We have a wonderful opportunity over the next few months for deep, personal transformation…IF we can be open and willing to the possibility that everything coming up for us now is an opportunity to highlight areas in our life where we are either still in resistance, or recognise them as an invitation to step forward to be more of who you are.

With Lunar and Solar Eclipses coming up this month, and other planetary events, they are opportunities for changes in our consciousness to occur on a monumental scale. We are all One, so whatever energies affect the Universe, will have an impact on us as well. Whatever feelings are coming up for you, (I have not been exempt from this), try to be open and willing to understand that whatever is being triggered within you is confirmation that it is ready to be released. So the question is…are you ready to be a master of your own energy yet?

Getting to the Root of the “Problem”

Have you noticed of late some minor “irritations”, “frustrations” and “annoyances” or things that appear to keep repeating themselves? Maybe it is a barking dog, or perhaps it is someone playing loud music. A friend or the boss at work even that annoys you, something your spouse or kids have said or done that gets you angry or frustrated, or maybe something the government has said or is doing. Even if you find yourself embroiled in or confronted with family “issues” of late, (as have I) all that is showing up for us or is pushing our buttons is divinely orchestrated to give us an opportunity now to release our old wounding and become more of who we are. The opportunity now is to stop reacting and start responding.

When you allow your mind to fight with what is going on outside of you then you have broken your connection to Source… you become separated from your inner Light. What you create for yourself affects the whole, so whatever you are “reacting” to, they are all wonderful opportunities to discover and reveal more about your deepest wounds and beliefs, to understand your anger and frustration more…and show you where you have chosen the Path of Separation (fear) and not Love.

These irritations are showing up to show you where you are giving your power away, or using your anger and frustration to control, because deep down, you believe you are helpless to change or do anything about it. Beliefs can be changed as can learned behaviour. With any knee jerk reaction to something, whether it is a barking dog or being cut up on the road, anger and frustration covers up our core hurts…namely, I’m lacking, I’m not good enough and I’m unloveable to name just a few.

The mind will create stories based on your thinking and beliefs which will then trigger your feelings. Yet these beliefs we believe about ourselves, created by the mind to keep us in separation from God, Souce, Spirit, whatever you want to call it, are just that – keeping us separated from the Love that we are. Beliefs can be changed and the illusion of separation can be overcome…if you are willing to surrender to it and shine a light on what is coming up for you. Particularly the bits you don’t like. All that is hidden must be revealed…and that includes ALL your suppressed feelings and emotions.

We all have stories to tell and unhealed emotions that stop us living authentically from the heart, so how can we resolve conflict within ourselves, or better still, not create it in the first place?

The Illusion of Separation

It is time to allow the illusion of separation to dissolve from you now. Separation breeds so many negative feelings in the hearts and minds of awakening souls, yet you are connected with everything. Your ego self wants to keep you small and has no interest in your growth because it loves to resist change. Let’s take anger and frustration for example.

Anger and frustration is a sign of displeasure from some external event, behaviour or perceived “conflict”, and can be associated with loud and aggressive behaviour, or used by someone in a protective way to avoid revealing information and distancing themselves from others (creating separation)…the effect being of pushing another person away or getting them to withdraw because you are frightened of showing your vulnerability. Although anger and frustration are normal emotions that are part of our survival mechanism, it is how we react to our environment that is the cause of our anger and frustration. Therefore, it is how we let them affect us and how we manage them that can make all the difference.

To work on your “emotional baggage”, it is to bring consciousness (your awareness) to all those aspects of your life that are difficult for you. What that means is recognising and saying to yourself at the time: “I can see what is happening here AS IT IS HAPPENING”. In other words, it is recognising you feel angry, frustrated or whatever, in the moment that it is happening. This is how we can then make changes, but you cannot change what you are not aware of.

If you are in overwhelm and thinking well where do I start? You start with where you are. If where you are right now is “I am not good enough” then that is where you start. If where you are right now is “I feel scared” then that is where you start. If where you are right now is “I feel irritated” then that is where you start. One of the biggest stumbling blocks to our healing journey is resistance and non acceptance and it will show up in all its various forms…including excuses or justifications as to why we cannot do something. Look at where you are falling into self abusive thoughts too by telling yourself “I know I shouldn’t feel…” because if you do that you will only end up making things more complicated for yourself than they are.

