As we approach the upcoming supercharged Full/Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 31st January, there appears to be some big, radical changes regarding relationships wanting to happen through this Lunar Gateway.

My mum transitioned on the 16th of this month. No co-incidence she transitioned at the New Moon and will be cremated on the 30th January – within the potent energies of this Eclipse!

Eclipses bring closings and endings, and the impact of this one will most certainly be bringing up all the emotional and childhood patterns that we have not dealt with or remain unfinished in personal and family relationships – it is the alchemy of our Soul and our destiny.

This could include breakdowns that are either temporary or permanent, so whilst some of these could bring shocking instant detachments and feelings of loss, rejection or abandonment, it is important to remember that on a higher level they are serving our growth and awakening and not to take them personally.

Grief and intense deep seated suppressed emotions will be coming up in a big way for some as this is all part of our clearing things that have remained unfinished from the past – and that includes past lifetimes. The time now is about reconnecting to our Heart and Soul. So this month’s message from the Black Rose is this:

What is left unfinished in relationships?

What is asking for closure or endings?

Whist I have done much grief and inner work over the years and I am at peace with my mums passing because of the work I have already done with healing the mother/daughter wound, I have been observing some further insights about family patterns and unresolved issues.

I did not have the close mother, daughter relationship that my sister had, so even though things will change and there is a possibility of further family detachments now my mum is no longer here …Love can never be lost.

I have learnt to trust that when something arises that affects me, not only am I about to have another “awakening” to shift me to another level, it often involves a deeper message that is asking to be shared because many of us are still holding onto unfinished business within our families or relationships that we may not even be aware of.

And that message within these Eclipse energies is that many relationships could and will be breaking up and breaking down and we could find ourselves either detaching and distancing, or others wanting to detach and distance themselves from us either temporarily or permanently without any warning. Watch for any unfinished or unhealed emotions or distorted beliefs involving wounds of Betrayal, Abandonment, Rejection or Injustice.

Unfinished Business

During parental deaths, it is not uncommon to see unresolved issues between siblings arise, and I have found myself on the receiving end of what appears to be some really manipulative behaviour. This is not about blame. It is seeing a pattern that has been playing out as a multi generational dynamic and legacy within ourselves and our families.

So, with this upcoming Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, is there someone we want to clear the air with? Is there someone we need to apologize to or seek resolution with? Is there any anger or resentment, guilt or grief, hurt or pain that comes up for us when we think of someone of what they did or didn’t do?

Do we feel our body responding when someone’s name is mentioned in a conversation? Are there conflicts we are aware of or not aware of that have not been resolved? If we are able to see the shadow being played out by someone that is being projected onto us, these are childhood wounds from the past which will be highlighted with the energies of this Full Moon Eclipse. Our souls have a wonderful way of showing us that there is unfinished business to deal with when sadness, pain or even a crisis of some kind arises for us.

Brenne Brown once said, “Our stories are not meant for everyone. Hearing them is a privilege, and we should always ask ourselves this before we share, ‘Who has earned the right to hear my story?’”

This is something that I have seen with the passing of mum. Where ever there is hole in the Heart that feels like something is missing there is unfinished business. We are not our wounds or our stories, yet we can sometimes have a horrible reaction to the cause of our wounds that are rooted in our childhood.

This is not about falling into victim consciousness and becoming a victim of our memories, we are here to remember and learn how to transmute the shadow of forgetting into the gift of mindfulness. It’s about taking time to reflect on what’s going on because whatever that unfinished business looks like, there is often an element in unfinished business that we have not asked for what we want.

If we want to be seen, heard understood or our feelings validated, have we asked for that? And even if we have asked for what we want, there is no guarantee that we will receive it if the other does not have the empathy or understanding to see or hear us.

When ever anger, resentment, frustration, injustice, ostracizing or stonewalling arises in ourselves or another, these usually arise from unmet needs because we or they have not been honest and asked for what we want, so we project those painful feelings onto another which feeds the collective shadow.

In the meantime….

There is another element regarding unfinished business, and that is what is sensed as something missing between the mother and the daughter. This is the work I have had to work through on my own healing journey and why the Black Rose teachings have come through.

Many daughters look to their mothers as the source to provide them with primary bonding that will give them a sense of security in the outside world.

