Don’t be afraid of Mother’s call. We are in intense, awakening, and transformational times at the moment, and the time for change has arrived. Whilst a shockwave has travelled through the UK and Europe and other parts of the world as people have been blind sided, left reeling in shock, disbelief, anxiety, anger, fear, confusion, injustice, and regret after the recent vicious Brexit campaign to leave the EU, we are all being asked now to look at the bigger picture and the higher purpose of what the Brexit campaign and political chaos is about – particularly if a lot of our own unconscious stuff is coming up and we have been reacting to it.

Brexit is the wake up call and the catalyst providing us with the collective shift to see our own unconscious emotional patterns as we see an old 3D world order dying and falling before our very eyes. Whether we are aware of it or not, it is my belief that we have crossed a threshold of collective grieving. Yet as with any crisis, it is also an opportunity for transformation and a new way of seeing things from a more elevated level of reality.

We are also being given an opportunity now to heal our relationships on all levels, and with our masculine and feminine energy within. Healing energies have been flowing in over recent months to assist us with our transformation, and in this year of completion, purification and cleansing, it is bringing to the surface on a mass scale the unconscious collective energies of the deep wounds held within ourselves of our own unexpressed anger, grief, fear and shame, and highlighting the parts of ourselves that have not been owned or are unloved.

Although it may not feel like it, whilst July is not without its challenges, it is also a month of restoration, for peace, harmony and relaxation. So Love’s healing message this month is this:

Be mindful of your vulnerable areas – surrender, accept, own and Love them

July is a game changing month for all of us. It is not a time for “healing” at this time for there is nothing to heal. It is a time of stepping out of old energies, to move out of wanting to heal everything, and into a time of LOVING and embracing them all. Astrologically, we are now in the zodiacal energy of Cancer which is ruled by the Moon, and they are both Feminine archetypes. The key word of Cancer is “I feel”, it rules our feelings and our soul power: it is the element of water and emotions. This moon will be lighting the path to show us our unconscious emotional patterns, all that we have repressed, denied, and disowned – it is a Moon for collective grieving on a mass scale, for grief is an “initiation” into a new life.

Whilst we have to be mindful of what we give our energy to, I have been an observer on the sidelines watching what appears to be the fear driven chaos that has been unfolding. Yet the truth is, not only is it all an illusion and a distraction, we are also being given a sacred rite of passage. If we are feeding into the separation of “us and them” in our words, deeds and actions, we are being distracted from the very important task at hand – to feel our unexpressed emotions, and then make a conscious choice as to whether we want to come from a place of Love or fear.

Love or Fear

Many talk of a better vision for the world where we are all united and come together in Love. Yet the truth is we cannot come together in Love until we have learnt to Love ourselves first – including our imperfections. We cannot possibly open to Love others if we cannot Love ourselves. We either pull back from life in fear, or we embrace life – all of it – fearlessly and open heartedly. It’s all about choice. We need to be mindful when we feel angry, sad, depressed or judgemental. It is OK to feel these feelings. We also need to take responsibility for these feelings, because what is beneath all of them is fear that we created for ourselves, it is something we made up.

We can disown responsibility for how we feel when we say things like “how can I feel LOVE towards someone whose blaming me? Or how can I feel LOVE when there is so much hate in the world”? Well, it’s a choice we make. We either respond or we react to what’s going on around us and it’s that “responding or reacting” that makes all the difference. It’s when we start to see things from a different perspective, from an elevated reality that a shift takes place. And until everybody takes responsibility for how they feel, sees things from a different perspective, and chooses to be in the vibration of Love, we will continue to be driven by fear in an insane world that we have created. Peace, harmony, happiness and joy are a choice. And that choice is LOVE.

We are in a sensitively vulnerable time in our history. Brexit is the outer manifestation of a country that is fed up with the way it has been run, and the heated emotions, anger and resentment we see in the aftermath is the releasing of all that has been stuffed down, and for some, the releasing of thoughts and feelings that have been too dangerous to express – some of it is being projected instead of owned. There is so much energy shifting at this time and there is no need to judge it. There is no need for digging deeper or analyzing either, all we need do is be aware of what’s arising within us in each and every moment and just focus on loving and accepting ourselves as we are. Surrender, acceptance, and Love are the order of the day.

Don’t be afraid of Mother’s call

For anyone that has been following the moving Centenary Ceremony of the Battle of the Somme on the 1st July, we are now being called to go beyond grief and despair, and find the untapped and unlimited source of unconditional Love within. Yet to find that authentic unconditional Love within, instead of turning away from the grief and fear of a world in chaos we have to face it head on.

My own sacred rite of passage and initiation from Mother’s call to heal, cleanse and renew my soul came through illness. No longer able to hold onto suffering, my heart was cracked wide open. And through Divine grace, in the darkness and the deep waters of the Underworld and the void, I received the gifts of forgiveness, compassion and unconditional Love – not just for myself, but to carry out into the world too.

Transforming that pain and grief into Love became an alchemical process that turned into a need to give back. This alchemy, a need to serve and give back to society, and deliver Love’s healing messages through a blog to expand conscious awareness, is now my soul’s work. And these authentic gifts of forgiveness, compassion and unconditional Love are what we all have the opportunity to claim now – if we are open and willing to do our inner work.

The outer world is a reflection of our inner world, and July’s New Moon in Cancer on “Independence Day” is time for a fresh start that is giving us the opportunity to transform our fears, insecurities and vulnerabilities. As politicians in the UK and Europe are arguing the toss, almost within every hour of every day new truths are being revealed, as lies and deceit are being exposed. All that we have known is about to change – and we’ve seen nothing yet!

So whilst it may appear that we are being deluged in emotion, and the UK is being steered in a rudderless boat as our politicians squabble amongst them selves, indulging in our own negative thinking and judgements is a luxury we can no longer afford. Complaining just keeps us in a state of resistance, and fear keeps us paralysed. We are being given an opportunity now to be part of healing the collective grief of the planet – by acknowledging and releasing the unexpressed grief within ourselves.

A New Step Forward

We have a wonderful opportunity this month for a more awakened and opened heart by dealing with endings and perceived loss. The symbol of Cancer is the crab, carrying its home on its back. Home is where the heart is, so our attention is turned towards our homes, our families, and where we feel safe, nurtured and secure. This is definitely a time to be more gentle and loving towards ourselves, and maybe the sharing of our feelings. So finding a safe refuge to share with others, or creating our own sacred space and ritual for sitting with our own stuff would be beneficial if wounds are coming up, working through conflicts, or if there is unfinished business in need of some closure.

Whatever the challenges we face, both personally and collectively, are serving us well, for new beginnings can only take place when endings have happened. This upcoming New Moon will be illuminating our shadow stuff, personally and collectively from the past, and showing us where we must now take personal responsibility for it. So whatever is happening in the outside world, it’s important we find our balance within – and make the most of this wonderful healing opportunity!

If this article has resonated or touched you in any way, please feel free to share Love’s healing message with your friends or network, or post a comment in the reply box below.

In Love and Grace,