With so many shifts happening of late, Love’s healing message this month is for both men and women who may have been experiencing challenges or trauma of some kind. With the recent earthquake in Nepal – more on that later – have you found your own foundations being shaken to the core recently, or been unexpectedly confronted or blind sided with challenges and chaos of some kind? I have. Or maybe you have found history repeating itself with things you thought you had dealt with and left behind a long time ago? Me too. Sadness, grief, fear, anxiety and anger have been coming up big time, and by the amount of recent conversations I have been having with both women and men – others have too.

It does not mean that we have fallen or gone backwards, and whether man or woman, there is a higher purpose to these challenges – particularly if there is masculine energy involved. Making a commitment to ourselves and wholeness means we will be put into places and situations where we will be challenged to rise up, stand in our divine power, speak our truth and say enough is enough – even if that means at times being ostracized or unpopular with others.

Ancient Wounding Runs Deep

Humanity is holding so much energetic toxins that we are now being given a divine opportunity – whether a man or woman – to heal aspects of the wounded Divine Feminine and free ourselves from our ancestral core wounding. Fear and limitation affects the thyroid and throat which is our seat of communication, and by standing up for ourselves, these acts of Love – self Love – are giving us a voice to clear the collective wounds of injustice, inequality, persecution, abuse, misuse of power, slavery, control – and suppression of the divine feminine.

I facilitated a gathering on the 4th April for Rose sisters and brothers and shared a process that enabled us to open up to and let go of this deep, ancient ancestral wounding held at a cellular level within our ancestral lineage and DNA. Through the Law of Grace, we each had the opportunity to eliminate all negative imprinting from our ancestors and lineage, including lives where we had served the Goddess and God in service and religious orders in past lives…giving us all an opportunity to let go of the burdens carried by the wounded divine feminine and wounded divine masculine and set ourselves free. This type of work can bring up a lot of emotion and memories, particularly sadness and grief, so if anyone is keen to partake in this process then please contact me.

As we gain our wisdom in the moments of now, we are being given opportunities to choose Love – not fear – and respond to our challenges in a different way. We are all being asked to take action and be conscious co-creators, and one area we can make massive shifts is to watch the thoughts and behaviour we are engaging in around a particular situation that can keep us stuck or frozen in fear. To move from limitation to possibility it requires us to shift our mindset and see our thoughts and behaviour as an opportunity for us to express ourselves in a different way, so we can heal and let go of the negative energies that no longer serve us.

Through my own recent “challenge” involving masculine energy, it enabled me to heal the fear and truly embrace that particular experience at a deeper level. In doing so, it also enabled me to heal more of the woundedness as a woman and move again deeper into forgiveness for myself and the men involved – for in doing so, I could see that their deeds to take advantage of me, not only financially but to insult my intelligence as a woman, was an opportunity for me to strengthen and move even deeper into one of the key aspects of the Divine Feminine that many of us, men and women, may need to work on – Forgiveness. If we cannot forgive ourselves and those that “have sinned against us” then we cannot truly be free.

A friend has also shared with me a very traumatic event with masculine energy that happened to her last weekend and where she feared for her life and lived to tell the tale. Yet if we can “see with eyes” from a higher perspective and vision, whilst mine was not life threatening these events are giving us opportunities to grow in assertiveness, be courageous to stand out, speak up and be heard, for as we heal – on a collective level others are healed with us.

For both my friend and myself they gave us an opportunity to transform very deeply embedded fears of men, of persecution, abuse, and the perceptions of what a woman “should” be and being seen as the “weaker sex” by some men. Yet men also have to look at the wounded feminine within themselves and deal with their own underlying fears of being dominated by stronger males (or females) – a trait which can be seen in men (and women) carrying a Mother/Father wound. I have shared my own mother/father wound in the blog, The Importance of Healing Our Core Wounds. This also brought up much of the wounded feminine for me around betrayal, injustice, persecution, abuse, inequality and death from speaking (and not speaking) my truth in this life and past lives.

The Wesak Legend

I sense that the earthquake that struck Nepal on the 25th April – a very Holy place with Holy Temples and Monasteries – and people with pure Hearts – had a higher purpose and message for us all. Whilst I hold space for those who lost their lives, we are all One, so how can these events not affect us all at a deep cellular level? Could it be that even Mother Earth is releasing ancient wounding from Vows and Contracts made in Holy Orders, Temples and Monasteries to cleanse and heal the land? As she is cleansed and lifted up we are cleansed and lifted with her.

For those familiar with Wesak, I facilitate a Wesak gathering each year at the first Full Moon in May – considered to be the most powerful Full Moon of the whole year. The legend says that at this time the Buddha, Christ and the entire Spiritual Hierarchy of Ascended Masters come together in the Wesak Valley in the Himalayas symbolically to cleanse people of “bad karma” and bless Humanity.

This is a great spiritual event which has a powerful effect on Humanity, and each year at the time of Wesak, two great streams of energy – one focused through the Buddha and the other through the Christ – are fused and blended together to bring a new infusion of Divine energies to humanity. Whatever your thoughts on Wesak, this is a very Sacred Event for our Soul and subtle bodies to bathe in Blessings that many may not realise the importance of this event – and that our human minds have yet to comprehend.

Moving Forward

For many of us who have made the commitment to become whole, we are being asked to shine the Light in the darkness of our psyche and untie our shadow aspects from the ancient past. With Love, and out of an act of compassion for ourselves, we are giving permission for their voice to be heard – and expressed – in the Light of our own awareness, so we can cleanse and let go of our past and step forward into our “new roles”. All healing to become whole is a process and it takes time, and our unfolding creations of the future are dependent on our willingness to be vulnerable, and open and honest with ourselves and others.

Another aspect for me – and for many – is that if we choose to move deeper into the Heart and want more meaningful spiritual connections with others rather than superficial distance, we are being asked to become aware of where and to whom we are giving our time and energy to. It may be a requirement that we have to cut ties with certain people and things if there is no balance in the exchange of energy, or if those around us are not ready for that deeper level of honest, open exchange of energy and communication.

For those of us who are transforming and looking at the bigger picture to be in service, it is also giving us the opportunity to look at who we want to connect with and have around to support us in this next creative stage of unfolding and evolution. Over the coming months much will be revealed in our alignment with others and their alignment with us. When we can share and speak honestly and truthfully from an open Heart in the pursuit of Truth and for the greatest good of all…and allow others to do the same…we have laid the foundations for a deeper connection that is essential for the next stage of evolution both individually and collectively.

I will meet you there.

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In Love and Grace,