The intense energies of September offered us all wonderful opportunities for rest, self reflection and healing on many levels – particularly in the areas of relationships and community. So now the Eclipse season is over, the world didn’t end, and Mercury is going forward again, Libra’s New Moon on the 12th October also gave us yet more opportunities to bring more balance and quality into our lives and relationships on all levels.

Libra rules relationships and her symbol is the scales, representing balance, justice, and quality of relating. Libra is also ruled by Venus and Venus rules self worth, self value, self honour, self respect – and self love.

As always, the purpose of these Love messages is to read, reflect, and allow the message to resonate within your own soul. The words alone are of little importance, they offer an opportunity to go deeper and become more present. They are merely a roadmap for healing, awakening the Heart, overcoming adversity, and the importance of expanding our Hearts to greater Love in these times of change.

So Love’s healing message this month is this:

Are you ready to embrace an open Heart – and do the necessary work to achieve it?

The time for hiding our Love is finished. To live from the Heart means moving from our pain to Love and to remember what is carried silently within. Most of us have avoided taking this journey and have gone to great lengths consciously or unconsciously to guard our Hearts by sealing them off, wearing masks and becoming numb so we don’t have to feel. I know. I too have been in that place.

Love starts within. The truth is, we cannot have an authentic relationship with ourselves, the Divine, or someone else, be it a friend, lover, co-worker or family member – without allowing ourselves to be vulnerable.

Putting our Past into a safety Deposit Box

Universal Love sometimes takes us backwards rather than forwards, leaving us in our past for as long as it takes to heal. Something happens or an incident occurs. We may react to something or someone more strongly than usual. As we become more aware, some part within us says, well this is what I am feeling today…but I’m also feeling something from the past too…something that I didn’t see or feel then because I did not feel safe enough to do so.

When we take responsibility for our own behaviours and let our emotions arise, we eventually see what the universe has done for us. It has created a healing scenario for us – something has triggered from our past and offers us a gentle step forward for our Heart.

One day the Cosmos decided to intervene in my life. Anyone who has had a life changing experience will know it is not a pretty sight. Divine Order to things meant I had to know and experience profound pain – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

The problem with putting our past into a safety deposit box and only wanting to look forward is that our past can come back with a vengeance to bite us, even though we may think we have dealt with it. But that safety box can crack open when we least expect it. I was forced to confront the ghosts of my past, and to heed the call that was pulling me in a totally different direction.

When everything in my life came up for review it moved me deeper and higher. When we have felt the Grace of the Divine, learned the lessons we need to learn, found the silver lining within our struggle, can live in a state of gratefulness without dwelling on the pain of the past, accept and Love what shows up for us whether we like it not, there is only one way left to go – that is towards a greater and higher conscious awareness of Oneness and unity, sharing our Heart with the world knowing there is something greater than ourselves. Love at the most deepest and profoundest level, is awakening to that state of Oneness.

On a personal level the possibility of Oneness and living from an open Heart is open to all of us all of the time but we have to be aware of the things that remove us from the present moment. Whether it is anger, guilt, frustration, fear, having expectations, judgements of self and others, pain or stubborness – it all disconnects us from Divine presence and blocks the possibility of Oneness.

Oneness means different things to different people, but to live our true soul purpose we need to end the illusion of separation between human and the Divine (Mother/Father God) and there comes a point where we are called to put Love into action.

Regardless of living with chronic illness, my experience taught me that my life is not about me. I have allowed my calling and purpose (which is still unfolding) to become a portal for Divine Light to be anchored in the world and to assist in its transformation – and I believe we all have an essential part to play in this calling. We are all conduits for divine Love. It is simply an invitation to surrender and remember who we truly are.

I wrote the Importance of healing our Core Wounds to not only heal my own wounds and share my experiences for deeper understanding, but I write as part of my own calling and continuous evolvement to deliver Love’s message by being a conduit for inviting Divine Love and Light into the world. Yet how do we live our own unique purpose and what choices and what action do we all need to take to become a part of the solution to bring peace and harmony to what appears on the outside as a frightened fragmented world?

Go Within

It appears that there is a lot of “talk” and misunderstanding about being in the Heart, of unity and Oneness. Whilst it is true that we are all unique individuals, there are those that will defend their independence, autonomy and freedom to the bitter end, shying away from relationships and community of any kind. Our uniqueness is not removed by being part of a unified whole of Oneness.

