“Ice cold and frozen in time am I, why have you left me so coldly in the dark? Wisdom and dark mysteries of creation hold I. Will you not listen? I, Mother of the Volcanoes, holder of the memory and energy of our creation, is erupting. Mother’s ancient rocks of fire are waiting to reveal their secrets”.

As new fissures have appeared with the volcanic eruption on the Canary Islands that started on the 19th September and its cone collapsed, the volcano has become much more aggressive. One of the most active volcanoes on Earth has also started erupting again in Hawaii. There is also an ongoing eruption in Iceland that started on the 19th March.

What is nature showing us? It’s as if the Earth is splitting open spewing her blackness. Much intensity and challenges are happening on Earth and it could be said that duality itself is erupting. Whilst it is devastating for those in the Canary Islands that have lost their homes and businesses, Love’s healing message from the Black Rose this month is this:

The Black Rose speaks:

I come from a distant past yet I have also come from the future

I am here now in this time of need to “heal the split”.

The Earth is constantly growing and making new land. Volcanoes, like us, are part of an infinite field of energy that creates and renews itself in every moment. As we approach a powerful Gateway of energy on the 10/10, we have an opportunity to open new doors and shift to the next stage on our path, in preparation for 2022.

In conversations I am having, many are feeling the lower denser energies. Feelings of a depressive, restrictive state, everything is too much. Tears, irritability, not sleeping, feeling emotional. Too many people….wanting to be on our own.

Much more of it will be coming in 2022. There are many that have not got the lesson from the pandemic and do not want to embrace change and work with the higher energies to raise their consciousness and find the opportunities and gifts that are awaiting them. So anyone finding it tough at the moment, read on as there is an invitation for you at the end.

The shift into the Heart has shown us where we have operated from a wounded perspective. We have been given the opportunity to release fear, defensiveness, shame and judgement and release the ways we may have operated in relating in the past. So what is nature showing us?

The volcanoes are showing us to practice the art of creation.

The 10/10 Gateway is a Portal of Initiation and taking steps in a new direction.

Some days ago a complete circle of smoke/cloud was seen over the opening of the volcano, creating a “portal” of some kind to higher frequencies. The volcanic eruption on the Canary Islands can show us so much about ourselves symbolically and the 10/10 Gateway invites us to use the “new us” that is being moulded and created and do something with it.

We can also see volcanoes from a feminine energy perspective, spewing blood from the crater of her womb. A volcano is a powerful generator of creative energy, as are we. We are also vessels that need to vent, to cool off, so we can create anew.

We must never underestimate the powerful cleansing and healing that takes place for ourselves and the collective when we can have the conversations about what ails us. Just by “speaking it out”, “spewing it out”, even with a friend, we cleanse our energy fields and lift our vibration if we are doing this consciously, making new higher fertile space for creation.

We are being required now to serve the whole by facing duality head on and not only looking at what is out of balance in the world, we have a duty and responsibility to respond to all that is unhealed and not turn a blind eye to it leaving it to others to balance. It is not about individuality anymore.

Splitting of the Earth

It could be said the Earth is angry. Whilst erupting volcanoes are Mother Nature’s way of cooling off and creating new fertile land, it appears most of humanity seems to have lost its connection and communication with nature. A great division and split has taken place between nature and culture, of rural life and city life…and so much more.

I know from personal experience and conversations I have had with my Light Worker and Light Warrior friends, after carrying the Flame for so many years we have become fatigued and beyond just tired. It’s painful for those of us who are empathic and sensitive.

A roman catholic church in the town of Todoque collapsed and was brought down by the flowing lava. The Canary Islands has its own history of black African slaves and I sense energetically, much cleansing and healing of the land is taking place on La Palma to heal a wound that will not heal.

As those that have held the power of this world are now being exposed, we are getting to a choice point. A vibrational split is occurring now between the old paradigm Earth and the New Earth. The two polarities of Light and Dark can no longer co-exist together.

However, there is a deeper shift – and split going on. Over the past few years we have completed karmic cycles and healed and released the baggage that was holding us back from moving into the new timelines.

During lockdown, we were given an opportunity to clear up and release any personal baggage we were still holding onto so we could shift to a deeper awareness and consciousness.

 A choice Point

We are in a time of much division and fear and it can look like the Earth is splitting apart. On some level, it is. Over the past few years we have been given many opportunities to shift into the Heart and many Portals to jump timelines. Many of us have made the decision at a Soul level to choose which Earth and vibrational frequency we will now frequent.

The way I see it, the universe has been rolling the dice and rearranging things as we move into a more accelerated shift. Jobs ending, relationships and friendships are ending, including endings within families as we are no longer in energetic alignment with one another.

It can be difficult to trust in Divine Order at these times, knowing that from a higher perspective we have been put exactly where we need to be. No longer do we want the superficial connections. No longer do we want fake-ness and in-authenticity. We want those connections with others that have transcended dysfunctional ways of communicating and taking from us.

Light and dark are beginning to split and the time is coming where they cannot co-exist in the same space. We are being given a choice to choose “higher or lower” and what reality we want to exist in. Some are splitting and separating because their lessons have been learnt. Humanity has been forced into changing on many levels because of the pandemic.

For those that have the eyes to see, another timeline is opening up. These volcanic eruptions are offering a vibrational Gateway to release the imprinted energy of creation still locked in the Earth (and us) and waiting for us to tap into and create anew.

We have a choice to radiate and vibrate at a higher frequency or remain in the lower frequencies of the old paradigm. This is the split we are seeing from the old Earth and birthing a New Earth.

Support in these difficult times

For anyone that feels they are on their own at the moment or looking for support to release what ails them, I facilitate a free, fortnightly online call that provides safe, sacred space for mutual support and to inspire others, to be seen and heard without judgement in the Temple space of the Black Rose.

Some of us are leaders in our right and come together holding a safe space for the learning of all. There are people out there in this world who are genuinely afraid and in need of the presence of those that are aligned with shifting and moving into the Heart. We are a small group that have come together for some time. If this calls to you, please get in touch.

If you want to follow the volcanic eruption on the Canary Islands, there is an excellent Youtuber called Bushcraft Bear who gives twice daily updates. He comes across as a genuine, authentic man of integrity who truly stands out with his kindness and mindful, honest reports.

If this report has resonated with you in any way, please share your comments below or use the link in the browser to share with others.

In Love, Grace and Service,