As this year draws to a close, many of us have been through a trauma of some kind that has arisen through the pandemic. Yet fear, separation, mistrust, blame and division amongst us is an illusion of the mind and illumination of our wounded self, for at the core of our being is LOVE. Any thoughts we may hold that contradict this, distorts the truth.

We know and see unprecedented shifts taking place in the world and although 2021 has been challenging, many are still being taken to the deepest of shadows. 2022 will continue to be an awakening year for us all on some level as we find new ways to embrace change.

Many have been prepared, are preparing and continue to do the inner work to move out of victimhood, childish ways of being and the wounded inner child of survival consciousness and into a deeper level of what is possible for us. So Love’s healing message from the Black Rose this month and overall view of 2022 for anchoring the Light of the New Earth is this:

Make peace with the darkness and work with the higher frequencies

“There is a perfect storm brewing both in your inner and outer world,

yet even in your darkest, challenging times, you are not powerless and never alone.

Do not deny reality as it happening.

Embrace it, for there is a greater power and force protecting you.

Just as a Rose grower seems to fight a losing battle with blackspot, aphids and mildew,

there comes a time when that Rose in full bloom and sweet with heady,

intoxicating scent, made the journey all worth while.

Remember that”.

Text copyrighted @ Linda Raven The Black Rose Oracle 2017

Work with the Higher Frequencies

As we continue the evolutionary shift into Soul consciousness, we have been required to let go of our old distorted ways of operating that kept us in survival mode. Many still cling onto these, remaining attached to the “story”, the limiting beliefs of their story and to the excruciating pain attached to it as they drift from one drama to another as they know no different.

I observe and hear from those throughout this pandemic that want “freedom and free choice”. We all have freewill to choose, however, with choices come consequences and not everyone is prepared to understand or accept the consequences of those choices as some remain in their wounded approaches of blaming and judging that perpetuates division.

The evolutionary shifts now and into 2022 require of us to move into more effective choices and ways of being that serve the good of all and not just the individual, for that only creates further duality and separation by those that are still operating from their limited perceptions of who is right and who is wrong.

To make wiser choices, maybe we need to ask ourselves, does my choice focus on respect, honour and value of all? Or does my choice come from fear, shaming, blaming and judgement? Does my choice lead me to pain or to freedom and fulfilment?

We can debate all we want about the preparation of a “New Earth” but unless we start paying attention to what serves us and the whole and what does not, we will still be operating from a wounded aspect of ourselves that serves no-one – including ourselves.

So feel into the liquid Light frequency of the deep red Solstice/Yule Rose where the black is the guardian of the red, as she radiates Love and peace in her sacred holy fire. Go to the source of your pain to heal those thoughts of separation, for it is there in that place that we find our authentic self and unbound Love.

Make peace with the dark on this longest night at the Winter Solstice to let go of resistance, hatred, separation, “us and them” and fear of what is or what is to come.

Clear out old energies so we can replace them with new ones like understanding, acceptance and respect for self and all.

Like the rebirth of the sun we too will grow stronger and stronger as the Earth starts to awaken from her deep winter sleep.

A Sacred Opportunity

2022 will be a year where we need to come together even more and have patience and compassion for those seeking support.

We can no longer do things on our own anymore for more will be achieved when we come together as a whole in mutual, loving support.

No matter where we are in our evolution we all face challenges of some kind and whether big or small, coming together gives us an opportunity to explore and move beyond our limitations.

The Temple of the Black Rose on-line gatherings consist of a small group of women for inspired and awakening/awakened individuals engaging in a mutual effort to CO-EVOLVE TOGETHER, to heal wounds and integrate shadow, to share emotions and challenges.

If you require help, guidance or support of some kind to explore your challenges and Heart wounds, please get in touch.

Sending Love, Blessings and Seasons Greetings to all of you and for your continued support in receiving Love’s healing messages from the Black Rose…..

In Love, Grace and Service,