April has been bringing some big life challenging events that has made April a turning point for many of us. If we made the most of the energies that the Solar Eclipse stirred up for us then our lives will be shifting into new and life changing directions. One thing is for sure. We have changed and may be in a very different place than we were a month ago.

With Chiron, the Wounded Healer’s influence at the alignment of the Solar Eclipse, we may have received a healing breakthrough of some kind. Perhaps we were given powerful insights and a deeper awareness of how our wounds and traumas have been playing out, or where our boundaries were weak and we needed to let go of certain things, groups or people.

My own insights were shared in last month’s Love Letter and how the Solar Eclipse gave us an opportunity to get clarity, particularly if something had come back around. The upcoming Scorpio Full Moon offers an opportunity to dive deep into our inner world for introspection and bring forth the cargo we hold for the “hungry Hearts” in a hungry world.

So Love’s healing message and Pearls of Wisdom from the Black Rose this month is this:

There is treasure in the darkness. Deliver your cargo….

You have gifts – and you MUST deliver them

To all of you that replied from the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Vienna, USA, Canada, Brazil, France, South Africa and more wanting to remain on the Light Messenger mailing list to receive the Love Letters from the Black Rose, I humbly thank you, for it appears a higher purpose is emerging regarding community.

That outer ring at the eclipse held a light code within a “ring of enlightenment” for the collective, enabling us to move inwards and see where we are in non supporting connections or our work is not supporting us in the way we want. Nothing is lost. We are moving beyond what we thought we were and into alignment of a new way of being with ourselves and others.

Things have shifted since the eclipse and I am sure like me you have noticed the change in yourselves, your abilities and reality after cleaning house. Being multidimensional beings we have ascended into a higher timeline where things seem lighter, joyful and we may feel much happier, even if we do not know what the new will look like yet.

In being open to receive the frequencies of the eclipse, many have gone through a recalibration with career after receiving big activations and have laid or are laying the foundations for a new cycle and opportunities of working together with others. The down loads from the eclipse have activated profound insights that we now need time to process.

Many of you are teachers, healers and leaders in your own right and will no doubt be already practicing what follows. For those who are not yet or have not recognised the healer, teacher, leader within themselves, how do we pay forward what we have been gifted with for this world when we remember our mission?

Are we depriving others and ourselves by not sharing those gifts?

Since my own inner work and insights from last month I came across a beautiful poem by Greg Kimura (deceased) which not only embodies and epitomises why I write these Love Letters and share freely the healing messages from the Black Rose with the collective, this poem is a timely reminder of what we must do to feed the “hungry Hearts” of a hungry world.



You enter life a ship laden with meaning, purpose and gifts
sent to be delivered to a hungry world.
And as much as the world needs your cargo
you need to give it away.
Everything depends on this.

But the world forgets its needs
and you forget your mission
and the ancestral maps used to guide you
have become faded scrawls on the parchment of dead Pharaohs.

The cargo weighs you heavy the longer it is held
and spoilage becomes a risk.
The ship sputters from port to port and at each you ask:
“Is this the way?”

But the way cannot be found without knowing the cargo
and the cargo cannot be known without recognizing there is a way
and it is simply this:
You have gifts.
The world needs your gifts.
You must deliver them.

The world may not know it is starving
but the hungry know
and they will find you
when you discover your cargo
and start to give it away.

Pearls before Swine

Myths from ancient cultures tell a similar story, in that we are all born with a unique gift that we discover in life and when we do we must give it away to a world in need. It is also about knowing when to share those gifts and with whom – and when not.

I for one have been making changes since the eclipse which I think is a theme coming up for many healers and energy workers right now. The eclipse energies illuminated for many of us Christ’s teaching “cast not pearls before swine”. We have been shown where we are sharing our gifts to those not ready to receive our messages or teachings.

The point in Christ’s teaching “cast not pearls before swine” was not meant as an insult. It is about discernment (not judgement) when Christ was telling his disciples to only “preach” to receptive audiences.

We cannot throw our gold (cargo) away carelessly and neither should we be hoarding it. However, we can no longer waste our time or energy offering our holy precious cargo that is helpful and valuable to those who are not ready to receive it, appreciate or value it, want to steal it and claim it as their own, or who become angered by the offering and reject it.

Wounded Healers and Wounded Warriors taking on a new Role

We all carry different unique gifts that we must find and share and each is vital to the whole. Many of us in the healing arts have found our unique gift by healing our wounds and traumas and finding the inner light of our soul that wants to express itself and are leading the way.

The point of my own experiences of each descent into the underworld enabled me to return with the Black Pearls of Wisdom and as a more awakened soul that was not to be diminished by those experiences. I had gained the knowledge and wisdom with a sense of purpose in how I could serve the world in these times of change despite physical limitations.

Something is stirring. The “hungry Hearts” of the world are starving, including those of us in the teaching and healing professions who are not feeling supported and have not found the abundant communities for Love and support to share information or for group discussion for ourselves. Is someone giving their time and attention to you or are they just taking?

If we take the time to feel into the activation energies of this Scorpio Full Moon we may be blessed with an even deeper awareness and clarity of what needs to go, what needs to stay, what needs to be transformed and possibly a glimpse of those higher connections and networking we need to make to bring people together for the greater good of all.

New options and opportunities are coming in to align with a new wave of creative energy as we begin a new phase of creative work and manifesting. Unload and walk away from the pattern of wanting to heal someone who’s showing no signs of being ready for what you have to offer. Are we also not valuing what should be valued? Are we not valuing ourselves to value the gifts we have been given? What do we need to change within ourselves?

From those “Pearls before swine” we have given away, a new pearl is being created as our precious cargo is moving into alignment of an even higher vibration of abundance and authenticity. Our new paths and connections will reveal themselves in due time.

What is in your Heart that you must do?

When we are humbled by the huge and immeasurable gift we have received from Source, Divine Mother, All That Is, the only way to repay that is to give of ourselves as much as we are able too, sharing our precious cargo and giving it away to those who can appreciate and value it. And that includes our time and energy.

I hear many shouting, “well I have to make a living! I have bills to pay!” That may be true. Where do we limit our perceptions of what giving away truly means? What part of our precious cargo that we carry can we give away freely with no expectation of anything in return?

From experience I have found that when we give our precious cargo freely with no expectation of anything in return, it comes back to us threefold and not in the ways we expect it.

With the recent eclipse and the upcoming Scorpio Full Moon, this month of April is not just a time of change. These Portals are gateways to liberation and perhaps a more fulfilling and authentic life if we are willing to walk through them.

What if our new pearls are ahead of their time?

I am truly grateful for the gifts I received and continue to receive. Despite living with limitations I turn my pain into purpose as I receive the Black Pearls of Wisdom from the Black Rose. I am not defined by the labels I have been given by the medical profession or anyone else and can still give myself as fully as I am able to and give my precious cargo away to those in need.

Many Love Letters I wrote ten years ago were ahead of their time. People were not ready to receive them until now. Yet I remain humbled with what ever new pearls I am able to co-create with the Black Rose however big or small. Each black pearl is timeless and is received at the time when someone is ready to receive the message or healing.

The world is in turmoil yet there is reason in that turmoil. Maybe we have a book to write or have written one and it was not as successful as we would have hoped it to be. Don’t be despondent. We need to remind ourselves our creative work could be ahead of its time and we are leaving our precious cargo as a legacy for the future. Can we trust the concept of time?

Created with Love, Grace and in Service,

May the Love Letters continue to Inspire, Comfort or Support you in times of need.

With Love,


If you have received something from this writing or know of anyone that could, please feel free to post a comment below or pass it on using the link above.