Have you sensed or noticed these past few months that you know you need to make changes? Are there things, people and friends in your life that are falling away? Do you yearn for a deeper, more meaningful spiritual connection with authentic people? Maybe you have lost interest in the things you used to enjoy. Perhaps you are on the brink of birthing something new but have been questioning if it is the right time – or worst still if you are on the right path. Whatever has been/is going on for you, we are all being called now to live more deeply from our hearts.

The Summer Solstice in June was the activation of the planetary Goddess archetype and the Sisterhood of the Rose, signifying a breakthrough for the suppressed Goddess archetype held within us all. The energies through the recent Lion’s Gate which started on the 8th August have been very intense – accentuated by the powerful Super Moon on the 10th and which reached the highest point at the New Moon the 25th. As we received these Light waves into our DNA, this Lion’s Gate gave us plenty of opportunities to go deeper within to set ourselves free. Unless we have been living in or acting from the Heart, this has been a very challenging month for many. This Gate was about deep purging and releasing – taking us to the next level of personal power and freedom.

I have been in self imposed isolation for the past few months, and it has been a wonderful opportunity to see what has been playing out with these July/August energies, because we have had some wonderful opportunities for deep understanding, insights and healing. July enabled me to partake in a collective piece of healing work with women in Australia and the Sisterhood of the Rose. Through August, it enabled me to access the Divine Feminine aspect within me and to see those parts of me where I had felt I needed to seek permission. One thing for sure, if there were any deeper, old hidden energies or negative programming within us, then this Lion’s Gateway would most certainly have revealed them! So if you have felt like a stir fry being tossed about in a wok through this month of August…there was a higher purpose…more to share on this next month.

Diving Deeper

Unless we take the risk and go deeper into ourselves, we may never discover the gifts that Source has in store for us. Deep sea divers that salvage wrecks would never discover the treasures that lay hidden if they just stayed on a boat on the surface. And we would never feel or know what loving someone or being loved is like if we did not go deeper in our relationships with others. This recent Lion’s Gate was giving us all an opportunity to shine a torch light on areas of our lives where we may have felt discontent or uncomfortable. It was highlighting in a very big way and showing us exactly where we were in resistance and giving us some much needed clarity on where we perhaps need to make some much needed changes in our lives.

If we have any attachment to things, people, or what was, we tend to end up focusing on the grief and the perceived loss when things fall away, rather than looking at it as an opportunity to seek another direction or see what is possible. Whilst it may appear for some that our solid foundations are being swept away, experience has shown me in the past that when we surrender and allow Grace to come through, what is really happening is that we move into a deeper truth, nothing real is lost.

Purging and Releasing

This has been a defining moment in our purification and transformation process, giving us also plenty of opportunities to go deeper into the heart where unprocessed feelings and emotions and our limiting programs were being purged and brought to the surface.

Eckhart Tolle says that we are never upset for the reason we think we are upset. It is never about another that upsets us. If we can be open and willing to drop the desire to control things or fix things in another and ask what is at the root of the problem, the truth will be revealed. Yet whatever is going on, we had called it forth to ourselves because we were ready to release it. Whatever situation we may have been facing, it was giving us an opportunity to surrender, let go and return to the Love in our hearts…that sacred place where balance and inner peace resides.

I have been given some wonderful opportunities, and through my own processing, I found where I had been allowing myself to be dishonoured by others, and I also found an old negative program of learned permission seeking which had been set up in childhood. If you can relate to a wound of injustice or have been brought up that you needed to seek permission before you could do something then watch out for this one, because it could also be a program you are carrying too. Sometimes it is also about looking at where we feel we need to give ourselves permission before we can or will do something. Teachers took over where our parents left off, so any “authority” or “authoritarian figure” would have reinforced this program of permission seeking. So if we believe that we need the permission from various “authorities” or other people, then technically speaking we become slaves as the drama of permission seeking and control plays out. It has been very liberating and freeing, for in relinquishing this old program of permission seeking it has also shown me crystal clear where changes have to be made in my own life.

