Mind, emotions and chaos are all over the place. How can we be calm in the midst of a storm? We become the storm! There is a BIG wakeup call coming for everyone at the Solar Eclipse on 8th April where there is an opportunity for a higher paradigm shift. Those that are doing the inner work will have opportunities and clarity for new beginnings.

A Solar Eclipse temporarily blots out the light so we can see the dark. According to ancient scriptures, we are supposedly in a time of higher consciousness and Heart centred awareness. What is still unhealed within us that we are emanating outwards? Opening compassionately to our shadow aspects at the Eclipse can bring the healing we so long for.

And it all begins with US. The other is just the catalyst, the mirror, to wake us up to something about ourselves. There are energies and topics that are unfolding and intertwining throughout this offering. Light and dark are playing out on the planet and within ourselves, guiding us to awaken on a deeper level through the mirror and behaviour of others.

So Love’s healing message from the Black Rose this month is a quote:

“He who dares not grasp the Thorn should never crave the Rose”

Anne Bronte

At this Holy time of Easter marked by Crucifixion and Resurrection, dare you grasp the thorns and Rise?

I have felt a sense of an overlighting energy playing out for the collective with the Eclipse energies so I will also share a deeper unfolding with Archangel Samuel and the Tower. There is the possibility of new hope for a change of being and new direction. We have the opportunity now for a complete re-evaluation and awaken to our true self and service.

Who can hold space for what is to unfold?

Who will bear witness?

It is time for me to break my silence.

Who will get triggered…..?

A recent Tower moment gave me an opportunity to awaken on a deeper level through the mirror and behaviour of others, to re-evaluate my offerings and clarify. I understand who I am and can look at my life and things around me calmly, compassionately and authentically – not through a lens of unhealed wounds and projections.

There are astrologers that speak of the transformative power of the upcoming Solar Eclipse when parts of the world will be plunged into darkness. It may be a shock and a total paradigm shift. Whether we accept this or not we are all in this together. The month of April appears to be a game changer with a radical shift in energy.

When the light from the sun is obliterated, albeit temporarily, we may be forced to look at the darkness within ourselves and particularly how we deal with anger, a secondary emotion that hides a multitude of stuff.

Speaking my truth for Clarity

Healing and evolving is a CHOICE. All are welcome here whether you join consciously or not, whether you want to join the conversation via the comments or not. These Love Letters are brought forth from the energies I feel playing out in the collective. It may or may not resonate with you. If it resonates I am glad we are able to connect. If it doesn’t, then let it go.

I am here to offer an invitation to take a journey into your own inner world either through the Love Letters or Temple gatherings, to explore and heal from challenging emotions, beliefs and self defeating patterns to gain a deeper understanding of self and those around you so that you may emerge with more resilience and enlightenment.

Women on a “Rose Path” find my offerings on the Black Rose through an Internet search because some are seeking a mysterious energy source which many wish to possess. Unconsciously, it is the healing of unhealed wound or pattern why the Black Rose has called you.

To embrace the thorns of the Black Rose is to be willing to have your Heart broken OPEN. You may find me and the Black Rose through a blog or other means. A Black Rose comes as a Messenger of the Divine, telling you it is initiation time.

If we want to truly awaken our inner power, we need to find self Love and face our shadow. If we can transmute and alchemise the deepest most insecure most damaged, wounded parts of ourselves and turn it into something that is empowering, that becomes our strength when we can turn it into something good for the good of all.

I have traversed many dark night’s of the Soul. Over many years I have done a lot of work to overcome my own trauma, distorted thinking and my own toxic behaviour.

In a time of cancel culture, being offended and taking things personally, if we get triggered by what we read, what someone has said, or what we have seen, it’s a sign there is an unhealed wound or trauma coming to the surface for attention or a deeper understanding of an emotion. I am including a link here The Gift beyond the Message for anyone curious to find the deeper levels of healing to be discovered in the thorn of anger.

The Black Rose is often misunderstood and maligned. I continue to donate my time and resources, freely giving and sharing these Love Letters and the Temple gatherings to inspire and empower. Take what resonates, let the rest go.


Don’t seek the Black Rose if you can’t handle her thorns

I put loving attention, time and energy into everything I offer. I am at a stage in life and evolution where I no longer want to engage with time wasters, takers or those who are not ready to acknowledge or transmute their own stuff or have the willingness to have their Hearts broken open. The teachings and Light Transmissions of the Black Rose are not for you.

“The Black Rose for healing core wounds and unacknowledged grief” and “Temple of the Black Rose….a Temple of Grace for Heart healing” were names downloaded to me in my dreamtime from Source/expressions of the Divine from 100% Light.

