There appears to be a lot going on energetically this month. With the New Moon and Chinese New Year on the 8th and Valentine’s Day on the 14th, February is providing us with ample opportunities to focus on being in the highest vibration of Love.

Whilst the start of 2016 appeared to be challenging for some, last months blog set the tone for those that were willing and had the courage and honesty to look within and face the truth within themselves. If it is our desire and intention to move into Mastery and be in that highest vibration of Love, then we must transmute and embrace all that is not Love so we can embody our Divinity and not just “go there” when we meditate.

More than ever now the emphasis is on self awareness and self Love, because it not only leads to self care, health and well-being, it also enables us to reach wholeness and our Divine potential. All of us now are being asked to awaken and to evolve through the Heart.

So Love’s healing message this month is this:

What will it take to shift and create complete balance, and bring our masculine and feminine energies into union?

We all have masculine and feminine energies within us and the challenge now is to bring these energies into balance and union to feel harmony and peace within. Whilst these energies go way back in history and past lives, they are still aspects of the One.

We are not always present in our own bodies and without developing an awareness of who we are and understanding what ascension is about we cannot activate our full Light potential. Part of balancing the masculine and feminine energies within is becoming aware of the importance of the Chakras – for they are all influenced by a male or female energy.

The Rainbow Message

Love and miracles appear in our interpretation of the mystery of things, in our connections with others, and when we become aware of the nature of consciousness in all it’s disguises – including the Goddess’s, Angels, Archangels, and Ascended Masters where we see consciousness and synchronicity as the anonymous faces of Mother/Father God.

Miracles and Love come in the most unexpected and sometimes unassuming ways that can alter our own sense of reality when we are committed to an inward journey – and it is there that lies not only the miracles, but the healing and raising of our vibration too.

We all live our own dreams in our own universe and reality, and I understand that just because I get an intuitive nudge about something that is true for me does not mean it will be a truth for others. If I want clarity or confirmation on something I ask for it to be reflected in a way that I can understand – accepting that it may or may not be confirmed.

One such moment happened when I had been taken by a friend just before Christmas to do some grocery shopping. Whilst in the shop I was drawn to a plant stand that had some pretty little flower bowls complete with some Iris bulbs and compost that just needed water adding to them for a burst of spring indoor colour. Two people came to mind so I thought they would make an ideal Christmas gift, but then my mind questioned and judged why I would buy such a thing for them and so I walked away and carried on with my shopping. I came back to the stand a while later and then walked away again. I was drawn back a third time, and trusting all was in a Divine order that I was not privy to for the moment, I purchased three and kept one for myself.

We are all familiar with and in awe of rainbows after a storm, so when one appeared over my house on the Christmas Eve I knew there had to be a bigger message to share of its presence. So I asked if there was a Goddess of the rainbow, already aware of the Angels and Archangels of the rainbow. There was. Her name is Iris. In mythology, Iris is a messenger of the Gods who used the rainbow to move between the realms of Heaven and Earth to unite God and Humanity – as do the Angels and Archangels of the colour Rays.

All of nature holds a message for us when we take the time to stop and listen. Iris graced me with her secrets, for Iris flowers are catalysts for raising awareness, and the vibration of Iris also asks us to balance our masculine and feminine qualities. Our Chakras are the Gateways to higher consciousness that hold the masculine and feminine principles.

The Light Rays of the Angels and our corresponding Chakras

The Angels are Gods messengers of Love too. They are a manifestation of Divine archetypes of Divine form which are held in Sacred Geometry and the Divine manifests through seven rays or emanations. Seven is the number of Cosmic Law as seen in the seven major planets, the seven basic rays of the rainbow – and the seven major chakras within our etheric body.

Within the Planetary Hierarchy of the Earth there are also 7 major Ashrams, each corresponding to 1 of the 7 Rays of God. When we undertake a journey through our seven chakra system we are taking a journey through the rainbow where our masculine and feminine energies blend into union through the prisms of Light.