That important relationship is also the source of how a woman feels about herself and her body, yet for many women there is a sense of wounded-ness, anger, and longing – it is this “unfinished business” that many seek out the feminine face of God in the Great Mother archetype to provide them with a sense of Love and nurturing that they may have felt missing all their life – their unhealed inner child, still wanting from mother what they never had.

Working with this wound is part of the Black Rose teachings on healing core wounds. The Black Rose also holds the frequencies of the stone of Rosophia within the Light Transmissions, so for those who feel called to this experiential work please get in touch.

Rosophia is named after Sophia the Divine feminine of Love, Truth and Wisdom and with the frequency of the Black Rose, they offer an opportunity through the Light Transmissions to calm the emotional body and bring us into wholeness.

Those who are unable to attend the Temple of the Black Rose gatherings in person, a Skype group has been created for Skype chats. The Black Rose holds both the masculine and feminine, so for the time being these calls are for women – there will be a call for mothers and sons too coming soon.

Warriors of the Heart

What matters most in cleaning up unfinished business is that we focus on what will help us to feel finished so we are able to move on. That may mean we may instigate or are on the receiving end of a relationship ending – and that can include the relationships we have with our families and siblings, or even our boss.

We have to get clear on our relationships and learn from our past and determine the right course of action to move forward. If we have no contact because someone has ostracized and stonewalled us or does not want to talk to us, we can still bring closure by writing a letter for ourselves and burn it so we can release the energy around what’s unfinished.

This Full Moon is also asking us to look at what are our values? In this Age of Aquarius, the Age of Truth, whether we want it or not we cannot pretend anymore and our masks, and others masks, are coming off.

My life, through its trials and tribulations, as like for many of us, has been the training ground to become the warriors of the Heart and Soul, knowing that whatever happens Love is all there is, and Love is all that matters – regardless of what others may think of us or how Love looks to them, who may still be rooted in their own old patterns, beliefs and childhood wounding that gets projected onto us in one form or another.

The purpose of the Black Rose teachings and gatherings in person or Skype, is to bring people together in community and dive deep for personal insight, to be seen, heard, witnessed and supported, and to awaken the Heart’s intelligence that we may move through all the emotional baggage that we carry for ourselves and for our ancestors, who they themselves did not know how to Love either.

For in doing the deep Heart work, we learn to resurrect to a new level of being. We find our power instead of feeling powerless. We find our voice, when others through their own Heart wounding or by choice would cut ties to silence, reject or betray us. This is also a pattern from past lives where we were not honoured or respected, and were silenced in more ways than one when we spoke out.

So we find our own self-respect when others cannot respect us. We learn to give ourselves the Love, compassion and self awareness we need to live in the world without engaging in the dramas of others. Through seeking Love and support in all the wrong places, we learn through betrayal to align ourselves with those who really care about us and can support us.

Shifting how we think and feel and being self aware in the moment can move us from feeling powerless to power-ful. When we learn self mastery, particularly emotional mastery, we no longer engage in abusive behaviour, manipulative mind games, and controlling power struggles. We learn to disengage.

I would like to offer this little process to support and sustain ourselves to keep us grounded and anchored at this time to rebalance our energies. It is a process we use within our Black Rose Circles and Light Transmissions to reconnect and realign to Mother Earth and Universal Light.

Aligning with the Earth Star through the Heart and Soul Star and creating this Pillar of Light within the sacred geometry of a Diamond, we activate the Axiatonal alignment that will enable us to integrate our Higher Self and Monad to be fully activated within the physical body.

This will align us with the above and below, the left and right male and female, and help us to balance emotions that come up to the surface – provided we don’t focus on the stories going on in the mind!

And on a final note, I want to acknowledge and honour my mum.


From the mother we are born, to The Mother we return. Humbled, and feeling deeply blessed, and most certainly not in an arrogant way, I am grateful for my mum giving me life.

I have therefore dedicated the recent PDF e-book on the Black Rose to my mum in her memory, for the deep soul work of the Black Rose, the Mother, shows us the possibility of how we can all rise from the depths of the Underworld, transcend our pain and create our own masterpiece to become a vessel of Love in a world that deeply needs us now.

An introduction to The Black Rose – The Book of Love, here to heal core wounds and integrate shadow, can be found in the menu bar above The Black Rose, and in the drop down menu where it can be downloaded as a free e-book.

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In Love, Grace and Service,