Those names are not labels or titles. They are Mantles, robes, gifted me from the Divine as my spiritual inheritance for healing and transforming my own traumas and toxic behaviours. They represent the immensity and important role and responsibility passed to me for a MISSION and to SERVE in lifting the consciousness of the collective.

I eventually took ownership of my work and the sacred obligation of an ancient promise I had to fulfil. I am not the power or authority. I am just a vessel, a Messenger for the frequency of the Black Rose to come through me for healing and transformation and what I am being called to share.

I have humbly accepted and am grateful for the unique gift and a prized possession that I had pulled out from the depths of my own shadow and painful experiences when I embraced the thorns and claimed my spiritual inheritance gifted to me to birth a modality for the Aquarian Age.


I am not afraid to speak up when my boundaries are crossed. I have continued to share my work and what I create, my own channelled information and Light Transmissions from Source/Sisterhood of the Rose/Black Rose consciousness freely through the Love Letters, Temple gatherings and on my website.

In doing so I have enabled and allowed others to take my work with no understanding where this lineage has come from. The Black Rose is not of this world…..She weaves more than the mundane emotional stuff for healing core wounds. She is cosmic, galactic and multidimensional.

I am being called to step up and step out and I will always be an eternal student continuing to learn. I have learnt ACCEPTANCE of pain, loving it and grateful for its lessons as I was forged in the holy fire of Love burning through me, to be used as a vessel, to mould me into something greater, something more beautiful, to write that book on the deeper mysteries of the Black Rose….my legacy.

The Thorns of a Rose

The thorns of a Rose are a symbol of adversity and sacrifice. The deeper questions for conversation within these Love Letters are for self inquiry. If you are triggered by them there is a wound or a pattern of behaviour in need of acknowledging or healing.

To come into my world within the Temple of the Black Rose is to come humbled and be prepared for a total paradigm shift. There is no room for caveman consciousness or avoidance in Her presence, those not interested in doing the deeper work, or those not wanting to become curious and fascinated about themselves and why they behave the way they do.

My honest, unapologetic reflections and revelations I share through these monthly Love Letters comes from a healing journey over many years, awakening the light within and coming to a place of acceptance of my own life challenges, traumas and adversity to find the gifts within the wounds. It is an ongoing process of self reflection and looking in the mirror.

I am now being called to step into my eternal role. To be in the presence of and vibrational frequency of the Black Rose is to be burned in Her Holy Fire to feel from her thorns the excruciating, stabbing pain of reality to wake you up to something about yourself.

This is the purpose of pain and its path of service. To wake something up within us where we have been asleep yet is necessary for our journey towards wholeness and further development and healing of self.

The Black Rose is here not to redeem you but to reveal you

The sharp pain from the thorn of the Black Rose comes as a force for healing and transformation to bring the self back to the path of truth which it may have strayed from, and towards the light of wholeness.

Through lived experiences and great hardship, I have learned that even though pain or illness of any kind may have seemed meaningless, cruel, not deserved or unjustified, the purpose of that pain symbolised as sharp Rose thorns is to create growth and movement and shift into another level of healing or awareness.

That shift may come in gentle ways or it may come sharply and painful like a slap in the face or a stab in the Heart. However it comes, pains purpose is getting us to shift into a different way of thinking and being.

The Black Rose will illuminate the wounds you have not acknowledged, have not recognised you carry, or have not made peace with.

Projecting our unhealed “stuff” onto others, avoiding or beating ourselves up does not foster Heart healing. If we get curious and fascinated about what we are feeling, the hurting parts within ourselves are giving us valuable information.

There is a big shift to a new level of awakening where our own divinity guides us to sacred knowledge and infinite possibilities, yet more than ever we are being asked to be in PRESENCE and become more aware of our own behaviour and triggers.

Raising the Dead to Life

The online Temple of the Black Rose is NOT a therapy group or for those not ready to look at their dramas, pain and distortions.

In Temple I provide safe space for voices to be seen and heard in a safe and peaceful way. It is not a place to attack or attempt to shame me, or be confrontational with projected, hidden anger without it being called out. When we avoid pain it triggers our survival responses.

Whilst there will be those that choose to take offence at some of the things I share, they come from my own lived experiences. What I share I choose to show Love and vulnerability. If someone misunderstands, misinterprets or takes offence where none was intended and becomes angry, it’s usually because of an unhealed wound or a threat of some kind.

When we don’t feel safe those survival responses get activated. Observation – how many women say they don’t feel safe within women’s circles or feel threatened by others? I don’t trust you! The Sisterhood wound runs deep and can often go unrecognised or avoided and bypassed within ourselves and in women’s Circles because it is unconscious.

