The influx of energies over the past few months have been calling out to all of us to be more in the flow. Yet again we are seeing and experiencing more great shifts, in our friendships and how we relate to others, whilst bringing to the surface all that is out of alignment and needs to go. The old ways of relating have gone, and the Truth is, we are no longer the same person we used to be. The recent Solstice was an ideal Gateway for reflection and balance so that we can create the space to bring in more Light. It gave us the opportunity to see what we need to let go of and over the next few weeks, if we have not done so already, we will start to see with absolute clarity all that does not serve our evolution anymore – it is time now to explore new horizons.

The veils are being removed for many of us to show where we need to be putting our attention, focusing on what it is we want rather than don’t want (even if we do not know the “how” yet). If things are crumbling around you or falling apart, it can appear difficult to contemplate that all is Divine order…its purpose to serve everyone’s highest evolution – including our own.

It is times like these that if we are falling back into old patterns of behaviour we can end up creating conflict within ourselves, usually in the guise of our old friends called Self Sabotage and the Inner Critic. Lack of self love and self hatred leads us to self sabotaging thoughts and behaviour. The self saboteur is fear of change…and the Gateway out of Self sabotage is through choice. What are you choosing? Do you know the Truth of who you are and are you operating from there? What is waiting to be born within you? What wants to emerge?

I too have things emerging. A website being revamped and other opportunities coming through, and I get to be the “watcher” in all this and see where at times in my own humanness I hit the “stop” button (knowingly and unknowingly) and hold myself back.

Breaking Free from Self Sabotage

Freedom from Self sabotage means we reach our fullest potential.

If, no matter how hard you try you are not or cannot receive what you desire, be aware that self sabotaging thoughts and behavior may be present. Self sabotage is an energetic vibration that keeps us locked into a place where we end attracting all that sabotages our hopes and dreams.

It is that internal struggle of chaotic and destructive feelings, thoughts and desires to do something, but the feeling of “I can’t” or “I don’t know how” that blocks and limits us. Perhaps it is time now to wake up to your self-sabotaging behaviour if you recognise it is there, because self sabotage is self abuse and a form of self harm…including all those accidents we have leading to injury.

It is also lurks in the places where we betray ourselves. We always get what we ask for via our thoughts and the type of thoughts we put our attention to. Each time you hear yourself say, “I can’t” or “I shouldn’t” be aware this is self sabotage making its presence felt. Self sabotage often has its roots not in fear of failure…but in fear of success.

Once you are able to recognise (or are helped to see) how you are self sabotaging yourself through negative self talk, you can then choose to change your inner dialogue with yourself to more positive and supportive self talk….affirmations will not work or have any lasting effect until you have uncovered the source.

Whilst much can be achieved through self help approaches, it is worth bearing in mind that there is also a limit as to what can be achieved alone in recognising and overcoming what lies at the root of our self sabotaging behaviour. Sometimes we have to make a choice and seek outside help if we genuinely want to overcome these tendencies and move forward.

That “stop” button can look something like this for us:

  • Trying to get it perfect before taking any action at all.
  • Failure to complete what you start.
  • Repeating unwanted patterns of behaviour.
  • Feeling stressed and anxious, anger, frustration and dissatisfaction.
  • Breaking the diet plan.
  • Talking the talk but not taking action.
  • Taking one step forward and five back.
  • Justifying that now is not the right time and staying comfortable with “what is”.

Experience has taught me that to stay comfortable knowing that the writing is on the wall for things to change, a celestial clock starts ticking. If we do not follow our calling or heart’s desires, if we do not make the changes voluntarily, it will be taken out of our hands in other ways…usually through stress, avoidance tactics, depression, illness or disease.

Are you comfortable to seek outside help and support if needed? It takes courage though for us to ask and get that support….because to take the action and get support means you are telling your ego there is no going back to the old ways.

Where do you need support to overcome “obstacles”?

Who can you turn to?

Are you getting the outside support from someone who can help you move forward if you feel stuck?

Is it the right and appropriate support for you? Or are they enabling you to remain stuck because they don’t know how to move forward themselves?

Preparing for Birth

When we are open and willing to transform and transmute ourselves and allow the new to come in, it means that something else has to fall away first. Not everyone has the courage or the willingness to transform…remaining paralyzed in fear because of the fear of change itself. It can appear easier to not rock a boat, to keep things the same that are comfortable and familiar.

When you know within yourself that it is time to become the butterfly and you are aware of it in your own evolution, you have no choice but to take the steps to fly. Well actually you do have a choice….to make a choice not to change and evolve is a choice that has its own consequences though. Life on the outside may appear to get worse and you will suffer terribly…worst still, you become numb and paralysed with fear or indifference, preferring to show the outside world that you are happy and everything is ok and “just fine”.

It can be scary at first, taking that leap. Just like a bird taking a nose dive not knowing whether it will hit the ground or fly. Left in that void of nothingness, when we have Love and Trust on our side and can be open and willing for things to fall away without trying to fix them, something magical happens. We take flight. Maybe a bit wobbly at first, but with practice, we fly through the air with grace and ease. Riding the thermals one minute then dropping altitude when the wind is temporarily not beneath our wings. And that is life. It does not remain static. It changes. It has its ups and downs, peaks and troughs. How we deal with and approach it though makes all the difference.

What wants to Emerge?

I have been in a gestation period for nine months but now I am about to give birth to something new. If you know something is not working for you then you have to take a leap of faith…a leap of faith that no matter what happens, whatever direction you move in, you will be ok.

When you choose to take responsibility for your life you will get it. You are powerful beyond measure. But you will be limited in your power if that is how you choose to operate. You have unique gifts and talents within you…use them. When you let go and remove the clutter the universe brings in new energy. There is a Gateway waiting for you to step through…the universe abhors a vacuum.

If you feel so guided, please feel free to pass on or post a comment.