A shift is happening, taking us deeper into the embodiment of our Soul. Many Souls who have anchored the Light from the higher realms are hearing the call to step further into Service and embodied Sovereignty, to take others deeper and higher to find themselves.

Both on a personal and planetary level the old is dying and being burnt away. Yet it is through the death and rebirth process of adversity we come to see that our challenges and life itself become our greatest initiations of Light.

With so much upheaval in the outer world we are all being called to become aware of our own state of consciousness. So Love’s healing message from the Black Rose this month is this:

Child of the Rose, Rose of the Stars….

May the eclipse energies illuminate where you are.

No matter how difficult things may seem,

WE must become more conscious to re-claim our power.

All human experiences are an opportunity,

To connect with all that is.

Allow the wisdom, the love and the light,

To come forth from within you.

There is something mystical and far greater than us,

Always over-lighting our life and guiding us,

Pushing us further and deeper into Service and Sovereignty……

Into a Heart based paradigm of Self mastery, to be all who we are.

Whilst this blog is longer than usual, I dedicate it to the “Roses” that are struggling at the moment to get to the Heart of what’s really going on.

To the Black Rose and her teachings, humbled and in deep reverence I bow. For my own healing journey has shown me time and time again there is no way out but only through the challenging life experiences we are meant to have.

Mental and emotional pain bodies are being shattered as we each live through the pandemic of Coronavirus, for it too is here to serve us to become more conscious and heal us on a deep level. It is a catalyst for change for us to become more of who we are.

It can be difficult to raise our emotional frequencies beyond our circumstances, particularly when we can see no way out. Yet we must find that sacred place within, where truth cuts through the thoughts and fears that would have us turn away from Love.

There can be no more denial and avoidance of feelings. No more spiritual bypassing or spiritual fluff. No more excuses. No judging things as “good or bad”. No going “back to normal”.

That means things are going to have go.

Including “spirituality” as we know it.

So we must say our goodbyes to all that has been….

We cannot stay where we are anymore.

Are we learning the lesson?

The thing about adversity or a challenge of some kind is that it forces us to become more conscious and aware.

“Our most potent place of power is when we can truly be at peace with all our pain and suffering or traumatic experiences that have turned our world upside down that we can no longer recognise ourselves after having everything we knew be torn apart” – excerpt from The Black Rose – A Book of Love”© Linda Raven.

I have observed conversations over the past few weeks from people looking for support in healing their core wounds. Without judgement or blame, there appears to be a common theme.

Distorted thoughts and beliefs and victim consciousness has diminished the power that resides within them

Peace resides within every Heart. In every conversation we have, every interaction and in every thought and belief, we have a choice. Are we going to react to something or respond?

Will we promote peace and create Heaven on Earth for ourselves, or will we continue to promote violence and live in hell with our victim mentality?

During times of adversity or when life does not give us what we want, we can become prisoners of our own mind and our suffering increases.

Core Wounds hold our deepest pains in life and usually hold the distorted beliefs we were taught as a child that we continue to carry as a faulty self image into adulthood.

When we identify with thoughts and emotions our ego is in charge. We have turned away from the Love that we are.

Through adversity of any kind, the negative thoughts and beliefs of the ego create suffering and negative, reactive behaviour patterns.

Trauma is imprinted into our DNA. There has been so much violence, violation, war, destruction and disharmony that we carry that in our own pain bodies.

We then use it against ourselves in the form of self sabotaging behaviour, perfectionism, self abuse, negative responsibility, an inner critic and a lack of Love towards self.

Pain is the gift

Waking up means we have to learn to recognise that the thoughts and beliefs that go on in our head is not who we are and that underneath them is a huge realm of conscious presence we can tap into which is ALWAYS available in the present moment.

We can get caught in our stories of victimhood when we blame and believe “they did this to me”. We have to turn inwards and commit to changing ourselves.

Who Am I?

I AM pure consciousness that can never be destroyed, abused, betrayed, abandoned, hurt, taken advantage of or separated through duality.

We can talk about Love, unity and Oneness, but do we actually walk it?

What are we thinking and feeling in any given moment?

Can we truly stand in the Light, or are we adding to the distorted frequencies of negative thought forms and behaviours?

Whether ours or someone else’s reactive behaviour, we have to recognise immediately that us or someone else is acting out, projecting and reacting from their wounded-ness.

Whatever arises in our lives, can we see the person or situation as a teacher, here to show us an aspect of ourselves that has not been healed or integrated yet?

Others can also be a signpost for us by directing, inspiring and supporting us. However, it is we alone that must take responsibility and the action to create Heaven or hell in our lives.

We can become loving and compassionate and return to Love when we recognise in the present moment that what we perceive others are doing or saying to us is not personal.

