Since the Lion’s Gate in August, I have received an influx of enquiries from lovely souls around the world feeling called to reach out and connect, yet they did not know why.

They all had one thing in common. They had either been directed to my website by someone else, received dreams and visions with Roses, or, the Magdalene was appearing in them.

If you are feeling drawn by the Magdalene, or find her appearing in your dreams and don’t know why, something within you that was lying dormant is now wanting to awaken… are being called to rise.

So Love’s healing message from the Black Rose this month is this:

I AM a Gateway to remembering a consciousness that has existed for eons

People are stepping up. They are stepping into. People are rising. They want their voice to be heard. Some are rioting. Some are protesting. Some are choosing not to shed blood but to embrace their own Higher Consciousness. Some are coming together in unity to find solutions.

There is a great anchoring taking place, of remembering the way of Love and Oneness and of remembering our own Christ-Magdalene voice. It’s not about idolizing Mary Magdalene as a person. She represents a larger group consciousness that many of us have been a part of. Many of us, both women and men, have been initiates in the temples over many lifetimes.

The Magdalene Flame is ancient, long before the person. It was a flame that Mary Magdalene carried within herself. She carried the feminine holy fire of the Divine to carry and express the Light, as Christ carried the masculine.

Now, in the Age of Aquarius, many are beginning to embrace the Mother and the Magdalene Flame. It is a frequency that shone through women who would teach and guide others back to the Divine Source of Mother Father God/Goddess.

The Magdalene label has disconnected many from their own connection to source, preventing them from knowing how to empower themselves. It took time for me to understand and claim that I am a “Magdalene”. There was my own wounding around religion. Was my ego looking for another label? I was not aware I had a role to play in the awakening. It took time to unfold.

The Magdalene Consciousness

A Magdalene can be a man or woman. Claire Heartsong, in co-creation with Catherine Anne Clemett, shared their wisdom and wrote extensively about the Divine Feminine and the Magdalene’s in the book “Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes”.

Catherine shares that many are not aware they are part of the Magdalene Order. We are the future generation whose seeds are now reaching maturity, awakening once again to our path of service. We are no longer bound by contracts, sacred vows of silence or secrecy that we made many lifetimes ago. We are the collective voice of the Magdalene’s in this lifetime.

Catherine Clemett says in her book called Are You a Magdalene?: Discovering Your Divine Feminine Heritage and Purpose, “The feminine aspect of the Magdalenes in Egyptian times were known as The Daughters of Isis. The Magdalenes have shown me they are part of an interdimensional race whose purpose is to ‘seed the light’. They bring the light into the deepest darkest places so that the light will not go out, often where no one else will go.”

She goes onto to say that whenever there is a shift of consciousness happening on a planet, a massive incarnation of Magdalene’s come in as volunteers as they know deep within their being, they have the gifts and knowledge to assist in the resurrection and ascension process that humanity is going through.

Are you a Magdalene?

Many of us are reclaiming our Galactic heritage. We are reclaiming the knowledge and wisdom so we can remember our teachings. For me, that was reclaiming the knowledge and ancient wisdom to bring forth the teachings from the Black Rose.

Some say a Magdalene is someone who believes in Love, Truth, Beauty, Unity and Justice. They are someone who wants to protect the truth and have reached Christ Consciousness.

Some say a Magdalene is someone who has heard the call of the Divine Feminine to rise, who does the inner work to align the masculine and feminine within.

Whatever it may be, they have one thing in common. They came into this incarnation to anchor the New Paradigm and support the awakening for all.

They do not shy away from doing the inner work of the Shadow, seeing that those dark places are the portals to deep, inner wisdom and where our gifts and teachings lie hidden.

Many are Masters, having lived many lifetimes serving humanity in one way or another.


The Black Rose Consciousness

“I am the darkness that is the Light. In my name you shall be liberated”.

Keep the lamps alight. Let the lamps flicker. What you are about to read here is my truth. It may not be your truth. It is my truth as to what I have been asked to bring forth and protect.

It will reveal more than has been previously revealed about the Black Rose. I knew one day I would have to reveal this but the timing had to be right. That time may be now or maybe not.

What follows may be controversial. If it does not resonate, let it go. It does not matter to me. I shall continue to show up however the Black Rose asks me to. They are the collective voice of the Black Roses in this lifetime.

Who is the true Messenger? I am just a vessel that through deep inner work has opened up to receive the Divine Universal energies that move through all of us when we have balanced the masculine and feminine within, flowing through me that I may share Love’s healing messages and what I receive from the Black Rose with you.

Although I share personal experiences of my healing journey with the Black Rose, the blocks I have cleared, the limiting beliefs I have transformed, the illnesses I had to contend with and the emotions I have transcended, all powerful gateways for healing and transformation to occur, it is not about me. It never was. It is about those whom this work serves.