The rainbow we see in the sky is formed by white light composed of photons of different vibrational energies from the sun being refracted by water droplets in the air. It is the outer manifestation of Light, Colour and Sacred Geometry that provides us with a “map” to our own chakra system which vibrates at different frequencies and states of consciousness within us.

Colour is the Language of our soul which has a vibrational resonance that is encoded with information and higher intelligence that is beyond the mind, but which can support us to transcend duality. We are all multidimensional beings of Light, and Love is who we are. Love is not just an emotion it is a vibrational frequency that we can align ourselves with, and that means we have to raise our consciousness, expand our thinking and take full responsibility for what we are creating with our energy.

Each chakra has its own makeup and character and communicates through our own unique being. Each colour ray affects different parts of our Light body which in turn can create different thoughts. It is our thoughts that communicate with the cells in our body and it is our thoughts that tell them what to create in our reality. It is the memory in our cells within our DNA structure that also holds our beliefs in past lives.

When we are not aware and conscious, many of us react to our unpleasant experiences and challenging situations in our lives with anger, fear or insecurities never realising that it is us that creates what we experience through our thoughts, beliefs and judgements.

That anger, fear or shame can get lodged in our body and obstruct the natural flow of energy through the body. When we suppress our feelings this also blocks our body’s ability to receive the benefit from life force energy, which can adversely affect our psychological and physical well-being too. When we have healed our pain and fear from the past our Kundalini starts to rise through the chakras, and it is also our chakras that play an important part in the mind–body-spirit connection to illness and disease.

As any energy healer knows there is more to “balancing” chakras than swinging a pendulum or placing hands over them. Although we can be conduits for the angelic realms and Ascended Masters to assist in any healing or spiritual work, it is my experience that people do not heal because they want a quick “fix” and are not prepared either through choice or ignorance to take responsibility for their own part in the healing process.

Our lower three chakras and upper three chakras meet at the Heart – the fourth Chakra. It is in our lower three chakras that pain, trauma and emotional wounding reside from this life and past lives and it is these three chakras that are our inner roadmap to self healing and growth.

Language of the Heart and Soul

All of us now are being asked to awaken and to evolve through the Heart. Through my own journey of ill health it is my belief that whilst there are many factors involved in the onset of illness and disease, from my own experience a lack of self Love, a “broken Heart” and crippling thoughts, beliefs and judgements were at the root of it.

Our planet is being bombarded with higher frequencies of powerful Cosmic Light to assist us to evolve into a new way of thinking and being. As the earth receives these higher frequencies of Light, we can all bathe in these powerful energies for healing.

Our Higher Self is our link to the angelic dimensions, and we align with our Higher Self through the chakras. It is through Light, Colour, Sound, the vibrations of the rainbow Rose, Angels and Ascended Masters that our human consciousness can be raised to higher levels. Whilst the rainbow is a thing of beauty consisting of wavelengths of colour within white Light, there is so much more to these rays of Light than we can see.

Each ray of the rainbow is governed and overseen by higher levels of intelligence, each Ray has its own Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters of Love, each with its own sigil and Codes of Light that communicate telepathically with us through the colour rays, offering us divine guidance and healing to those who are open to receive. We need all the colours of the rainbow to be whole and happy. On an energetic level we are the rainbow, and when all is balanced and in union within we are the vibration of Love.

Beyond the Basic Seven

The energies of the Angels and Archangels cannot be comprehended with our minds, they have to be felt with the Heart. If you have read this far then maybe you are answering the call of the Angels. There is no co-incidence. It is a direct soul connection. Beyond the basic seven are the Planetary and Cosmic Rays too and a twelve chakra system.

If you feel drawn to allow the highest vibration of Love to anchor into your Heart, receive the Light Rays of the Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Metatron and the Messengers of the Rainbow Light, Enlightenment gatherings, attunements, meditations and Rose Ceremonies are offered for anyone interested in embracing the Angelic, Cosmic and Galactic energies. If this resonates with you or you require further information, please feel free to contact me via the contact page in the menu bar above.

In Love and Grace,