A shorter post than usual, a new adventure is forming and about to begin! With the influx of Light from the Gemini Full Moon, we are all being blessed with an energy upgrade in the ways we think, the way we Love, and the way we communicate and come together.

Use the energy of this Full Moon to align with the seven sisters of the Pleiades, for they are calling to those who have the ears to hear to listen and bring to the surface what our Heart longs for. Taking place on a Master number of 22, this Moon brings illumination, endings, insights, and embodied awakening for anchoring Heaven on Earth.

This Stargate portal is open for those who choose to step through it, offering an invitation to be balanced in both Light and dark, bring closure to what is no longer working, and open up to receive the evolutionary frequencies of mastering our communication skills to live in unity consciousness.

So the message of Love from the Black Rose this month is this:

What is your soul calling you to bring forth?

We are all being asked to step forward and go into the unknown.

Some have had to deal with some deep emotional baggage or have been caught in karmic entanglements this year. Yet this Full Moon in Gemini is telling us it’s no longer dark. Stop looking backward. Stop playing old events. Let go of the emotional weight. Free yourself. The chains are broke. The Light is returning. And we are being given an invitation into a new journey ….

What stories have we been running in the background? The Moon is a reflection of our inner world, and will illuminate everything on our minds. We have been in a dance with the self and self Love this year, and of de-conditioning. As we emerge from the Well of Grief and emotional memories, many are being called to come forward now and start their life mission.

Many, including me, have had to endure unexpected painful endings and losses and abrupt parting of the ways with people whose views differ from our own. Yet within this trauma is a new beginning. We are getting the awareness of something is about to happen, even though we may not quite know what that may look like yet.

What’s your Story?

We have walked through the depths and have been moving through some very trying times. Some of us have experienced terrible, terrible pain, emotional challenges and family conflicts throughout this year. Yet this has not been in vain. There has been meaning in the madness. These events were to release old wounds, clear the past, teach us valuable life lessons and give us an opportunity for a fresh start.

We have been dealing with soul contracts, with the death and rebirth of ourselves, so we can walk through the archetypal pillars of Gemini and duality of Light and dark, and ascend into freedom and a higher vibration of communication.

We are all being activated to come into higher communication. How do we quantify Love? Our direction forward is to stop running away and face through the changes happening to us, the initiation process of facing our shadow and our personal demons so we can obtain unconditional Love and ascend into the quantum realm.

The gift of this Gemini Full Moon is a consciousness upgrade to support the changes in the way we think and create.


What’s not been fair? What’s been unbalanced? What needs changing? What needs communicating? What needs letting go? Only you know what that is. Gemini’s Full Moon is illuminating our personal shadows so they can be integrated into the Light Codes coming forth over the next few weeks with this Gemini Full Moon.

As we continue to integrate the energies of the 11.11.11 Gateway, we move towards our own self realisation as we realise both sides of duality. There is much wisdom to be gained through our initiation in the mastery of our emotions. We move into the purification process where there is an equal exchange.

This Full Moon is giving us an opportunity to let go of unwanted patterns and beliefs, where we have been procrastinating because of indecisiveness, and allowing the Heart to grieve and release through tears all that has been unloving – even the lack of Love we see in the outside world.

New relationships and new connections will continue to form, as we come together with others. Whatever is unfolding, we are being asked to stand in our own Sovereign worth.

A Fresh Start

As many more start to receive the energy upgrades, they too will open to the rainbow spectrum of their own gifts and talents.

Old patterns of the way we operated in the world that are no longer in alignment with our souls truth are coming to the surface to be looked at and let go of.

As we are approaching the years end, 2018 has certainly been a year of shakeups and “the day of reckoning” is yet to come. Although it appears our world had become one of division and duality, it is imperative we do not get caught up in the guilt, shame and fear projected onto us by another.

With the new energy waves coming in January, many will become aware of their own multidimensional resonance and the part they play in the whole. Many more will start to see and hear energy waves, luminescent colours and sacred geometry. Some may start to open to multidimensional communication through Light Language, a unique signature of galactic and angelic energies.

I believe we are in a time where we will continue to need one another more and more for support. We have an opportunity to work with the energies of this Full Moon to bring us deep into the Light realms and into unity consciousness.

May I take this opportunity to share how I appreciate all of you that take the time to read these posts….and posting your comments.

In Love, Grace and Service,