Hello Earth Angels, Mighty Beings of Light and Galactic Hearts,

Circles of Light

It is never or ever has been my intention to tell anyone what to do, or believe in everything I say – so take what you like from this following message, let the rest go, and follow your heart always…..

As we approach the 12.12.12 many people around the world will be gathering at sacred sites and places on that day in their Circles of Light. This is the day of a portal opening to open the 12 Ascension Chakras and commit to your Truth – all of this in preparation for the 21.12.12.

Although there is a lot of scaremongering on the Internet regarding ascension, my belief is that Ascension is just another step for humanity in realising the purpose of life and awakening to our own divinity. A link to a powerful meditation provided by Solara An-Ra for the 12.12.12 and the 21.12.12 is included at the end of this newsletter.

For those familiar with personal and global ascension, in order for Mother Earth’s ascension a greater volume of love is needed on the Earth. However, this love must flow from the hearts and souls of humanity. There is no co-incidence that the Olympic Games were held in London this year – London being the seat of the Earth Star chakra. Much love and countries “coming together” in unity were seen around the world.

Those that are sensitive to energy will know that when we visit places we can sense if a place feels “positive”, we feel happy and alive. Likewise, we sense when a place feels “negative” as we find our energy drops or we start to feel unwell. So there is a need for many of us now to anchor our high vibrational energies into these areas as you will change the vibration of the sacred sites from the old energy to the new energies of ascension.

According to Diana Cooper for those that follow her, the 12 Earth Chakras of ascension are:

1. London, UK — Earth Star

2. Gobi Desert, China — Base Chakra

3. Honolulu, Hawaii — Sacral Chakra

4. Fiji, Pacific Ocean — Navel Chakra

5. Whole of South Africa — Solar Plexus

6. Glastonbury, UK — Heart Chakra and Guatemala is the Cosmic Heart

7. Luxor, Egypt — Throat Chakra

8. Bamyan Valley, Afghanistan — Third Eye

9. Machu Picchu, Peru

10. The Himalayas, Tibet — Causal Chakra

11. Agra, India — Soul Star

12. The Arctic — Stellar Gateway

I am going to add one more to this list. According to Megan Wingfield in her book “The Grail Journey through Wales” (kindly lent me by a dear friend!), Whitby Abbey in the North East of England is the 13th chakra. This so has personal significance for me as Whitby has been my spiritual home for the past 13 years and I feel 2012 is the year of completion for me – ready to start anew on the 22nd December.

The City of Light, Circle of Love

Those of you that have been part of the City of Light, Circle of Love gatherings in Bingham for the past eighteen months heard the Call – and you came. Some of you came not knowing why or what it was all about, yet deep within you something was stirring – ALL of it preparing you to help anchor the Light on the 12.12.12.

I answered that Call too – for in 2008 I was called by Source to bring together 13 people into a “City of Light”, a “wheel”, to create an energy portal, a Divine gateway for the Wave of Love that was emanating from the Galactic Heart itself. That wheel was activated on the 11.11.11.

The circle has been an opportunity to gather for inner healing and awakening, as well as to discuss enlightening topics with like minded people. As well as a time when we come together and anchor the Light – it has been an opportunity to refine our thoughts and thinking also!

Gathering in a Circle of Light, these gatherings allow us to work on levels seen and unseen as we align with the Solar and Galactic energies and the Spiritual Hierarchy of Ascended Masters. Allowing energy to flow from our hearts as we connect with the centre of Mother Earth, the Great Central Sun and the Crystalline Grid has been a great service, whether you are aware of it or not. Through activating and opening our own sacred hearts, it enables us to connect with the One Heart consciousness of everyone and everything on Mother Earth. So what has this all been for?

The Purpose of the City of Light, Circle of Love

It is time for you to step forward now Warriors of Light and step into the Truth of who you really are…..

Jesus once supposedly said, “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” The date 12.12.12 is vibrationally significant as it is also the awakening of the Christ consciousness within you.

The gathering in the Circle of Light is the nature and purpose of lightwork….and it is the work which many of us have come here to do at this time. We cannot work on our own anymore as it is the group collective energy that will take us into the New Age of Light. These have been powerful experiences both on a personal and collective level, laying the ground for the incoming Galactic Energy of Ascension.

As we approach the 12.12.12 gateway now, we are all being given a wonderful opportunity for immense healing as we experience the ending of one world as we prepare for the beginning of another. Many will be kept “occupied in other things” on this momentous day….and that is ok too, it is the way it is meant to be.

What’s so special about the 12.12.12 and 21.12.12?

What is all the “hype” about the 21st December 2012 – it’s just another day isn’t it? For most people, yes, it will be just another day.

The year 2012 has been a marker in time by many civilizations, and those that are leading a path of greater awareness (not better), will know the importance of these days and may find themselves being drawn to particular places and people. These two dates, 12.12.12 and 21.12.12 are divinely linked – one is in preparation for the other. The 12.12.12 is the gateway to which will be a final walk through on 21.12.12.

Whatever your views on December 2012, there is no doubt that it is being looked upon as a significant spiritual event and a momentous shift in the collective consciousness of the planet. We will never experience this again in our lifetime or the history of Earth – our planet is entering galactic alignment with the Great Central Sun whether we are aware of it or not.

Meditation for the 12.12.12

The following is a meditation from Solara An-Ra about the 12.12.12 which can be downloaded as a free mp3 from her website at: www.solara.org.uk

Or just copy and paste the following links into your address bar:


It can also be viewed on You Tube at:



On a final note, what are your thoughts and feelings on the City of Light, Circle of Love? Feel free to leave your comments below.

In Love, Light and Wisdom,

Linda Raven – Multidimensional Teacher and Messenger of Light