Have you heard the call to change? Are you stuck in the past or seeing a bigger picture? The floodlights are really shining on us from the planetary heavenly messengers above and will be for the next seven weeks. As if the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 15th April and the Solar Eclipse coming up in a few weeks time wasn’t enough, add to that concoction the most extraordinary astrological alignment of our times, the Grand Cardinal Cross. Whilst these four hot headed, volatile major planets and heavenly bodies representing the Four Sacred Elements of Earth are playing host to a cosmic tea party above our heads, it is not a time to be complacent because we will be affected by them on some level. On an energetic level, with each of them wanting to get their point across and wanting to be heard, they are also providing us with wonderful opportunities to set ourselves free.

This is much more than just intellectual astrological stuff to excite the ego. What is offered here is an opportunity to be open and willing to the Truth that we are not separate from anything, including the stars and planets…we are all One and affected by the whole. YOU as an empowered being must discern here what feels right for you. As always, if it does not resonate then let it go.

The Shift of the Aquarian Age

We are being faced with an uncomfortable widening gap between the old and the new and where tension is brewing. Whilst it is essential to be mindful of staying in balance, there is also the opportunity to embrace these energies for our highest good. With the possibility of a breaking point of some kind, whatever you have suppressed or swept under the carpet, it will now be coming up to be addressed. If you have the courage to face it, your life could be transformed forever.

When you can look at the world with a different pair of eyes the world will look back at you differently. The last blog “It all begins with YOU” was in preparation for these cosmic events and planetary line ups and although we may not be able to control what happens to us in life, we can certainly control how we respond to it. You are the God/Goddess of your own creation and it is time now for us all to think consciously. These planetary energies represent an archetype within us and their line ups are showing us energetically that we cannot hide behind our masks of in-authenticity anymore…and although the energies may be challenging, they are giving us an opportunity for a huge breakthrough to be healed and transformed. We are in a year seven, a year of transmutation and transformation, so the events in astrology over the next seven weeks could provide some of the most powerful shifts so far. Your soul is longing for freedom and if you can ride these energy waves with grace and ease you could find yourself at a whole new level!

Letting Love In

Are you open and willing to let Love in and embrace it? These current astrological events are giving us the opportunity to choose to live free…free from worry, limitation, fear or anger, and that choice is yours. Only by confronting your fears can you transcend them and set yourself free. If you do not know how, support, guidance and information is offered here at this site, as well as information in the many resources that can be found in books, workshops or self help groups throughout the Internet. Are you ready to stop being your worst enemy? Pluto’s place and mystical role in the Heavens now wants us to go down into the underworld of our psyche and face the scary pain monsters that we have been afraid of all our lives.

With Easter fast approaching, we all have our “cross to bear” so to speak. The biggest and most important step to healing and recovery and living the highest expression of you is self Love. The first step of self love requires a willingness to be open and to be vulnerable…it means exposing all the parts of you that you do not like without censoring any of it and without judgement…just total acceptance of it…warts and all. This is the opportunity we have now to transform ourselves. What is your deepest truth? What wouldn’t you tell anybody? Sit with it and talk with it. When you can be open to your own wounding, your shame and your fears, when you are open with THEM…they will no longer have control over YOU.

Most people do not like to see another’s vulnerability though because it reminds them of their own fear of being vulnerable. They are too frightened to say what they need to say believing that if they spoke out they would be judged or persecuted by others…or worst still, ostracised. So what they do is hide behind their mask of in-authenticity. Yet the truth is, it is in being vulnerable that binds us together in authenticity…if we can only take the risk and speak out what it is we have to say. If I had chosen to hold something back from sharing my own Core Wound, edited out the parts of me that I did not like or did not love or did not want others to see, or pretended to be someone I am not, then it would have been a great disservice to withhold something that could be of benefit to others and whose life could possibly be altered by something I said.

We all have the power to make a difference everyday just by showing up in life. That means being vulnerable, being exposed and laying bare all the parts of ourselves for others to see…that includes the “good” parts and all the parts we don’t like about ourselves and would rather shut away from others. The first step to self love is to surrender to your vulnerability by revealing and exposing all the parts of yourself without judgement, and without editing or censoring… and with complete acceptance of all the parts of you. Whether your pain and discomfort is mental, emotional or physical, it is all an invitation to open your heart to Love and allow Love in…this is a powerful month and Eclipse season giving us now the opportunity to do just that.

Hearing the Call to Change

Truth cannot be learned, it can only be recognised. When we recognise that we are all One, interconnected with each other and within everything, to the oceans and to all the creatures that inhabit this world, the plants and the trees, the air we breathe and the sounds we hear, the Light radiating from the sun, the planets and the stars and the whole universe, and that Oneness is for the greatest and highest good of all…that truth will be felt by the heart at a very deep level.

Yet whilst you continue to remain small by attaching to the mind and the body only, believing the essence of you, your spirit is something separate and only to be worked with at times during spiritual “get togethers”, you will continue to feel and experience the perceived pain of separation and loneliness created by the mind and pain monster as it cuts deeply into your heart and soul on a daily basis, keeping you separated from the Love that you already are.

Bringing you the courage now to face what you must, or destroying what is necessary to be rebuilt into something new, the energies during this Eclipse season are giving us the opportunity to tune into the highest healing possible to be transformed and healed. The call “to and for change” on a personal and planetary level is so loud now that it cannot be ignored. The question is…are you hearing it?

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