The collective is going through a Tower moment. Be still beautiful Rose, be still. An incredible spirit of freedom is about to be bestowed upon all of us, both on an individual and collective level.

Globally many are gripped in panic and fear as the corona virus takes hold and cannot be ignored. The world is closing down as we see social distancing and the lock downs of countries.

Yet within that fear, panic and chaos, a beautiful Rose is about to bloom within the Heart’s of everyone. For a Rose that can bloom through adversity will have transformed their fear into Love and will never be the same again.

So the message and Love letter from the Black Rose this month is this:

The world is closing down.

How are you being called to respond?

It is my opinion that the world is going through a massive wake up call. Those of us in the spiritual community have known for many years a disaster will be coming as a massive wake up call for the collective, yet we did not know how it would unfold.

What we did sense was that we were being prepared for something big and that we would be called upon in a time of need. That time is now.

Whilst all of us need to pay attention in keeping ourselves and others safe, we also need to be aware that we do not become isolated because of social distancing.

Those with chronic illnesses know only too well about the isolation from social distancing. Many of us live with compromised immune systems everyday of our lives that put us in the “high risk” category for corona virus, yet the illnesses we live with have taught us to resist panic and fear.

Whether through illness, losing a job, loved one or pet, divorce or loss of a relationship, many of us were forced into Hermit mode. Yet in that quiet time alone we learnt how adversity offered us valuable insights, if only we took the time to be still and listen.


In this maelstrom of unprecedented proportions, I believe we are being called one by one through social distancing to go into solitude and silence and come back into our Hearts to learn how to Love others. Unconditionally. Not from a place of co-dependency.

We must stop the fear and panic. How can we help our community? In what way can we help one another or those in need?

In Salerno in Italy, Italians who are in forced lock down are keeping each other company by singing, dancing and playing music from their balconies.

This is the resilience of ordinary people in action. The resilience of the Rose through adversity.

I received a phone call from my neighbour last night asking if I was ok. Yet it was also an opportunity to tell her not to go into fear and that we still have to live.

What are you trying to tell us?

What I am about to share may be controversial for many, for that I make no apology.

Through my own hardships I have had to find my way through and come to terms with some life changing things in my life but one thing I did learn in coming to terms with illness and disease from a higher perspective was this.

All illness, disease and viruses have a consciousness that wants to be seen and heard.

I connected into the energy of corona virus and got the same message as from the rheumatoid arthritis and cancer. It “cannot vent” and will vent in the only way it knows how – through death and destruction until it gets our attention.

Most of humanity is treating it like a virus of separation to be got rid of. We are continuing the virus of separation from Source and self through panic and fear. We are all One. We are one with it as it is one with us. There can be no separation.

I learnt to accept that the organisms that created RA and cancer within my body were living entities and had a life of their own that just wanted to be seen, heard and Loved.

I had heard the saying oftentimes, what we resist persists. Until I could surrender and accept that on every level of my being, nothing would change.

Over time, I learnt to love the illness and disease in my body, for when I gave it my attention and Loved it, it had much to share with me. It came in Love.

I believe the corona virus is no different. It wants our attention and Love. It is teaching us to change our ways, to remember who we are and why we are here.

When we have got the lesson it is trying to teach us, it will disappear.

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In Love, Grace and Service,