Have you opened the door on 2014 yet with arms wide open to receive? This is the year to step into being the masters that you are…if you choose. Whilst I chose some years ago to drop the labels of teacher and healer, the messages here are not intended to convince or convert anyone, merely to inform and empower. They are humble offerings from my heart to yours…if you choose to accept and receive them. There is only one of us here and that One is YOU.  When you and “I” can stand in the presence of each other, devoid of any separation, and meet in the same place (the heart) we are one and the same thing…LOVE.

Are you ready for this very powerful year of 2014? Are you ready for opportunity? Are you ready to move more into consciousness and freedom, to receive all that is on offer and what could be coming your way? Have you created the space within your bodies to hold and anchor the higher energies? Are you expressing your most authentic heart-centered Self? Most importantly, are you fully awake? Yes, so many questions offered here from the intellect …their purpose purely to deepen self inquiry within you. As the door is shut now on 2013, it is YOU that gets to choose what you want to create in 2014 and what you want to do with it. My understanding is that 2014 will be the year of liberation, personal transformation and more energy matched balanced friendships and relationships. It is a year 7, and 7 is our natural state of being. It is “the energy of the mystics” and it offers for all of us a year of magic and manifestation…if we are open and willing to receive.

Where Are You Now?

Many talk of Love, compassion, unity, Oneness and the heart….if you are one of them, are you walking it yet? Will you continue to be in the old paradigm and create from the old ways, the old energies, believing that you are creating something new? Will you still get into reactive behaviour in your thoughts, words and actions, believing that you are living from the heart in Love? Will you still hide your thoughts and feelings from others, and continue to wear your masks believing that you are being authentic? Will you still keep yourself small and in victim mode, limitation and helplessness because of your health challenges? Will you continue to judge or express your opinions about others without having any real evidence so as to make yourself feel better? Will you continue in dualistic thinking and behaviour, which undermines genuine cooperation and collaboration? Are you ready to claim your sovereignty and freedom?

What about inauthentic relationships? Will you continue to be in a mismatched unfullfilling marriage, relationship or friendship, using the relationship to fill an inner void, or to sacrifice your values, sell your soul, not wanting to be alone, or for financial reasons? All of these come from fear in the ego mind…not the heart. How authentic are you in your friendships and relationships? Are there areas where you need to clean up your act?

If you genuinely really want to take a leap forward and willingly participate to create the new path in all your words, thoughts, deeds and actions, this is a challenging and unknown path because there are no markers anymore and there are no books or manuals on “how to”….this path is beyond the mind and beyond duality. If you are still trying to solve problems or create with your thinking mind it will not work anymore…

When we take that leap into the unknown, it also means we are not in control of the outcome. We are all faced now with the choice of how conscious and authentic we want to be in the world…for we are all our own teachers, gurus and healers. Where ever you are on your own timeline, every given moment becomes an opportunity to activate the Divine heart and bring the Light of Christ Consciousness into physical form…the “Christ” being that part of God that resides within everyone.

2013 has been a year of opening the heart, whether that has occurred through circumstances or events involving loss of some kind, or through confrontational relationships and partnerships, their purpose being to empower you more. Whatever your beliefs, Christmas and The Winter Solstice, the season of Light, gave us all an opportunity to give and receive generously from the heart and with love, (not necessarily material gifts) and for “time out”. It was a time of celebration and reflection, and even if we had no friends or family to spend this time with, it was a time to acknowledge just how far we have come on our long walk to freedom…freedom from the ego mind and all that binds us, and to look at the possibilities that await us in 2014.

Even in the recent passing of Nelson Mandala, a messenger and beautiful Being of Light, his passing can be viewed as a celebration and reminder of his eternal message of Love, forgiveness and Unity Consciousness. Through his long walk to freedom from slavery, and his devotion to humanity and humanitarian causes, he also showed us what a difference one person can make and his legacy lives on in each and every one of us now – it is up to each and every one of us if we wish to live in Divine Love and take up that baton towards freedom in peace, Love and harmony…and that includes the freedom in ALL our relationships from our own self imposed prisons and slavery that have kept us small and limited.

With freedom come responsibilities. Have you found your freedom and authentic self yet, or only in certain areas of your life? And what will you do with that freedom? Are you living your fullest potential or moving more towards it? If you are reading this then you will already know we are incarnated spiritual beings on a journey back to wholeness through Self transcendence…not that we are not whole and complete already, nothing is broken, needs fixing or healing. We had just forgotten who we are. The point is, whether you are aware of it or not, we are all divine and fulfilling a Divine Plan…and that is to “BE” who we are in spite of any challenges.

Whilst there are still unresolved conflicts and hurts in the world (both inside and outside of us), “darkness” as we perceive it is just Love not recognised. Can you recognise it in all its myriad forms? It is through our circumstances and events in our lives that make us human and if you have been doing the work, you would by now have emptied out all that was no longer your authentic self. For some this is still an ongoing process. So are you ready now to embrace the energies of unconditional Love? Have you given yourselves permission to love yourself unconditionally?

If you have, you will feel that love being reflected back to you. If you are still attracting “unbalanced” relationships or friendships, or you are not attracting the people you want in your life, then your energy is not in alignment with what you want and is an indication of more emptying to do. If you want to be Love and attract more love into your life, then our job now is to BE that Love in authenticity, openness and transparency, integrity and honesty, compassion and forgiveness…and it is a full time job. If we cannot be those things with ourselves, how can we ever be them with others? To find that Love, freedom, and the Divine is always an inside job. Our goal is to activate our own divine heart and bring that Light/Christ consciousness into physical form in any given moment…including the bits we don’t like about ourselves and others. So, are you really awake? I mean really, fully awake to every aspect of you? To your power, your heart, your emotions, your wants and needs…and what your body is telling you? What does it mean to be all these?

