We now sit between the total Lunar Eclipse which took place on the 8th October and a partial Solar Eclipse that is to come on the 23rd. Eclipse’s are all about change and these two are certainly lighting the way forward for us to be free and make positive changes in our lives.

These Eclipses are illuminating the Truth for us. The recent Lunar Eclipse allowed us to drop to new depths…whilst this week’s Solar Eclipse is preparing us to soar to new heights. This in between time has been shining a Light on all our fears and the things we have kept hidden and secret – including where we have hidden our power and where our undeveloped dreams and passions are waiting to be ignited.

It takes courage, commitment and focus on the spiritual path to wake up the soul, and what is being asked of us now is to make the changes in our lives to set ourselves free. No matter how uncomfortable we may feel, or whether we are conscious of it or not, it is us calling forth these changes in our world (whether we perceive them as good or bad) and it is us who wants to make full use of this influx of Eclipse energy.

If we resist and do nothing, the call for change will only nag us and keep rearing its ugly head until we take some form of action. Whilst the ego may resist accepting that much needed changes are called for, whether they be inner or outer, our Higher Self will not tolerate or allow this to happen anymore.

The Inner Revolution

We see in the outer world the old ways of relating are not working anymore and appear to be out of balance and collapsing. So too is our inner world. For our conscious evolution, it absolutely requires of us now to re-connect to the deep Wisdom of an open Heart and re-awaken to the awareness of Divine Love within.

This forthcoming partial Solar Eclipse will illuminate all our personal “stuff” – including all our fear, shame, guilt, and disappointments. Everything is being pushed to the surface now to be released and even the events we see unfolding around the world are all catalysts for change and transformation. More than ever now we are required to understand this so we can invoke the Light and not get caught up with these waves of fear and negativity.

Very much a time now of where thought goes energy flows, so if we are aware in every given moment it will help us from falling into emotional turmoil. Relationships of all kinds appear to be coming up big time with these two Eclipses. The relationship we have with ourselves, with others, the outside world…and our relationship and connection we have with the Divine within.

Depending on where we are in this transition, either we are caught up in the increasing chaos and being pulled down into victim consciousness by the mind, or, we are ready to be re-launched and shifted into a new life and a new way of being in the Heart. Our conscious evolution absolutely requires of us now to move from the head into the Heart – that sacred place where Love, beauty, Truth, Wisdom and inner peace resides.

On a personal level, this inner revolution for me has  enabled me to receive the illuminating Light of these Eclipses and make a contribution through service in my own unique way by bringing forth the healing power of the Rose and Rose Consciousness – so we can all, men and women, invoke the Light of the divine in our lives for balance and harmony and co-create the heart opening compassionate work that is required to help all humanity.

Lighting the way Forward

Venus is also near to the Sun and Moon at the partial Solar Eclipse, giving us wonderful opportunities to move deeper into the Heart and make those desperately needed changes.

Whilst hurricane Gonzalo has trashed and tipped things upside down in parts of the outer world, if we can understand what is going on within we can hopefully see our inner turmoil is coming to the surface now to be transmuted into Light not only for our own highest good – it is for the highest good of all humanity.

It is the “new” us that is now wanting to emerge –the multi-dimensional aspect of who we are. The ego and personality has created all our stories, the stories we have experienced in our lives and the one’s we tell ourselves that has created imbalance and separation. There is no separation, and to continue running our life by these old stories is the old paradigm which is now breaking down and falling apart and why we feel so out of balance.

The Butterfly’s Message

To claim our freedom we have to be reborn from the Inside Out. Just like a butterfly that goes through metamorphosis, so too are we. It is the restricting cocoon and the struggle required for a butterfly to get through a tiny opening that is nature’s way of forcing fluid from the butterfly’s body to its wings. At one stage the butterfly appears restricted and struggles to move and expand in a sticky sludge – yet this is a necessary process for the butterfly to be ready for flying once it gains its freedom from the cocoon.

Just as a caterpillar shifts its reality from caterpillar to butterfly – so we humans are shifting from a 3D reality to a 5D. Our challenges, limitations, and pain exist at a 3D level – limitations are of the mind. When we are willing to remain in Trust, Love and Surrender to our Higher Self we will naturally open up to and experience the 5th dimension because in 5D reality it is not possible to live in pain or fear.

More and more we are being asked to be mindful and aware in every given moment, to be in the now moment. In this new paradigm, we have infinite opportunities to explore and be open to the possibility that anything is possible and be willing to receive it. This is where the beauty, magic and miracles are weaved and created – and where we have access to the wisdom of the Divine. When we are continually connected to the Divine we are connected to the All – to each other, the universe and to the Earth and all her inhabitants.

The healing power of the Rose

We are all now morphing into something more. The re-union of the Heart, the balancing of the feminine and masculine, and connecting with the Divine within – that is where true freedom lies.

Since ancient times, the Rose has had a deep connection to the Heart and its colour, symbolism and vibrational frequency is an energy transformer transmuting darkness to Light.

There is an unlimited potential of consciousness just waiting to be tapped into now and our future evolution is taking us away from being pre-occupied with the ego mind into a more intuitive mind that values Beauty, Truth, Justice, Love and Passion.

Just like the butterfly going through a metamorphosis and breaking out to achieve freedom – so is consciousness now squeezing us into metamorphosis to join and partake in the revolutionary and evolutionary leap forward.

This partial Solar Eclipse will give to those who are truly committed to take that leap of faith into change and a new beginning the freedom to find what is on the other side. Use the Light of the Rose and the partial Solar Eclipse to expand your Heart and let your Love grow – Rose Consciousness truly is the illumination of the Heart.

If you are ready to participate in the Opening of the Heart and feel drawn to access the wisdom of the Rose, check out the information of the Sacred Rose on this site for a variety of Rose gatherings and Ceremonies – created to introduce others to the healing power of the Rose for transformation and balance.

A dear friend of my mine and Rose sister that lives in Australia has recently created a beautiful video on the rebirth of the Rose which can be viewed here. You may have to cut and paste this into your browser –https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yPW5fkghtw enjoy!

Wishing you all happy new beginnings wherever you are….

In Love and Service,