing to stay put and stagnate? Are we ready to return to Source, or do we want to continue to separate?

Nothing happens to us randomly. Life does not happen to us, it happens FOR us. I truly believe that. We have all chosen be here at this auspicious time on the planet so that we can live through and move through our experiences for inner transformation and our soul’s evolution.

It is my knowing that in accepting that, it makes a big difference as to whether we choose to fall into spiritual bypassing and remain in victim consciousness and become overwhelmed by our emotions, or take responsibility to return to Source to heal, learn and grow.

There is a big difference though in being interested in spirituality, and being committed to remembering who we are. When we understand the difference, we realise that we do not live in a benevolent universe that wants to punish us and make us suffer. Our challenges and setbacks in life are the very “initiations” we need to transform our lives.

The Alchemy of Pain and Discomfort

In this growing Age of Light, emotional healing, awareness, and Heart intelligence is vital. Regardless of how committed we are to healing or loving ourselves, in order to truly heal, until we go to the very core and Heart of our pain and discomfort there can be no freedom. By modelling my own vulnerability, I offer the Wisdom of my Heart.

And what I have learned is this.

I know nothing. Yet through my own inner alchemy, I transmuted my own struggles with illness into the greatest gift I have to offer now in service to others in unity and Oneness.

I accept, Love and honour my shadow as well as my Light. I do so and have shared through these blogs so that others may do the same. We cannot have Light without the shadow, and I am not afraid to open my Heart and show others where the wounds once were.

Living through my own experiences of “initiations”, of losses and heartbreak, I have also learned that Grace is the guiding Light needed for healing and awakening the feminine voice. It is there, waiting for us in the darkness, when we are ready to surrender and turn inwards to the pain and discomfort that we deny, or just do not want to feel.

I offer the Wisdom of my Heart

Love and Grace. Only by facing our shadow can we be made whole. She is the other face of the Dark Feminine, of compassion, healing and re-birth, a guiding Light holding us in our heartbreak, confusion, hopelessness, uncertainty and despair.

Over the years I have journeyed deep and received the gold from the fire that was revealed to me through the integration of my own spiritual journey. The thing about adversity or challenges of any kind is that we can underestimate their transformative powers and block the divine work we are being guided to co-create and bring forth for the whole.

You see, when we can own our story and transmute it in the alchemical fire there is always a sacred gift waiting for us in the shadow to bring back and share with the world.

It is only when we embrace the pain these experiences brought can the gifts and contribution to the world be revealed. We then understand that these experiences, no matter how painful or traumatic at the time, were in Divine order to not only put us on the path of our unique purpose, but it becomes the Divine balance – the sacred union of the masculine and feminine within. When healed, integrated, honoured and balanced, we can then co-create a new future for ourselves in service to the whole.

With the upcoming new moon on the 29th December, we can create the space now for exciting new possibilities. Whilst transitions are not always easy, and as 2016 is nearing closure, there is now a great re-birthing for many underway….a new chapter, a new pathway forward into 2017 as we step further into our sovereign or even leadership roles. It is a time where we will be able to reach higher and deeper levels in our gifts we share with the world.

And so, it is time for me now, empowered by the forces of the Sisterhood of the Rose and Black Madonna, to come out of hiding in the shadows and offer the sacred work I am now being asked to do. For I carry the alchemical message and Wisdom of the Black Rose….

The Alchemical Temple of the Black Rose

Starting in January 2017, the year of the Divine Feminine, it is time for me to embody fully my essence and be the living temple of the Ray of Light I came here to shine, and bring forth the sacred teachings, Holy Presence, deep grace and beauty of the Black Rose.

In truth, this is a Sanctuary of Light, the sacred gift of the Black Rose that came to me as a Holy Presence, a guiding Light in the dark, awaiting me in the shadow of illness and destruction, to bring back and share with the world – co-created and over lighted by the archetypes of the Sisterhood of the Rose and the luminous presence of the Black Madonna, the guiding forces that called me in 2011 as the Sacred Rose whispered to my Heart.

Shadow work is the path to creativity and one of the most crucial gifts we can give to ourselves to liberate our lives from the grips of numbness, pain of any kind, illness and disease, or feeling we have no purpose in life.

For those who are ready to allow transformation to happen and are ready to explore the higher frequencies of the Black Rose to empower their own transformation and personal growth, the Sanctuary of the Black Rose offers a sacred space for wholeness and wisdom.

This is a supportive vessel for conscious men and women who are genuinely committed to moving deeper within for growth and potential, for truly opening and healing the Heart, for inner transformation and inspiration, for emotional and spiritual evolution, and who are prepared to dive deep within these experiential gatherings to share their Hearts, experiences, work through, identify, and heal their Core Wounds and Heart’s wounding.

Deeply rooted in the Heart and body and connection to Source to bring forth the wisdom deep within us, this is not therapy work or about “processing” issues, or focusing on “problems” – neither is it connected to any “cult” or religion. Surrender into the healing power, Black Light, and the unconditional Love of the Black Rose, for in doing so, you will be forever changed, and imbued with the beauty and wisdom of that which has been transformed.

If you live in the Nottingham area of the UK, feel called to enter into the depths of your soul and are ready to enter into the Sanctuary of the Black Rose for it’s healing power, comforting balm, and the beautiful alchemical fragrance of the Black Rose for transformation or healing, I would be delighted to hear from you.

We all have a responsibility now to step into spiritual maturity and awaken to the power of the Divine Feminine Christ consciousness which is calling every one of us to awaken, and to remember who we are.

If this article has resonated or touched you in any way, please feel free to share with your friends or network, or post a comment in the reply box below.

In Love, Grace and Service,