Being Your Authentic Self

Much has been written about “authenticity” and it appears to be sadly missing amongst many humans…along with honesty and integrity. Until we fully embody these qualities we cannot truly say that we are being authentic and living from the heart. The Oxford dictionary states that authentic means being genuine and trustworthy. It also means being true to ourselves, which includes our beliefs and our feelings. If you are still wearing different masks for different people you are with or in different situations, hide your true thoughts and feelings or are afraid to express them, then you are not being genuine or authentic either to yourself or to others…and it will show and be seen by those who have the “eyes to see.”

On a personal level, being authentic is that I am not afraid to be honest and say what I think or how I feel. This does not mean that I “dump” my feelings or emotions on others. I must admit that I had this awful habit (which I have worked on!) of pre-empting what I am about to say to someone with “this is said with love and without judgement”. Coming from a counselling background I am more than aware of being diplomatic and tactful in delicate situations, but I also know it is OK to express myself, feel my feelings and speak my truth…and let go of the people and things that are not in alignment with who I am. I am not ashamed to ask for help or support from others either…if I need it. As a friend once said to me, “offence cannot be given, it can only be taken.” If we take offence to what someone does or says to us, then we have taken it personally. There are many benefits and advantages to being authentic and whilst it is not a mask or excuse for expressing bad behaviour, mastering that inner critic that will tell you what you “should”, “can’t”, do, say, eat, what to wear or how to behave will have a massive impact on you becoming more authentic. The words we use have a massive impact on how we create our perspective of things…do you empower or dis-empower yourself with what you say?

Do you have honesty and integrity? Being honest does not always mean having integrity. Honesty means being truthful with yourself and to others. It means not lying or deceiving yourself or another. It also means not being in denial. (Didn’t Even Notice I Am Lying.) Honesty is when someone tells the truth…although there is a big difference between our truth and the Truth. What may appear as us speaking truth to someone, it is more about our opinions and judgements…and judgement blocks the intuitive flow from the heart! Having integrity also means honouring our word…it is not about broken promises or letting people down all the time, or telling lies. If we are in reactive behaviour and operating from the seven year old child within, we are out of integrity.

Many talk of compassion but how many really understand it? How many confuse it with empathy? Compassion is the ability to understand what the emotional state is of another, including ourselves. Those trained in talking therapies of any kind  automatically know the importance of practising compassion. However, compassion is a skill that everyone can learn with practice and it is one of the gifts given to those who have had to overcome great adversity…if they recognize it.  Having compassion means beginning to have a totally different perspective to how you perceive others. Unfortunately, what most people do is assume the worst and not the best in their dealings with other people. Compassion requires us to make a radical shift…when we can assume the best in another we no longer take things personally or feel we have to justify our actions to them.

Although we all have our own circumstances and challenges in life to contend with, the Divine is not something high above us it is within us and is our own sacred Intelligence and unique source of peace, Love, Power, Wisdom…and happiness. None of this exists outside of you or in another, and knowing this is the key to your own healing and joy, which is an ongoing process. That flame of Divinity within your sacred heart can be a spluttering flicker or you can fuel it to become a blazing fire…the choice is yours. Whatever you decide to do with it in 2014, your divinity in this Galactic Age is your birthright and cannot be taken away from you.

What’s in a Word?

Within the new energies now, it has been increasingly obvious (for me at least!) that words are now of a different vibration and it is easy for misunderstandings to be created by the use of them because of the “labels” that some people put on them, including their unresolved beliefs and opinions around religion they carry from the past and old paradigm.

Take the words “Holy”, “Sacred” and “Temple” for instance. Unfortunately, these words are misrepresented because they have been corrupted by mental beliefs about them and they are still emotionally charged with religious connotations. They are often used to refer to something or a place that is holy and has a special connection to God/Source. That connection to God/Source is within us…it is not outside of us. When we quieten the mind we become the “observer”, we feel more whole and integrated…this part of us is holy and sacred. The sacred heart within us is our inner Temple. “God” is not in the Heavens…”God” is in our heart…substitute whatever word has meaning for you.

What’s Next?

For those of you that have continued with the letting go of what no longer serves you, the space has been created to embody more of what you do want in your life…not what you don’t want. That is the way it is. All that you are now will be reflected back to you from the outside…so if you are out of balance, it will be reflected back to you in the people you meet or share your time with.

For those of you in “teaching” roles, if you have gained the wisdom, you have learnt not to rescue others but to assist them when asked. You have also learnt to receive rather than just giving all the time. When you are in balance, you will joyfully and unashamedly accept and allow service from others…rather than believing that you have no “lessons” and nothing more to learn and your role is simply to serve others. Anchoring Love, peace and compassion with our every thought, word, deed, and action is important now to bring balance and transformation, and most importantly, through our conversations with others, whether that is our friends, acquaintances or intimate relationships. Allow conversations to unfold…there is a gift and an opportunity within each of them.

If you have been letting go of the friendships and relationships that are no longer serving you and providing you are open to receiving as well as giving, you will start to attract the friendships and relationships that are more balanced with your own energy and will be based on supporting one another and having fun, rather than the imbalanced energy of one doing all the giving and another taking all the time. These types of friendships have served their purpose as many will now want genuine deeper connections based on openness, transparency and genuine honesty and integrity. These new friendships and relationships, if they are heart-centered, will uplift you and support you in your being your own authentic self as you continue to grow and expand. Time now, if you have not done so already, to leave the “emotional baggage” of your old friendships and relationships behind…along with all the intense energies of 2013! Your heart will be your compass of what you are passionate about…listen to it and the song it has to sing!

From my heart to yours, may your 2014 be filled with Love, laughter, happiness and joy.

Feel free to post your comments or thoughts