Your Baggage

These are all your dramas. All your stories you tell yourself and to anyone that will listen. They are also your moments when you freak out. They are also in your denial and avoidance…and in the silence when you withdraw or withhold and become detached from relationships or friendships with others.

It is all those stories that hold your pain…your fear, shame, guilt, regrets.

It is where you avoid doing the things you really want to do.

Even your depression, stress or anxiety is “your stuff”.

It is all your trauma and “bad” experiences from the past.

It is your beliefs and all your triggers.

It is all your relationship hurts.

It is all your self-criticism and self-abuse.

It is all your resistance.

I see past your laughter, your humour, your sarcasm…and your distancing that shields you from being vulnerable and helps you hide your pain from others. I see the things you hide away. I see the masks you wear and how you protect yourselves by allowing the world to see only a superficial part of who you are and not the true authentic you. I see you….for I have been to those places also.


If your house was on fire and you could smell smoke, would you ignore it? That is precisely what we do with our feelings when we deny them. So a dog is barking that irritates you. Someone says or does something that annoys you. Bringing awareness to these feelings and acknowledging them is the only way you are going to change things. Whether you feel full of joy and optimism, full of fear and frustration, or full of anger and resentment…be at peace with how you are feeling or what you are experiencing and accept that it is ok to feel like that.

We work with our feelings and emotions to ACKNOWLEDGE the pain we are feeling…by talking to ourselves with compassion, understanding and kindness. Talk to the parts of yourself that feels scared, worried or anxious. It means saying to your pain, “I see you”. “I feel you”. “You have every right to be here and you are allowed to be here”. Your pain is trying to tell you something is on fire, your energy is out of alignment and it is not balanced. Regardless of how you are feeling, acknowledge it and accept it, because if you don’t, all the energy you put into resisting what is, your life force energy will be drained out of you by that monster called pain leaving you tired, stressed and exhausted…or worse still, open to illness. Believe me I know…I know the consequences of what denying our feelings can do.

So surrender to how and what you are feeling without making a song and dance out of it, without denying it, suppressing it or judging it (or yourself for feeling it), because if you just keep identifying with the external source of your struggle, (a barking dog or something someone said) then you may find a whole shed load of denied and suppressed emotions from the past coming up for you to deal with right now.

Practising “mindfulness”, becoming more aware of things…they allow us to be more compassionate to ourselves rather than berating ourselves for what we think we have done wrong. The need for heavy processing is gone. Whatever feeling of hurt is coming up for you now only needs to be acknowledged and embraced…to do otherwise and attach to the feeling will only keep you stuck in the past and in emotional pain.

Taking Action

Healing comes from understanding and Love…not blame. Are you aware of with what you think, feel, say and do? Have you any idea why you do or say what you do? Everything that happens in your life is happening for a reason, so it is important that you monitor your reactions and how the situations in your life are affecting you.

So why not take the opportunity over the next month and take action to become more aware of your reactions to outside events. If you find you have fallen into reactive behaviour then there is a part of you that is either not accepting of what is happening…or you are missing an opportunity to shine your Light and BE more of who you are for others.

Use these opportunities to explore the connection between your anger and fears, your helplessness and vulnerability, and to look at and recognise that we can feel helpless and powerless when we give our power away to anger or frustration because we may believe or feel unable to do or change anything about what we are feeling angry or frustrated about!

If you are involved in family issues or upsets and conflicts of any kind, whilst we may want to help others to find their way it is important to remember that it is not our job to save or rescue them. The most loving thing to do is to BE Love and hold them in that space and allow them to have their own upset without reacting to it. It is imperative that we keep our own vibration high…there is no separation in the higher dimensions.

When you recognise where Love is not (your negative thoughts and feelings), you get to choose.

So…on a final note: An Old Cherokee Legend

The Tale of Two Wolves

“One evening, an elderly cherokee brave told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people.

He said “my son, the battle is between two ‘wolves’ inside us all.

One is evil. It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.

The other is good. It is joy, peace love, hope serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith.”

The grandson though about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather: “which wolf wins?…”

The old cherokee simply replied, “the one that you feed”

This is what is meant by choosing Love…not fear. Which wolf will you feed?

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