There comes a point when we have to stop looking “out there” through spiritual paraphernalia to feed our spiritual ego, and pay attention to what is in ourselves. It’s about looking at the armour we wear to fend off Love and which prevents us from being seen for who we truly are. Living with an open Heart is not just a new way of “thinking”– it is having a new awareness to everything and is a totally new way of being.

Succumbing to spiritual glamour distracts us from what true awakening is about and takes us further away from our true connection to ourselves and the divine. The real work is waiting for us within ourselves when we stop getting side tracked with the illusionary glamour of awakening. To move deeper into the Heart and live from an open Heart means that we have to connect with self and others through our feelings.

Our basic needs in childhood are love and emotional connection to make us feel worthy and loveable, but the truth is, for those of us that did not receive adequate love and emotional connection in childhood, it can leave us feeling unworthy and unloveable in adult life and totally disconnected from self and others.

The Heart’s Resonance of Oneness

Oneness moves us into a deeper awareness and understanding of ourselves, of those around us and the world. Oneness and Heart connection means we move through our pain. Oneness and Heart connection is beyond intention and compassion. Oneness is to experience the God/Goddess that resides within us all. And Oneness appears to be one of the most important lessons we all need to learn regarding our future existence.

The frequency of our Heart’s resonance is affected by our thoughts and emotions which determines how our Hearts expand or contract. A truly open Heart is not afraid – it knows how to endure and is not afraid to Love deeply. An open Heart knows how to heal – and to forgive. It does not belong exclusively to women. An open Heart has vision. It see’s possibilities. It is patient, tolerant and wise.

An open Heart does not depend on intelligence or health. It does not depend on money or status. It does not depend on recognition or success either. To live in the Heart means to be vulnerable. To be authentic. To be real. To be true to ourself. To turn our knowledge into wisdom and put it into practice. An open Heart stays present with what ever feelings arise – loving and accepting them all without drowning in them. An open Heart heals separation and limitation that has been created of the mind – and allows Love to lead the way. Only Love is real – and only Love heals.

To awaken and access Heart consciousness we have to transcend fear. That does not mean we will never experience fearful moments again, or that “bad” things won’t happen to us, we recognise them for what they are and what they are trying to show us. When we are less consumed and less focused on internal conflicts the more our awareness about ourselves expands which includes our interactions with universal forces.

We do not need to go out and seek Heart consciousness – we already have it. It is not about leaving this world and floating off to some other dimension. Living with an open Heart is not so much about seeking the truth, but finding a deeper understanding of ourselves as multidimensional beings and our interaction with the world and the universe on a personal and collective level.

Love is open and transparent when we are awake. There are no secrets and there is no hiding or pretending to be something we are not. There is no fakeness. There are no masks. And Love is not about adjusting ourselves to please others to keep them in our lives.

Those who are living from the Heart, who have left or are in the process of leaving behind fear based reality, are finding themselves now in totally new places. And it is becoming increasingly difficult and more uncomfortable now to be around those with closed hearts who hide behind their masks of fear, or remain stuck in the head.

We all need a sense of connectedness, but that connectedness now has to be a two way thing – giving and receiving of Love and warmth. When we stand in our own truth and understanding, those who do not want or are not ready to operate from an open and supportive place and who do not resonate with our vibration will leave – or we will let them go. That is the natural Divine Order of things.

The Journey Ahead

Do we take care of ourselves emotionally? Many feel stuck, don’t know their life purpose and are unable to move forward. Yet we are told the answers lie within. We are told to let go of the past and focus on the positive, yet the truth is, we cannot move forward until we have dealt with our negative emotions, our anger and toxic shame, and finished the past and laid it to rest. This is self Love. This is the inner work most people want to skip, avoid or deny.

Until we stop abandoning ourselves, heal our past and heal the wounded inner child within we cannot live in an open and healed Heart. The causes of our emotional wounding need to be understood and accepted for them to heal. We are stuck because our emotional wounds from childhood keep us stuck in the past and this goes on at an unconscious level. Until we heal the pain from our past that pain becomes the driving force in everything we say and do, keeping our Hearts contracted and closed.

When we resist going back to face difficult issues in our past, we are not acknowledging the pain of loss or trauma in our lives. It is appears easier for us to develop defences to avoid our pain. But there is another way. It is possible to not be perfect yet still be loveable. It is possible to make mistakes and be forgiven. And it is possible to express feelings openly, honestly and safely.

