Calling all Divine Hearts and souls who wish to know what love is, and what love is not then listen. Listen to the call…YOUR call.

It is vital now that we are moving forward into the energies of a New Earth and not creating from an old paradigm. As we approach the first Mercury retrograde of 2014 and Valentine’s Day just ahead, we are being given an opportunity now to “stop, think and feel”, so we can liberate and empower ourselves by recognising the distorted patterns and the hidden control messages that are held within our own psyches. It is time now for of us to recognise that we all have to drop that part within us pertaining to the old ways of “getting love” through controlling or being controlled that has been handed down to us from generation to generation.

What showed up recently in the relationships of two members of my family highlighted how important it is to drop the paradigms of control dramas and conditional love. How many of us have deep seated programmes and conditioning held within us that believes to get attention or to “get” love, we have to manipulate and control a relationship, try to change another person into what we want them to be, be manipulated and controlled by another, or believe we have to give something up and sacrifice a part of ourselves to get love? These deep seated patterns and programming we believe about ourselves are simply not true, it is conditioned and learned behaviour that has kept us small, believing we are not worthy, that we are un-loveable, or have done something wrong. Then the mind, by going into resistance and reactive behaviour, believes it will lose something if it does not stand up and fight.

Transforming Power Patterns

Want to move yourself out of mass consciousness of the controlling kind? Many of us would have had past lives within religious orders, where Heart Vows and Contracts would have been made. These thought and belief patterns go back through our ancestral lines to the beginnings of religion where profound Teachings were misused, all designed to control the masses and make them conform, fearing for their survival if they did not.

Discussed in great depth in the blog of March 2013 “The Importance of Healing our Core Wounds”, there are many of us today that can relate to being controlled by our parents in the same way too, that if we did not conform they controlled and threatened us through their threats of punishment, cruelty, judgements, alienation and rejection…and we perceived that their looks of “disapproval” were signs that we had misbehaved and done something wrong. In not “complying and conforming” or meeting their demands, we interpreted that as their love for us had been withdrawn and that we were un-loveable. So “the pleaser” was born, and we spent the rest of our life seeking “approval” from others believing their love would be taken away from us if we were not conforming or being “good”.

Ruled by fear, we believed we would be punished, rejected, and alienated. To avoid the consequences of these, we conditioned ourselves and believed that if we complied, conformed and became obedient…we would “get” the love we so desperately yearned for. And then what did we do? We took on that same mindset as our own and we carried the Core Wound forward into our intimate relationships or our marriage, and continued the cycle again when we became parents and passed the pattern onto our children too…feeding it out into society and around the world where separation, rejection, punishment and loneliness prevails. If it hurts it is not love…it is co-dependency, and only the fear of not being loved and our resistance to Love hurts. Are you now ready to choose unconditional Love over fear?

Throughout millennia, humanity has gone through experiences and beliefs about conditioning, both on conscious and subconscious levels…these are learned patterns of behaviour that now need to be “unlearned”. The mind just loves the patterns of fear, self doubt, unworthiness, and it will use these patterns to control, creating resistance within us to change, or create self sabotaging behaviour to destroy the very thing we want the most. Our ego is not our enemy though, it is our friend. Throughout our lives it has been the minds way of protecting us, keeping us safe, and as we move into higher consciousness now, we need to ask it to move aside.

There is no deep processing to be done anymore, looking now at the deeper truth of what has happened we can release it in the knowingness of what took place. There is no shame. There is no guilt. There is no judgement or blame. There is only unconditional love for ourselves and others in the knowing that back then, we knew no different, we were just playing the “game”…as did our parents, their parents and their parents before them.

The last blog highlighted how we will be moving into more balanced and energy matched friendships and relationships…and that includes making friends with and a balanced relationship with our mind. As we move into this year 7 of magic and transformation, it is time to release what we have been carrying around with us for years, and be open, aware, and present to the truth now, in knowing that all that is presented before us holds an opportunity for us to change and see things a different way. We can now, if we choose, move beyond the old paradigm of “conditional Love” into unconditional Love…both for ourselves and others. We are given the opportunity to create healing on a massive, monumental level for all of humanity…and it starts with each and every one of us NOW.

Revolution or Evolution?

The desire within us for emotional security, and bringing our soul and Spirit together, means that we can take risks based on a “new way” of seeing things now, to discover, enable and honour our authentic self to shine through and live from that Truth. When we can move beyond all the conditioned behaviour and programmed thought patterns held within us, we will find the courage to leap out into the unknown for the greatest and highest good not only for ourselves but for the evolution of all Humanity. Is that not a revolution of the Loving kind?

We will know when we have moved from the old paradigm of “conditional Love” into unconditional love, because we will start attracting the friendships, relationships, and working partnerships whilst living in the real love and support that our hearts have always yearned for…without the controlling attachments of the old paradigm that kept us feeling isolated, lonely and separate. This is the place where we will create the New Heaven on Earth, a revolution of the Heart which is not born out of destructive, reactive behaviour…because Love gives everything with no expectation of anything in return. Can you feel it yet? Can you?

From my heart to yours,

Linda x x x