I shall continue to commit to show up in service and create the space for the new that wants to be birthed through me. Having brought forth the teachings from the Black Rose, I am often asked is Mary Magdalene or the Black Madonna the Black Rose? No. To see through this narrow lens is to keep the Black Rose limited and truth distorted.

However, their archetypes are within the consciousness of the Black Rose, as are many others. They are all ancient Messengers of Light stepping forth in these times of darkness on the planet with interdimensional assistance.

I have not felt totally safe to share that the Black Rose is a consciousness that also holds many voices. Some seen, some unseen. I refer to the Black Rose as her, yet she is a collective that holds feminine and masculine consciousness. These ancient beings are many yet they speak with one voice – the Black Rose.

Symbolically, the Black Rose is a portal to an interdimensional consciousness and the Messengers of Light. She is infinite and will not be restricted or labelled, for she is the all and everything. She encompasses the Mother, the Cosmos, the Void, the Stars, other constellations, all colours and so much more.

A Pearl of Great Price

Who purchases success at the cost of personal integrity?

On what do you place highest value?

Are you really willing to pay the price of enlightenment and truth?

I chose to bring forth a very special, prized, sacred gift.

My beautiful Black Rose, such a pearl of great price. Who is worthy of you? Who is exploiting you and your frequency?

The Black Rose and her teachings that are greatly prized….yet can only be gifted.

That such a treasure was found in my own descent indicated to me her rarity and therefore her preciousness. I now take the Light into the deepest darkest places where no one else will go, so that the light will not go out.

I AM the “Shadow Walker and Light Worker” who has walked in darkness to find the Light and walked in the Light to find the darkness. To protect the truth and remain in integrity of the gift I have been given, the ancient wisdom and teachings from the Black Rose, is the reason I do not offer “Black Rose initiations” or “Priestess training”.

From the work I have brought forth on the Sisterhood of the Black Rose and the black Roses that have been taken by my friends to planetary chakras of Light, I have been shown there are no “initiations” or “training” to be a “Priestess” of the Black Rose. All information and what I share on the Black Rose are gifted.

Life itself is our initiator and holds the perfect initiations for us through adversity, chaos, a Dark Night of the Soul and our Heart’s wounding. Embodying a higher frequency, anchoring and expanding more light, is an initiates path.

If you are having dreams of the Magdalene or Roses, you are already an initiate of the Rose! They have appeared in your dreams for you to remember who you are and step forward to “seed the Light”. How we each work to unfold that remembering is unique to all of us.

If beyond any measure of doubt, on every level of one’s being they believe they are of the Black Rose, the Temple doors to the infinite wisdom will be opened wide for you. Wearing a label, doing a course, paying for an initiation does not make one a Black Rose. She has to be embodied and will come at a great price.

What are you prepared to give up?

We are all going through harsh initiations at the moment both on a personal and planetary level, to purge the darkness that is within and without. What are you prepared to give up, to unfold her secrets and powerful worth?

The Black Rose is of such value that only those who understand this truth will do whatever it takes for them to possess it. And here is a paradox. The Black Rose cannot be possessed or owned.

Since 2014 I have written extensively through the blog articles and the Black Rose – A book of Love about the Black Rose and how she was unfurled from the Light and dark.

At the time of the “unfurling”, I was given the name the Black Rose and Sisterhood of the Black Rose for what I sensed were a group consciousness holding ancient wisdom that have existed for eons.

I have often shared the Black Rose has thirty three petals and is of the thirteenth dimension. That is how this consciousness had been shown to me. The Black Rose is a soul group consciousness of thirty three made up of many archetypes and beings that has existed for eons. So much more is to come. I will share more when it is time.

I now understand when in 2018 I wrote about the Sisterhood of the Black Rose and the Way of the Black Rose why the Kings and Queens in suspended animation are waiting to take up arms again for the energetic return of the mystical Black Roses who also form part of a grid. Updates will be added soon.

The Black Rose Grid

Since 2017, I have seen a grid of Black Roses covering the planet. Some of the sacred work I have been given required the physical help from some of my friends to act as guardians of the Rose, to take a Black Rose to planetary chakras of Light for their energetic return.

Since January 2017, the Gathering of the Roses are now held on Skype for brothers and sisters of the Rose and Magdalene’s who are advanced and evolved, where we create sacred space for community, inner mastery, personal and collective healing, conversation and sharing.

If this calls to you, I would be delighted to hear from you.

The Rose Circle

Gather Sisters of the Rose,

gather in Circle in the name of

Grace, for in my name you

shall be liberated.


Come together in Circle

around the inner sanctum of

my Heart, for in this sacred

space you will find support

and safe harbour from the

chaos of the outside world.


Quench your thirst and feed

from the liquid Light of the

orange ray that my bloom



Melt in Love, for in this space

you are equal and all are One.

From the Black Rose Oracle, Linda Raven©2020 All Rights Reserved

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In Love, Grace and Service,