Lack of safety and trust projected onto the outside is a reflection of one’s own shadow of a lack of safety and trust within. Not feeling safe triggers fight or flight, a go to behaviour when we don’t want or are not ready to look at what’s underneath it. And that is ok too. Remember to keep and hold space for the imperfection in others, in ourselves and in things.

“Don’t run away from grief, oh soul. Look for the remedy inside the pain, because the rose came from the thorn and the ruby came from a stone.”


The thing we need to be aware of if we are contemplating entering a Women’s Circle is that we won’t be able to do the work that is required until we gain safety within ourselves first. What that means is if we will not or are not ready to acknowledge our go to patterns for safety, talk about them and rise above them then change cannot take place.

I work with strong sacred agreements in Temple gatherings not “rules” or hierarchy and work from a lot of experience and awareness gained over many years of facilitating gatherings to create safe space. This is a mutually supportive group requiring a commitment to turn up for each other. If you are not able to, that is ok too. It may mean that another Circle or group is more suitable for your needs.

However, anyone entering into the Temple space needs to be aware that space is not always safe when someone projects their anger (others can be triggered and feel unsafe when their wounds are triggered too) and safe space is not created by just one person.

EVERYONE has to bring safe space with them by showing up honestly, authentically and in FULL PRESENCE regardless of what unfolds. When an old unhealed wound or trauma gets triggered, if we cannot take responsibility and be FULLY PRESENT IN OUR HEARTS (not the head) then there is NO WAY we can meet as equals and move forward together.

The Rose Path

The Rose path has deep connections to the sacred feminine the teachings of the Rose has its roots in esoteric and ancient wisdom. The Rose has profound spiritual significance and the Rose path is a blossoming journey of Love and beauty.

Whilst the Rose can be a guiding light on our journey it also reminds us that amidst life’s challenges we still have the ability to blossom and bloom, radiating our Love, Truth and Beauty to all who cross our path.

However, we cannot radiate that Love and Beauty authentically and with integrity if we are being triggered by our unhealed past and projecting it. Everyone is on their own journey and we are all exactly where we are meant to be.

Embracing our Thorns

We all have many experiences in life that have or make us feel vulnerable and want to avoid and they will keep coming back until we are ready to face them. What would happen if we made friends with them?

Whether an emotional issue, physical problem or another personal challenge, until we learn how to embrace our thorns on the inner journey as something that has the potential to be a gift rather than an enemy to be got rid of, we will never know of the goodness or the gift held within the thorn.

Someone who projects their anger onto another may believe they are speaking the truth (their truth as they see it but not the truth). It may help them to feel better about themselves and more in control by blaming others as the source of their anger because it is easier to show outward signs of anger than to admit that we feel insecure, hurt or vulnerable.

The Tower is Falling

The Tower is falling for many of us and it is not necessarily a bad thing. It means we are ready to bring something to an end for something new to come in or a new way of doing things.

My own life experiences and healing journey have become my strength. If we can keep an open mind, remain awake, aware and present, epiphany comes and from that we create the action to make a change of some kind. Sometimes it means breaking free from people and a situation that now needs to part ways. The energy has expired and we get a realisation.

We are seeing the Tower playing out in the Royal Family in the UK right now with cancer. Having recently received news that I am in five years remission from a rare form of cancer, I will humbly share my thoughts on the bigger part the King and the Princess of Wales are playing in giving cancer a voice in a future letter.

For anyone interested in Aura Soma, a healing modality brought forth by Vicky Hall prior to her death, I picked a bottle to overlight the times we are in at these Eclipses. Archangel Samuel has been called the Angel of Death and the poison of God and is thought to have ruled humanity’s evolution at the time of the Crusades. He is linked to Mars and he is attributed to the Tower in Tarot.

The second bottle the Tower, is about awakening to our true self and service. The path of the Tower joins together the light and the dark and a state of metanoia, a transformation that leads to a complete change of being.

If you are hearing the call of the Black Rose, it is a sign that you as an initiate are ready to surrender and go deep, face your wounds, drop your masks, and do the deeper work that is required of us all now to alleviate self destructive tendencies or come to terms with acknowledged grief when we become confrontational or quarrelsome due to hidden anger.

I have gained clarity over the past few weeks and moved to a higher timeline choice and course correction in what I will keep and what I will let go of, how I will take myself and my gifts forward. Thank you to all involved for being the catalyst and the lesson.

As we do the inner work, we ignite the light within. I appreciate every experience. I have Love for the collective and why I will continue for the time being to share these messages.

Created with Love, Grace and in Service,

May the Love Letters continue to Inspire, Comfort and Support you in times of need.

With Love,