So what areas of your life or negative programming are you holding onto that you have outgrown? We will continually be controlled by our self defeating programs unless we make a conscious effort to identify and replace them. Increasing our personal power and freedom is about changing what is going on inside our heads, and it requires constant work by consciously looking at and improving our thinking skills and belief systems and the way we view ourselves. If we want to see effective and permanent changes in our lives then that requires persistent effort on our part. As always, just reading about it (including this article) won’t change anything and we will continue to operate from the programs that were instilled in our brains in childhood.

Stepping Out and Moving On

Many of us now are being called to step out into the world in an entirely new direction and new way. I have been trusting in the promptings of my own heart and in the direction it appears to want me to go, and trusting that it is all part of the Divine Plan.

It is time to listen to the whisperings of the Heart and follow what is calling us into pastures new. There is no road map anymore, we will create it as we put one foot in front of the other. Each step we take will open us up to new ideas and new opportunities – if we don’t allow fear to hold us back and keep us paralysed. To do so we will only stagnate, or worse still, become ill and life will be more of a struggle if we insist on staying in our safe and familiar comfort zone.

I know some have noticed that their long term friendships are falling away and this has been my experience recently to. People come into our lives for a reason, season or lifetime, and sometimes it can be difficult to know which category they fall in. We know when the end of a friendship has come because people will either distance themselves from us, or we see we are at different stages in life. Maybe phone calls are not as frequent and we don’t get to see them as much. Outgrowing a friend is perfectly normal and we do not have to take it personally because the love we shared never dies. Though we may like to hold onto our friends it is not always possible as we evolve and those around us don’t.

For those who have been doing their inner work and are truly listening to their Heart’s whispers, (even though the head may be telling us we are going the wrong way or are we on the right path), it is as if we are tapping into another level of consciousness or universal intelligence now. To the outside world it may appear that my self- imposed isolation was about shutting myself off, but the truth is, in my own little world I have been processing, beavering away behind the scenes and focusing on what brings me joy in the now moment, and creating and bringing forth what is already inside me.

In my own longing for deeper meaning and connection with authentic people, I have been observing for a long while now that the gap between the old and the new appears to be getting wider. There is no judgement in that. I have noticed that I can no longer find joy or relate to others that are not being authentic, who do not want to share of themselves, their own challenges or disappointments, or who constantly complain and moan but are not prepared to do anything to change their circumstances. That is ok too, fear is the biggest stumbling block to change and those who have chosen to stay in the old paradigm may have stopped their spiritual growth and delayed their own evolution for they are not ready or do not want to move forward at this time.

Ego versus Heart

If we are ever going to balance the masculine and the feminine then we must learn to be open and transparent with others, share of ourselves and hold space for another’s upset and be willing to listen to their darkness and struggles. It is not all about “Love and Light” whilst denying the darkness within ourselves. For in doing so, we do not get the support we may desperately need and we avoid confronting the issues that prevent us from moving forward. Suppressing and avoiding toxic emotions like this can eventually lead to illness and disease…I have the tee-shirt on that one too.

The old paradigm and way of doing things is based on the ego running the show. The ego does not like change…it feels threatened. It likes to stay in control and keep things the same. It prefers the safe and familiar. It does not like to let go. It is the ego that wants to hang onto all our old programming. It likes to blame others and does not want to take responsibility. It likes to hold onto the past too.

The new paradigm is being in the Now moment, focusing on our feelings in every given moment and being in alignment with that feeling. It is being open and transparent, and being truthful and honest with ourselves and others. This does not mean to say that in the New the dark days won’t come. Life is peaks and troughs and acknowledging and accepting that when the darkness comes, this time too will pass. That is life. Can we BE with these moments, all of them?

We are moving deeper into the heart now yet Love alone is not enough, because there can only be frustration amongst us and between us if there is no shared willingness to become conscious individuals. Can we re-awaken the Love of the Heart and believe and trust…on every level of our being…that there is no separation…and that we are…always have been…and always will be…LOVE?

I believe so…

I will meet you there.