The recent Full Moon brought some deep hidden truths to light. If you have experienced an injustice or unfair treatment, or you are still recovering from something that happened a while back from someone who may have ghosted or discarded you, the tides are about to turn for the healing of relationships, family reconciliations and ancestral karmic cleansing.

There appears to be a returning energy playing out of vulnerability and rebirth, offering an invitation for you or someone to “put things right” and reveal the truth.

The upcoming New Moon in Gemini on the 3rd June will also offer us an opportunity to align our words and actions to speak our truth that we may have been previously denied, and to make peace with a certain situation or person we have not seen or been in contact with for a long time. This is big.

Things that were in the dark, are now are being illuminated. A major completion of a cycle and new growth is about to take place. Justice is about to be served. So the message from the Black Rose this month is this:

Break free from fear-based mentality…

The Light will be shed on the story

There are some amazing healing energies being bestowed upon us in June as a major wrapping up of a cycle is taking place. The Full Moon in Scorpio was meant to bring clarity and insight. New Moons offer an invitation to “start again”.

We are really in a time of naked vulnerability and awakening to the truth of who we are. Living from the Heart and Truth is the theme of June, and we are being given an opportunity to step into a deeper connection with that truth and Love.

The energy around this New Moon is being bestowed upon us all to show us that where there was confusion, now there will be clarity. Harmony and balance is about to be restored.

Where there has been heartbreak, confusion, lack of clarity, stagnancy, lack of communication within relationships of all kinds, including the relationship we have with ourselves, all this is about to end.

Communication and Vulnerability

As we start to awaken to our truth, the theme for June with the New Moon in Gemini is communication and vulnerability. Whilst “our truth” is based on our own perception of things or what happened, we are being given an opportunity to question what we have accepted or believed to be true.

As energetic Light beings, can we be willing to look at ourselves with compassionate eyes? Are we still hiding under wounds of anger, resentment, arrogance, exposure, feelings of inadequacy, or low self esteem? They are also being revealed for the untruths that they are.

With the New Moon energies, opportunities will be given to bring closure to unfinished business with another, or conflict within ourselves of our own thoughts and beliefs

Maybe there were misunderstandings, or things were misinterpreted. Maybe there was something we believed to be true and it wasn’t. Maybe there is a new truth, or a new understanding to be revealed, and the Grace of the Lady of Justice is calling us to be open and ready to receive that.

Change is Happening

Calling back all the parts of ourselves where we gave away our power to another is imperative. If you are attached to another’s energy field out of fear it is time to release this attachment and let it go so we can reclaim our own power.

This is the month to make choices to move into higher consciousness, in preparation for upcoming Eclipses. The show is over. The story is ended. The actors on the stage of our plays have fulfilled their contracts as we have ours. The story will be replaced by Truth, Beauty, Love, Well-being, Peace, Unity and Grace.

As the Lady of Justice balances her scales, the Gates of Heaven are opening.

Child of the Rose, of the Stars…..are you ready to walk through the open gates and dwell in the Love and Light of your own sacred Heart?

In Love, Grace and Service,