Energetically, July is a month where holy points in time mark an end and a new beginning.

As we open ourselves to receive and navigate our way through the higher octaves of Light through Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day on 22nd July, the mystical power and dreamlike timelessness of the Mayan’s “Day Out of Time” on the 25th and the Galactic New Year on the 26th, we rise to even higher points of Light in August.

In July we also experience the opening of the Stellar Sirius gateway through to the 12th August. On the 8th August, referred to as the Lion’s gate because the Sun has moved into Leo, we are given a profound opportunity to manifest. In Egyptian times, Sirius was and is the gateway to all that is sacred.

Each Portal has a deeper message to share, so Love’s healing message from the Black Rose this month is this:

Create something beautiful if you must but above all…

appreciate the beauty around you

and stay focused on what you want to create

To be a sister of the Rose is to find our true origins and lineage. We have walked lifetimes on this path. The call of the Sisterhood is strong. It is not for the faint hearted.

If you have taken your place in the Sisterhood of the Rose, you already know that you have Codes within you that are to be anchored on Earth at this time through you.

To call ourselves a Rose is to claim our power and sovereignty. It requires courage and commitment to release all of our trauma and pain and be an agent for change. In doing so, as a Rose it is then our responsibility to anchor the Divine Love that exists within us all.

Mary Magdalene, a higher source of Light and the embodiment of the Divine Feminine, through her wisdom, guidance and Love, has been empowering both men and women to bring into union their masculine and feminine aspects within.

Mary Magdalene was supposedly an advanced initiate in the Temple of Isis. In ancient times, the Egyptians and other advanced civilizations were very connected to Sirius, or Sopdet as the Egyptians referred to it as Sirius was thought to be the “Vortex of the Goddess”.

On the 3rd July 2017 I had entrusted a friend, brother and Guardian of the Rose, with a sacred mission. He safely delivered the precious cargo of a Black Rose wrapped in a Rose petal of the Magdalene Rose, and placed it at the feet of the Black Madonna in the underground Crypt at Chartres Cathedral to form a Portal to Sirius.

I assume the Black Rose is still there doing her work. On the 3rd July 2017 I published a blog called Stargate of the Goddess as Sirius holds such deep spiritual wisdom.

To my Sirian Star Sisters, if Mary Magdalene was an advanced initiate in the Temple of Isis, she would have worshipped the ancient Sirian mystery teachings and maybe have been a holder and anchoress of that Sirian Light? She would have made use of those stellar teachings in support of her own mission on Earth.

As a higher point of Light herself, it could be said that Mary Magdalene is re-birthing too by offering us an invitation to receive her frequencies to activate and embody the higher realms of Sirius, the holy star of Isis.

Sirius holds an aspect of our future selves

It may seem that the world is on fire, becoming darker and appearing frightening and chaotic that threatens our civilization. However, Mary also experienced the end and the beginning. The Magdalene was released from the shame that had been projected upon her and she offers a message of Love, hope and to be not afraid.

In the stories of the Bible She was there at the end when Jesus was taken down from the cross and the first to see the empty tomb when she was supposedly told by Christ “be not afraid” as she took the teachings out into the world.

Her deeper message is that what is happening in the world right now is the ending of what was and the beginning of a world filled with Love and hope to create a new world of being and doing that has not been seen before. And we are here to create it.

The Day Out of Time

In 2011/2012 I spent a lot of time attempting to understand the Mayans Galactic calendar. There has been much written about this ancient civilization and one way of looking at the Day Out of Time is a bit like those who were born on February 29th. They only get a true birthday in real time every four years in a leap year.

We have an opportunity to tap into the mystical power and dreamlike timelessness of the mystical Mayan’s “Day Out of time” on 25th July “where nothing exists” and to realign our own energies. It was so-called by the Mayans because of the 13 moon calendar and is the last day, the ending of their galactic year.

As “Visionaries beyond time”, the date was important and special to the Mayans because to them it marked the evolution of humanity and an opportunity to align with the harmony of the universe and to the spiritual world. Some say they were also connected to Sirius.

Their Day Out of Time provided an opportunity to another ending. To let go of what no longer served, that was dense and had no place in the cycle of a new Galactic year.

To be engaged with this quantum leap we can take a moment to centre ourselves on this day, in this moment, a day of free time and use the archetypal energies to notice how we are feeling and to focus on good thoughts. We can celebrate Love, tolerance, understanding, gratitude, universal forgiveness and also the Sirian consciousness.

Galactic New Year

Sirius was worshipped by the Egyptians and the Dogons had an awareness of it too. So on the 26th July we see the start of the most sacred, spiritual part of the year that to the Mayans, marked the time when Light frequencies were grounded and a new cycle of creation could begin.

It is important at this time that if we watch the news of what is going on in the world that we do not get pulled into the emotions of what’s happening.

Focus on the higher points of Light for in August these energies reach a climax on the 8th August at the Lion’s Gate, a powerful moment in time for anchoring and grounding these new energies so by the time the Portal closes on the 12th August, our new direction for the new cycle will be established.

Heliacal Rising of Sirius

In ancient times, a powerful alignment also took place on the 22nd July with the heliacal rising of Sirius where Sirius rose before the Sun. Depending on the observers latitude, the rising of Sirius varies. Here in the northern hemisphere it will make its appearance in August.

The Egyptians purportedly celebrated the helical rising of Sirius “the Great provider” as the New Year because of the flooding of the Nile in August the month of Leo.

As Holders of the Sirian Light we can “tune in” to the higher frequencies when Sirius rises and ask to receive all that will serve our spiritual evolution.

According to Lyssa Royal Holt, Sirius has a very strong connection to Earth. The original Sirian colonies came from Vega and in the ancient days made an alliance with the Pleiades.

More on Sirius Rising and the Lion’s Gate next month.

In the meantime, as a Black Rose and holder of the Sirian and Orion Light, I am sending my Love and prayers under the powerful rays of this Star Sirius to those whose Light has become dimmed, fractured or whom have lost their way.

We all need unconditional Love and kindness right now. So let the Sirian Light of Love and healing flow through us that we may anchor it here on Earth and pay that unconditional Love and kindness forward to those in need – including ourselves.

In Love, Grace and Service,