Embracing the Light and stepping into Divine Presence, whether black Light, white Light, blue Light or all the colours of the rainbow means embracing the “darkness” too.

2014 was a year of moving forward into our authentic power. 2015 is the year of self love, nurturing ourselves, healing the wounds of relationships…of men and women and bringing them into union, re-balancing the masculine and feminine archetypes, and embracing the wounded Inner Child – so we can create our visions from Divine Presence and manifest them into the physical world. The “challenge” for some now is how do we harness our unique gifts so that it answers the unmet needs in society (including our own) – yet also in exchange rewards us for expressing and sharing our gifts with others?

The question is, are you ready to let go of your struggle however that shows up for you and embrace the Light of Creation to overcome them? Are you someone that has struggled through life, or constantly giving your time and energy freely, grateful to receive nothing or be paid crumbs for your authentic self expression knowing that others get so much from it and it creates massive shifts within them?

Well now is the time to find the courage and be ready to declare to the Universe that you are going to share your authentic creations in whatever way they want to manifest…and that you respect and value yourself enough and expect to be paid for them. Beneath our struggles may be issues of self worth, feeling unloved, or not feeling good enough. We are all being called now to shine the Light on our own unmet needs and find deep within us all that we have not been given. A new world is being created. To BE who we are includes receiving love, success and abundance…not unworthiness, isolation and just scraping by. When we learn to mother our own inner child, we release the need to remain small and invisible.

We can embrace the Light in many ways. In the aftermath of the attacks which happened recently in Paris, how is it possible to stay focused and remain in the Light? Instead of closing the Heart down and going into fear, people around the world came together in unity and solidarity regardless of that fear or the potential consequences. They embraced the Light of Creation and solidarity…and chose Love and forgiveness.

If we know and accept that all is in Divine Order without questioning why a certain thing is happening, see with our “Divine eyes” and trust that something good is manifesting out of all the chaos, then we rise in vibration. When we look at everything from a divine perspective, everything we see happening can be seen in a different Light.

The Rose born of Trauma is the Rose that never Dies

With a New Moon on the 20th January, we are all being moved now, one way or another, to shine the Light on our inner world – it reminds us to go deep within to find the answers. We are being called to our Divinity which is also our creativity. We are not alone. We have a wonderful ally on our side. She is in the guise of the Black Madonna…both the destroyer and creator. She is shaking us up (inside and out) through grief (or joy) to birth our Divinity and our compassion. She steps forward now…in the beautiful illuminating black Light of the Black Rose.

Women in particular, and men, struggle to reach their potential because they still carry the unhealed wound of the mother. It is time now to become the adult Mother to our own wounded inner child. I shared a glimpse of this in the article on The Importance of Healing our Core Wounds. Here was a prime example of how all my life I was constantly seeking the Love that my mother was not capable of providing (because she had not been taught how to love either). Unable to grieve for this unmet need to be nurtured by an emotionally absent mother, I ended up blaming myself because I had believed everything was my fault and I had done something wrong. Because up until that time I had not grieved for my own unmet need for mothering, it had unconsciously seeped into my relationships with men that caused me conflict and pain.

So if you find yourself in a cycle of self blame, have low self esteem, or lack certain boundaries, consider that you have an unhealed mother wound that is holding you back and keeping you stuck. Until you do the necessary grieving it will hold you back from reaching your fullest potential. It is the limiting patterns and beliefs that have kept women hostage for centuries. I repeat, we are being called to find deep within ourselves, that which we have not been given. The mother wound can show up as feeling unworthy, giving our power away, not deserving – or even sabotaging ourselves. For those who may be interested in this type of healing work, you will find information on the Sisterhood of the Rose page within this site.

The Black Madonna Returns

Over the past few years, I for one like many, have had to explore ways of what I can do with the limitations I live with. Yet in those early days of coping with my own illness, it required me to be nothing, a no-body, as I was consumed by the fires of illness. As the Light dimmed from my own lamp and I found myself alone in the darkness, it was the archetypal Black Madonna both creator and destroyer, that kept me there to nurture me, protect me, and allow me to enter my grief and name it. It was a requirement of the healing journey to stay there and learn the lessons the darkness had to teach me and explore what lay hidden underneath it all. Yet in the darkness, it was the illuminating black Light from her own lamp that guided me through the darkness to be birthed into the Light…and open my Heart to the blessings of the Sacred Rose.

It meant I had to release my identity as to who I thought I was. During that time these challenges came to me to move me from the power of the head and ego, to the power of the heart and soul. The way to move forward now is to allow Love to guide us – and for Love to lead the way. That includes loving ourselves enough to walk away from anything that no longer feels right and trusting that all is well and we will be supported…for the illusion of separation is now dissolving.

Belonging in Unity versus Individuality

I recently spent time in sacred space with a lovely group of conscious female friends – each expressing and sharing in their own unique way. Whilst there can be pitfalls to being part of a “group” – and I have shared often about the synergy and the power of group intention, the truth is, unless people are willing to come from a place of openness, transparency and sharing to overcome their challenges, then groups and gatherings cannot work. And it won’t work if we don’t feel seen or heard and supported by the whole group. Neither will it work if we don’t have the freedom to pursue our own unique dreams and visions in our own individual way.

There are many groups and communities appearing on Facebook these days, and through my own experiences of facilitating groups and gatherings over the years, as well as supporting individuals, there is always something magical when we learn to hold space for another to have their “upset” or to listen without judgement to a members suffering and struggle after some loss or painful, upsetting event. This is the “darkness” the Black Madonna takes us to. Yet the one thing I have learnt from groups and gatherings is this:

It has to work for me too. If it doesn’t, then it won’t work for you either. And the same can be said vice versa.

By consciously choosing community, it can and will accelerate our own energy and transformation – if we allow it. When I am fully, authentically me in a group or gathering, and you can be fully, authentically you – then it becomes rewarding and fulfilling for both of us. Staying in the Light of sacred space it becomes a new world where we don’t have to hide behind our masks anymore – it is uplifting and freeing for all concerned.

Gone are the days where we constantly give to another at the expense of depleting ourselves. We must stop carrying the emotional baggage for other people and refuse point blank to be the dumping ground for those that refuse to do the work that is required for transformation. And gone are the days of dependency. It is about sharing and inspiring one another now. Do you know people who believe that you are the only one that can help them? Do you believe that constantly giving your time and energy, being at the beck and call of another is helping them? Well what would Love do in these situations?

When we are guided by our own inner Light and not feeding off the Light of another – we can then all inspire each other. As you are lifted up, others are lifted with you too. What that means is, when we come together and lift each other we move each other forward. This then becomes the work of the collective…where the synergy of the group achieves more than any one individual can do on their own.

Stepping into the Light of Divine Presence    

Whatever we want to create now has to come from the Heart not the head. When we align with the most Divine aspect of ourselves, our Divine essence, magic happens.

Many are having “Codes of Light” activated within their DNA through symbols and ancient language…a remembrance of how form was created with Light long ago. If you are receiving this Light Language, do not dismiss what you are being given in your meditations and dream state, for these could be the foundations of a new modality you are to bring forward. There is no hiding anymore. No matter how ridiculous or other worldly gifts you may have been given, you are being prepared to stand in your own truth and sing your own soul song.

When we open up to Love and step into the Light of Divine Presence, we become the Human evolving…as we are lifted up out of our separation into Divine union.

In Love and Grace,


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