The 22nd April 2020 is the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, a yearly event celebrated around the world to show support for environmental protection. In numerology it is a 22, 22, the Master Builder or 444, Angels calling. All happening within the energies of a New Moon on the 22/23rd April.

There is an energy that is not yet apparent and is waiting to manifest in a new way. In lockdown we can see other themes that are jostling for attention. We are learning to surrender, accept, adapt, adjust and also find compassion for the vulnerable as our own mobility, freedom and income have been compromised.

The higher realms are calling us to a higher vibration and consciousness to be proactive. The New Moon energies are supporting us to create the new regardless of the economic, our personal and world situation.

So Love’s healing message form the Black Rose this month is this:

How are you being creative with your own energy?

What part will you be playing in the new chapter for humanity?

In forced lockdown we have seen many become resourceful and are seeing creative projects blossom that started as just as a seed.

Local communities are setting up to help those in need of shopping and collecting medicines. Many are taking to their sewing machines making up masks and string bags for scrubs, others are providing those that sew with fabric from unused bedding, whilst industry is adapting to making vital ventilator equipment for hospitals.

And the likes of Captain Tom Moore who just wanted to raise £1000 for the NHS with his creative birthday walk. To date, the figure stands at over £28 million.

As we see things collapsing which we once relied on for support, we are learning to rely on our own instincts, come together and take responsibility for ourselves whilst coming together and looking out for others. As our planet has been shut down, we have been forced to shut down too. To clean up our act and get rid of anything that is cluttering our life, our minds and bodies.

Just like those who are ill or disabled have to find new ways of living and being creative, the same is being asked of all of us now including ways we communicate with others.

On a Personal Level

This virus is demanding that we live our truth more than ever before. The Black Rose is asking of us and giving us the opportunity to go into the void and connect with hidden material that we have not used before. It is up to each of us to go within and create for a new planet, not to rebuild old structures, but to build something completely new.

This time has been predicted by many prophesies and indigenous people. We hear from the World Health Organisation test, test, test. The Black Rose is saying, Transformation, Transformation, Transformation. Liberation. Liberation. Liberation.

This time in lockdown has given many of us an opportunity to see what is essential, what matters in our lives and what does not, as we claim back our spiritual authority and step more into ourself.

In the UK what is being revealed is the endless care and compassion of healthcare workers, those that are keeping the country going like truck drivers who are delivering food, the assistants that stack the shelves, the people in warehouses to ensure essentials get out to the shops. All low paid workers, yet in this time of crisis, they are keeping things going.

Nothing can be the same again

Judgement Day is coming. Amazing Grace is to follow.

The Black Rose has stepped forth as there is much grief and trauma that has been buried and now coming to the surface. Yet she is also guiding us to Love and to Love deeper and to be present in what we are all experiencing on the planet now.

We see the Hearts breaking of people who cannot be by the bedside with their loved ones who are passing in isolation. Can life get more cruel than that?

Yet this pandemic is global and affects all of us so that we must all feel the plight of humanity, the planet and Mother Earth.

A Poppy Seed Prayer

“Leader of light, you are being shown The Sacred Way to your True Power”.

Which path will you choose?

I have held off posting this article because I went to sit in my garden at 4.44pm UK time to connect with the Earth and higher realms.

I was given an image of a beautiful pink Rose, whose petal tips were covered in poppy seeds emanating a white Light. I feel called to share and gift this because I feel it is a message for all of us.

Whilst the poppy flower came to symbolize the sacrifices of the soldiers that fell in WW1, I was shown the poppy seeds are the seeds of resurrection, of wisdom, of new life and creative projects that need to be scattered on the land.

What exists within you

that is in need of birthing?

Release any thoughts or feelings

that are keeping you stuck.

Dive deep into the waters of the unconscious

and retrieve those Pearls of Wisdom

that are yours to keep.

Something you have been putting

 a lot of effort and energy into,

is about to come to fruition

that will bring you much emotional fulfilment.

Copyright © 2020 Linda Raven

(From my Rose Oracle deck due to be released shortly).

Will you be a Poppy Seed Bearer?

I was shown to visualize the Rose imagined or real, and shake it out where ever we go, allowing the seeds of Love, life, and our creative projects for the New Earth to scatter where ever they need to fall.

There is an ancient promise we each made to ourselves eons ago.

It is now time to fulfil that promise.

For those who feel called, there is a link on the Home Page as a Social Meetup for Lightworkers in Lockdown and Isolating. Feel free to post a comment on how you are staying healthy, positive or creative in lockdown!

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In Love, Grace and Service,