What’s more it is possible to have no more secrets and no more lies. It is possible to have no more shame. It is possible to drop our need to control and of trying to keep up appearances in front of others. It is possible to drop the need to protect our vulnerability, and it is possible to drop our need to hide our true self from others.

It is also possible to drop our need to put up barriers and defences to keep others out. It is possible to heal our feelings of abandonment, rejection, betrayal, injustice and humiliation. It is possible to heal the wounded feminine and wounded masculine – yes, he has been wounded too. It is possible to heal our feelings of anger, resentment, judgement, guilt, sadness, and loneliness. Healing is possible for all who want it. We do not have to change ourselves, all we need do is accept and Love ourselves completely. How do I know and how can I be so sure of all of this?

Because when I became ill I knew that there had to be another reality to the one I was living and had lived all of my life.

I am not perfect and I make mistakes. But I no longer beat myself up about it. It does not mean I have a perfect life or live in permanent joy or bliss. To live with an open Heart means that I don’t stop feeling pain or emotions, it means I have learned to be present with them and love them, and listen to what they are trying to show me, for our emotions are the key to our healing and transformation.

When we connect with the highest energy vibrations of LOVE, for it is only Love that heals –whilst there is no-one on the outside that can do this work for us, we also need to acknowledge that there maybe times where we may need some support from those who are playing at a higher level than us, to lift us up by sharing their support and resources with us.

It starts with Listening

Are you running from yourself or are you ready to face it all – and that means facing all of it – whatever “it” means for you. The world is only the way it is because of the way we are. Many of us may have been powerless in the past to get our needs met, and the love we wanted but did not receive, but we are not powerless in the present moment.

To live with an open Heart means we must feel the depth of our emotions as they arise, accept and love each of them to heal and transform them. We don’t have to like those emotions that come up for us, but until we feel the depths of them and let Love in to heal and forgive, we cannot create the space in our Hearts that will enable us to move deeper and higher.

Nothing happens by accident. No situation, feeling or emotion. All experiences are divinely orchestrated to enable us to grow more into LOVE. That may not be your truth at the moment and that is ok too. But many of us enter into relationships or friendships with a deep fear of rejection or abandonment, or we stay away from them completely or sabotage them to avoid feeling those fears. And that includes the relationship we have with GOD.

In my past, I used to be overly nice to people to avoid rejection or their disapproval – all done at an unconscious level as a way of coping with the fear of rejection and abandonment that I felt in childhood. Or I used to explain, defend or justify myself and that just got me into more conflict. The truth is, these coping mechanisms came from an unconscious wound of injustice and self abandonment. I had abandoned myself and put the needs of others before my own. I was the epitome of the wounded feminine!

Whether we have been emotionally abandoned by parents or actually abandoned by parents, the issues of abandonment only get healed when we stop abandoning and sabotaging ourselves and learn to love and value ourselves the way we are – for until we learn to stop abandoning ourselves we will always feel inadequate, insecure and unloveable.

The Beauty behind the Message

It is this unconscious issue of abandonment – self abandonment and lack of self love that is keeping a lot of people stuck. Abandonment is loss of Love itself and the crucial loss of connectedness. Unresolved abandonment is at the root of our fears and at the Heart of a lot of our experiences – it is grief unrecognised and the root of all our insecurities. It is the stop sign which prevents us from reaching our potential.

It is time to open our Hearts to the universe. It’s safe to open our Hearts. We don’t need to be so afraid or cut off from Love. All relationship needs good communication and good connection – and that includes with ourselves with others and the Divine. To live with an open Heart is to remember that the essence of our true authentic self is LOVE. Our job is to remove all the blocks that stop us from experiencing it. We are in a new paradigm of a “we” consciousness, which means when we have released all our mental conditioning we can start to create from LOVE.

We all have unique gifts and talents to give to the world, and it is through the giving we realise our potential to create a world of peace, harmony and equality. When our Heart is healed and the masculine and feminine aspects within become One – the Sacred Rose within then becomes the Sacred Heart of the planet.

We each have our own unique longings and aspirations. If we take the time to look within ourselves, with the gentle eyes of a compassionate Heart, we come to the realization that what we have been seeking all along is connectedness, healing, creativity and to live in joy. This is our true identity. It is who we really are and why we exist. Love connects us with others and with all of creation. It is the beauty and the essence of the Rose in full bloom.

May you Love….know Love….and BE Loved….that is my heartfelt blessing for all.

In Love and Grace,


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