Mother forgive them for they are unaware, they are unconscious.

Mother forgive me for I am unaware and I am unconscious.

Whilst Corona virus is creating financial insecurity, emotional distress, anxiety and fear of survival for many, it is also highlighting the Victim and Survival Archetype to be healed.

I experienced all the above when I became ill and it is only natural to go into fear and survival mode. No money, no job, no support…how would I survive?

Many of us in this lifetime may have been born into dysfunctional families which lacked love or with parents that were emotionally distant. We may have felt helpless and victimized. Within the Survivor archetype is an element of the Victim.

These scenarios are to teach us to re-claim our power

We may also have abandonment issues which resulted in us not feeling safe and secure. We may hold onto relationships for too long and past there sell by date. Perhaps we have not felt safe to express ourselves emotionally.

The abandonment wound is showing us where we need to be there for ourselves and to be our own best friend. Abandonment issues keep us in a place of mistrust and a fear of opening up, for fear of possible loss or rejection.

I watch the baby sparrows in my garden as they land on the stem of a shrub that is not strong enough to hold their weight. Mum’s watching them but for a moment it looks like they are going to fall to the ground. Flapping their little wings they eventually land on something more solid.

I watched a baby bird in my garden the other day. It was raining heavily and the bird was on the ground exposed, hesitating to fly up onto the arbour and get shelter from the rain under the trees. In between it and the arbour was a water feature but there was no where to perch.

Very clumsily it took flight. It was unsteady, frantically flapping its wet wings but eventually it made it to safe footing. I share this story because that little bird was dependent on its own ability to fly to get him to safety and out of harms way.

That little bird took flight even in the face of danger. It was a long way to fly to get to safety on the other side of the water feature, which it could so easily of dropped into and drowned.

There is a big lesson to learn in this story

We are the only ones that can keep ourselves safe and secure. And this lifetime is where we need to re-claim that power that we lost a long time ago through victimhood.

Being awake and conscious is being aware of ALL the areas in our life where we feel victimized, as if we do not have any control.

We all have the power to create peace in the outer and our inner world, but first we must find our own power and re-claim it.

There is also a wound of lack of responsibility that plays out in victim consciousness too.

Healing Core Wounds

Our Souls are asking us to take control and take responsibility for what we are creating.

When we are in our power and know our truth, we can act from our strength and not from our wounds.

When we finger point or blame others, use excuse driven behaviour, make someone else responsible for our happiness and refuse or don’t have the ability to take responsibility, it is usually wrapped in a shroud of DENIAL. (Didn’t Even Notice I Am Lying).

The thing about denial is that we spend a lifetime giving to others and denying ourselves. We become disconnected from ourselves, not knowing what we want or who we are and so do not get our needs met.

We have to take 100% responsibility for our own lives and decide and make a choice that we are capable of doing, being and acting differently, even it if does not feel like it.

Victim Mentality

The lesson I learnt from adversity through illness and victim mentality is this:

“Bad things do happen; how I respond to them defines my character and the quality of my life. I can choose to sit in perpetual sadness, immobilized by the gravity of my loss, or I can choose to rise from the pain and treasure the most precious gift I have – life itself.”

― Walter Anderson

We have to make that choice and decide not to give our power away to the blame and excuse game. But to do that, we have to be aware of when we are doing it and stop it. Making excuses and assigning blame keeps us victimized.

When we remain a victim it means we don’t need to take responsibility or accountability to change our behaviour or do anything different because we believe it’s not about us. It’s about what someone or something does to us. The truth is our challenges are FOR us….they are here to help us evolve and grow.

Whilst things may happen to us that are outside of our control, we do have control over our reactions and responses to what we do and how we handle it.

We have to trust in our intuition, be more responsible, shift our perception, be more aware and stand in our own integrity.

We have a choice to change our focus and know that we are in control.

There comes a point where we have told our story and hopefully been seen and heard. Now what? What are we going to do about it?

We need to ask ourselves, what is the hidden opportunity within this challenge/situation?

We have to focus on healing our Heart and understand WHY we feel hurt or stressed. Why we feel on our own that we become so isolated we don’t even know how to ask for help even when we need it. We then have to break it down and separate the fear from reality.

I am often told, “I don’t know where to start”.

My response is, “You start where you are now. In this moment.

We have to become aware of our thoughts, emotions, words, behaviours, responses and reactions and how we see ourselves.

We have to be kind to ourselves because releasing ourselves from victim mentality can be difficult. Some day’s we will forget. It’s OK to be OK with that.

We have to take full responsibility and accountability for our lives and go back to within our own Hearts that many of us have been away from for a very long time.

That is how we start to re-claim our power.

When we do, we understand the true meaning of power and who we are.