There is beauty in chaos, even though it may not feel like it at the time. Scorpio’s New Moon took us to the depths of our being. To the shadows. To the deep. To our darkest night. To our vulnerability. To our deepest shame. To our deepest fears. To be burned in Sacred, Holy fire.

The beauty found in the shadow of the Scorpio New Moon held an invitation for us to look deeper within to see what is really going on. There is a personal and collective wound of betrayal that is coming to the surface whether in relationships, a friendship, the family, workplace or sisterhood circles. I have recently been privileged to work with someone to reveal their wound of betrayal and show them the gift on the other side.

The thing about betrayal is it like a stab to the Heart and a snake bite to the throat. It renders us paralyzed, unable to speak, as we reel from the shock of what has happened. When emotion from betrayal gets triggered, or any wound for that matter, there is a reason and higher purpose that we may not be aware of. When emotions get triggered, they are illuminating old hurts from our past that have not been healed.

So Love’s healing message from the Black Rose this month is this:

There is an invitation to grow when betrayal knocks at your door.

Healing a wound starts with awareness.

I am giving a voice to a personal experience of tragedy and loss through betrayal.  Betrayal is a wake-up call. It is a trauma. It is a deep human heartbreak. It is a double edged sword. Who betrayed who? Who is the betrayer and who is the betrayed? Betrayal is a spiritual crisis.

Betrayal is also an INITIATION.

Betrayal comes in many forms.

Feelings from betrayal are primal.

They go to the very core of our being.

It is a painful human experience.

Betrayal threatens to break us down.

Trust gets shattered. We get shattered.

It can put us into a Dark Night of the Soul.

It can cause us harm.

We can become trapped in relentless anxiety, emotional and mental turmoil.

It can be life changing.

Our sense of reality can get undermined.

We can become traumatized by grief.

It can leave us questioning why with no closure – that, we have to find within ourselves.

Yet this wound when realised, strengthens our soul

We appear to live in a world where many live in a pattern of spiritual bypassing and “just get over it and move on” rather than looking at the depth of wounding, the messy emotions and finding the diamond within the wound.

Wounds have a way of making themselves known and sometimes, not in the nicest of ways. The path may appear dark. Abandonment, a narcissistic smear campaign, ghosting, vicious gossip and lies, sharing information that was not ours to share can all trigger betrayal.

Betrayal hurts. Our world may get turned upside down. Betrayal is an insidious wound for within its poison we will probably find a pattern of co-dependency.

Co-dependants are very good at putting others first and building up their self esteem, whilst ignoring their own self care and self esteem.

Co-dependants have weak boundaries.

If we do not have the tools in our toolbox to take care of ourselves first and build our own self worth and self esteem, we will be floored and knocked down emotionally by betrayal.

If we add trust to the melting pot and really trusted the other person, we can be devastated by betrayal.

If we add to the mix the unacknowledged and unexpressed grief and feelings of anger and humiliation, the healing becomes even more challenging.

Feeling angry at the person we perceived betrayed us is part of the grieving. The anger needs to be acknowledged and expressed too. Part of the healing process can include writing a letter to the perpetrator but not sending it.

The Gifts of Betrayal

It may seem at first impossible to see the gift in betrayal, yet the gift we find in it when we have been to the depths can become our greatest work.

Betrayal is not about the other person. It never was. It is about us. The other was a catalyst for our awakening to move us to the next level of spiritual and emotional evolution.

When we can look at ourselves and see the part we played in it, we can see how we also had an unrecognised expectation that another would behave in accordance with our own internal values.

When we can find the higher purpose of betrayal and recognise that although betrayal is one of our biggest challenges, it becomes one of our greatest teachers.

For some, betrayal can remind us of the story of Christ and Judas and Judas has been given a bad name through the ages. Yet if we are able to look at that story from another perspective, it will change everything.

If we believe in Divine Order and that there is a Divine Plan Jesus could not have brought forth his greatest work without the participation of Judas.

When we have processed the wound of betrayal, seen the part the other person(s) and we played in it, we come to the realisation that what they did was to show us our weaknesses and help us evolve and grow into our own power so that we can bring forth our Great Work.

My own brush with betrayal after my mother died left me with a deep trauma. I know from experience that only those who have been through a serious betrayal that wrecks the soul to the core can ever fully understand what betrayal can actually do to a person. It nearly destroyed me. Nearly.

My betrayer not only kept things from me, stole from me and blocked me from their life when I found out, I was severed from the person I was while they ran away without guilt or shame and devoid of any accountability, completely oblivious to the destruction they had caused with their actions. Or were they? That matters not.

The thing about betrayal is we don’t see it coming. Not only is it a shock to our psyche, it is a shock to the soul and the core of our being.

The mental and emotional torment one feels when betrayed by someone they thought loved them is difficult for anyone to comprehend if they have not experienced it for themselves. I had no choice but to heal it, find closure within and move on with my life.

Yet the greatest gift from the experience was my Great Work – to bring forth and share with others the Black Rose Oracle deck for Heart healing.

There are also other gifts on the other side of betrayal. When we have the courage to be consumed in the sacred holy fires of betrayal, something magical happens.

The Mystery of Betrayal

A veil is lifted and we will never see the world the same way again.

We will never see the other person or ourselves the same way again.

We have an opportunity to deepen the connection we have with ourselves.

We would have learned that betrayal is also a guide leading us to our expectations and co-dependency.

We would have learned that we are not a victim.

We would have learned where we have betrayed others.

We would have learned where we have been betraying ourselves.

We would have learned to take better care of ourselves and our own needs.

We would have strengthened our boundaries where perhaps there were none.

We will be a stronger person and have more resilience.

We will no longer blame the other person or judge ourselves.

We would have moved beyond self blame and self judgement.

We would have learned to understand ourselves at a deeper level.

We would have learned to communicate more clearly.

We would have learned to redeem ourselves from self defeating thoughts and patterns of behaviour.

We would have learned to be kind and gentle to ourselves.

We would have found a Love and faith that was not present before.

We would have learned to TRUST ourselves and move forward in Grace with a deeper wisdom and emotional maturity.

And most importantly,

We would have learned to Love ourselves.

We will have gained Sacred Wisdom and Grace.

We will be able to align with our purpose.

Without communication there is no relationship. Without respect there is no love. Without trust there is no reason to continue.

If you have felt betrayal of some kind, know that whatever you have had to deal with you have/will overcome it. We had to go to the dark place of pain to understand their role for us to gain self mastery, emotional maturity and evolve.

There is an emotional reset taking place with the Lunar Eclipse at the end of the month, in preparation for the “Great Awakening” on 21st December. A reset that is taking deeper into the truth of who we are.

When we have delved the depths and exposed everything that needed bringing into the Light and released it, it is over. The story has been told. Move forward beloved’s and walk in Grace with the sacred wisdom gained, and the lessons you learned from the experience of what Love is not. Your rewards of what Love is are now waiting for you to claim them.


If you feel heartbroken in some way,

open your Heart to the blessings

and Grace of the Black Rose.

She brings you the Diamond Black Light

of Holy Fire to burn through you.

Do not presume to know this Black Beauty.

Surrender to the deep mystery

of this Black Madonna

and be consumed in Her Holy Fire

of tough Love and ruthlessness,

for she will only reveal her Diamond Light

to those who have been shattered

and who see what is really going on.

From the Black Rose Oracle Linda Raven©2020 All Rights Reserved

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In Love, Grace and Service,