We are receiving some intense energies in the month of June with the Lunar Eclipse and upcoming “Ring of Fire” annular Solar Eclipse on the 10th. Not forgetting the 6/6 Portal in between and the Solstice on the 21st. On the 6/6 Portal, 6 being a number of Divine Love, this Gateway was focused on Love, Connection and relationships.

So my attention was drawn on this day of the 6/6 Portal to the connectedness in my own life as well as the wider whole too. I have been pondering my own perspective and version on what Love and connection feels like, how Love and connection shows up in my life and how I show up for it.

In one way or another, there is a threshold and “spiritual void” demanding to be crossed by all of us. It demands a choice in any given moment. Will we choose Love, or will we choose fear? Will we choose connectedness or disconnection and separation? So Love’s healing message from the Black Rose this month is this:

How does Love and connection show up for you in your life?

In what way do you show up for it?

There is an Eclipse taking place in the Hearts of the Roses….both in my garden and the community as a whole.

An eclipse happens when the moon or sun, or any planet moves into the shadow of another. Eclipses tend to bring in change and usher in an evolution of some kind.

The Lunar Eclipse brought all of our unconscious feelings to the surface, whilst the Solar Eclipse will give us an opportunity to reflect internally and embrace any bold beginnings and new opportunities.

The Roses are Eclipsing

I shared a post on my FB page recently. The Roses in my garden are starting to bloom now as Mary Magdalene and Claire Austin, two David Austin Roses, were vying for attention as the first Roses to bloom in 2021.

The pink Ray of Claire Austin ushered in Love and Peace, whilst Mary Magdalene, a lovely apricot pink, ushered in her harmonic and creative energy through her golden crown. They both have a song to sing, bringing peace, healing and insights to those who can decipher their Codes.

The Roses in my garden are bringing forth a different energy this year. Claire Austin who is usually pale, small and unassuming, suddenly has appeared with large saucer shaped blooms in the most deepest and vibrant pink.

Pink is eclipsing too as it was also used in a dark part of our world history, as the Nazis persecuted and forced those that were gay “and the lowest of the low” to wear a pink inverted triangle as a badge of shame. The inverted pink triangle has now been reclaimed and become a positive symbol of self identity for LGBTQ and gay rights.

Mary Magdalene and Claire Austin are both beautiful Roses in their own right, but there they were, standing next to one another, blooming at the same time, moving into the shadow of the other. Encompassing both the Light and the shadow of darkness, they remind us that in the darkness, in the shadows, there is Light.

Different colours, different shapes and different scent, but one did not try to take away the beauty of the other even though at times it was overshadowed. There they stood together. Connected in LOVE….

Where is the Love?

Lest we forget or ignore, there appears to be a distorted energy of separation, disconnection, judgement and blame permeating our planet at the moment.

The ability to listen to those with different views and opinions appears to have been lost. I’ve even heard amongst the spiritual community, it’s the fault of people who will not wake up and are being controlled and living in fear…..

Everyone seems to have a point of view or an opinion of some kind these days…even me. The spiritual “community” is full of it. Yet, that’s all it is. An opinion.

If we are triggered by what someone says or tells us, we have to release the places within us that tell us that we have the right to put our will and what we perceive as the truth onto others and making them wrong.

A dear friend of mine once said, offence cannot be given, it can only be taken. What would happen if we could embrace adversity and just watch things unfold with no judgement …in the vibration of LOVE?

I can be with mine or another’s opinion, accept it’s an opinion and be in total awareness of it without the need to judge, undermine, put down or force my opinion on others, blame or make another or myself out to be wrong and me right, or that I’m awake and you’re not, or you’re awake and I’m not. I can still remain connected to you even if we differ in our views.

I’ve never seen as much hatred or mess in the world as there is today. Yet I can sit with it, accept it and be in total awareness of it without the need to project it, find answers of how to resolve it, or transform it. I trust in a Divine Plan that is pushing all this mess to the surface to be exposed. I see and feel we are connected regardless.

We now have the most intolerant society I’ve ever witnessed. I can sit with that too and be in total awareness and acceptance of it without the need to find answers of how to resolve it or transform it.

Some believe they have the truth and the only truth.

Illusions and lies are masquerading as the truth.

Fiction is masquerading as fact.

False light is masquerading as the Light that has created the downfall of humanity since the beginning of time.

We live as slaves with our own false truths…or become enslaved by the false truths of others.

Where is the Love? Where is the Love?

Love is here all the time….if we choose it.

I can be with all the unresolved and all that I don’t have answers for.

I can remain connected to those who have a different opinion or views to me.

Illness has taught me that. I don’t need to heal, fix, fight, get rid or find answers to anything. I just need to be with what is in this moment and be ok with that….if I choose it. I can even choose and accept to be ok with not being ok. It’s a choice. No resistance to what is.

Whatever we may think of and opinions we have regarding the pandemic and what is going on in the world, I can hold space in my Heart and remember the thousands of lives lost to Covid 19 and other diseases and for those who were not able to say goodbye to their loved ones. I can make room in my Heart for those and be with that.

I can hold space in my Heart to remember all those who have not been able to get their cancer treatment. Humbled, there but for the Grace of the Divine go I.

I can hold space in my Heart for others and myself living with uncertainty, particularly the uncertainty of a diagnosis and the anxiety it brings.

We are all ships that pass in the night, some seen, some unseen. Yet the impact we have on each other with Love is never forgotten.

In the Shadows of the Void

Many find themselves in the Void where a purging process is happening. The Void is “that place” where there is “nothing to do and nowhere to go” (for the time being).

The Void is that beautiful place (if we are not scared by it) that a massive shift in our consciousness happens.

We get taken to higher levels of insight, awareness and understanding.

The Void will not betray our secrets.

There is no judgement and no worry.

It is peaceful.

It will silence the vain and strike down the arrogant.

That spiritual void that is demanding to be crossed by all of us?

In her Sacred Fire she will reforge us to create again but differently.

It’s about choice…



Life is too short. It’s time to show our affection and appreciation to those who touch our lives in some way and whom we love dearly.

Everyone of us has the ability to show others how to be the best with Love and encouragement.

We can change the course of our lives if we choose to let go of our conditioning and fear.

Just watching things unfold with no judgement …in the vibration of LOVE.

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In Love, Grace and Service,