We as the collective are going though a mass healing. Many are experiencing unexpected and brutal Tower moments, or are on an emotional roller coaster. The energies have been tough, so no need to feel inferior if we feel it is only us that are experiencing them.

A giant purging from a Galactic Wave is here. The clock is stopping. According to the Mayans Galactic calendar, we are approaching timelessness on the 25th July with the “Day out of Time”. The Galactic New Year is upon us, as is the Lion’s Gate in August.

As we move through the Eclipse cycles, truths and justices will be revealed. With many planets in retrograde, a Black Moon approaching at the end of July – August for some, a perfect storm is brewing to reveal ourselves and clear the past that has held us back.

So the message from the Black Rose this month is this:

Do not look back…lest you be consumed!

Remember the story and legends of Lot’s wife? She, who looked back on the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah when told not to and was turned into a Pillar of salt?

Maybe she looked back in fear or regret at what she was losing or leaving behind, including family, we can only imagine.

To keep looking back on something, not having peace of mind, wishing for an apology from someone or wanting closure on something which we may never get, keeps us locked in the past, consumed and swept away with a tidal wave of our emotions. We remain stuck in pain.

We are being given a wonderful invitation now with these retrogrades and the Black Moon to create a new expression of ourselves from our past that has held us back. Whilst we may not need to know about retrograding planets, we can certainly feel their influence.

Break the Bond

You may be called to break a bond with a certain person, a group, or leave a job. If our mental well-being has been affected by a person or an outside event, or we are mourning the loss or death of Self or something inside of us, holding onto sadness, anger, guilt, regret or resentment, we can be consumed by pain if we keep looking back and reliving that event in our heads.

Break the bond and alchemize it. Stop waiting. Stop hoping. You inherently know what is not good for you. You know what you have to do. What was false is being revealed. Break free.

Masters come in many forms. They can be spiritual Masters, Angelic Masters, Cosmic Masters, Galactic Masters, the highest aspect of ourselves. Even those that have harmed us, members of our family, and including illness and disease, all can be Masters to teach us something with a lesson for us to learn.

In time of need, who is there for you? Who has been there and who hasn’t? Who is real? What is real? How do we forgive someone for their misdemeanors or wrong doings to us?

Blessings in Disguise

Nothing is broken, needs fixing or healing. Whilst it may appear that in the outside world things are breaking down and chaos is reigning both without and within, all that is happening is that things are just being revealed to us.

I will be honest. I have struggled to find forgiveness for someone whose misdeeds and wrong doings in treating me badly had affected me greatly. It took a cancer diagnosis eight months ago for me to really see what was going on and how resentment and cancer became my Masters of revealing and learning.

Resentment is often experienced from unfair treatment and a perceived or real injustice. We are often told, “oh just let it go and forgive them”….but I was struggling. I could not understand that no matter how much I tried, I could not release the resentment and the anger beneath the injustice, the abuse and maltreatment.

And then I got it.

The feeling of resentment was because I was not able to express my emotions after a traumatic and painful experience I had gone through with a family member. The cancer was a physical manifestation of suppressed emotions.

As for forgiveness, it is a word I struggle with. For me, it’s not forgiveness that sets me free, it’s the truth. For the past eighteen months the truth had been revealed to me bit by bit and the final revealing last month showed me all I needed to know.

Values and Assumptions

I had assumed that the person that harmed me came from a place of truth, honesty, integrity, openness, accountability and transparency. The issue was, they were my values – not theirs. Their actions showed otherwise. The truth is they were just being themselves in what they were doing.

On one level I knew this experience was to raise me to another level for my growth and that I could thank that person for playing the part they played in my life. On another level, I could not understand why someone who professed to care about me could lie, financially exploit and steal from me, deeply hurt and betray me.

Then I finally understood. I had set myself up for the biggest let down and disappointment of my life. I had EXPECTED truth, honesty, integrity, openness, accountability and transparency from someone who was not capable of giving it to me.

Whilst I can thank them for the lessons and choose to let this person go from my life, I can still Love them from a distance. This experience and reliving it, hoping to find closure from it all, was the biggest stumbling block that had been holding me back.

I have now released it and can move forward, never needing to look back on this event again – lest I turn into a pillar of salt!

Take time out on the Day out of Time to reflect on what you may still be holding onto, for much has been trapped in our bodies. The upcoming Black Moons – a Black Moon being where there are two New Moons in the same month, all that has held us back and prevented us from moving forward will now be revealed and we can work on releasing it.

If you would like to share what you have learnt from a Master, please feel free to post a comment below. Or pass on this month’s healing message with the link above to those in need.

In Love, Grace and Service,