Over the past few months the energies have been intense and chaotic and building for this Lunar Eclipse. It has been bringing up a lot of nervous, hostile, toxic, deceptive energy for many, as the shadow side of our Masculine energy has been surfacing. And the dam is about to burst. Someone is going to feel its wrath. Yet a much greater, beautiful energy is emerging for all of us.

The dark Light of this moon is going deep. Deep into the Heart of Mother Earth and deep into our own Hearts as we are shown old patterns that need to be released. Invoking the Mother energy will assist us with purging, releasing, and long term emotional healing around family issues.

Big shakeups have been happening in the most shocking and unexpected of ways. Competition, jealousy, anxiety, unforeseen obstacles and erratic instability is instigating change as well as potential for transformation. If things have been throwing you off balance, past stuff is being processed whether we are conscious of it or not. So the message from the Black Rose this month is this:

What is this Lunar Eclipse teaching you about Love?

There have been some heavy energies going off for the past couple of months, and particularly so around this Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse of July, the longest of the century. Lunar Eclipses have a tendency to illuminate our relationships and family.

Tower moments and death of the old are bringing changes as secrets are coming to Light and being revealed. This energy is with us until the 25th August, incorporating the Lion’s Gate on the 8:8.

As a human species, the pain we experience holds deep wisdom. Chiron energy is also bringing understandings around family issues, and epiphanies, memories of childhood traumas are coming up thick and fast for healing.

Massive change, transformation, metamorphosis and self mastery are enabling the Rose within our own Hearts to bloom.

From my own personal painful experience I have been dealing with around family since the death of my Mother in January, I’ve had to dig deep and get to the root cause of trauma around childhood patterns playing out to heal it. And in healing it, more gifts have been revealed.

Heritage and Past Life BS

This Eclipse is enabling us to be set free from all our past life conditioning.

For example, someone on a power trip in my own family handed down to me that when I was good and conformed to what they wanted then I would be rewarded, but if I stood up for myself and put my head above the parapet and speak my truth then I was bad and would be punished.

That ridicule, shame, humiliation and persecution and being told I was either good or bad kept me in a place of shame for a big part of my life, and this pattern re-emerged for me recently so I could recognise it and pull myself out of the games being played that were not mine.

For those that believe in past lives, the event at death is not the issue, it is the emotionally charged energy that was attached to it. So if someone said some nasty, abusive things to us at the point of death, judged,  punished and ostracised us because of religious doctrine or we were not part of societies norm, in this life we hold that trauma within our cellular memory and can be triggered by it in this lifetime.

So then we end up sacrificing ourselves when we believe those labels and judgements placed on us by other people (or ourselves). This Eclipse will enable us to clear past karma and let go of our ancestral lineage of old guilt and shame that were created by our own unaware actions or circumstances of the past.

The Gift of Mother’s Energy

I trust that each time I go through the painful fires of transformation, Mother energy shows me the wisdom that could not have been revealed without the painful experience.

The Mother energy, unlike some families, will never keep us in the dark or leave us out in the cold. She will not forsake us and will always Love us. And this was the message she brought forth to me “In Reverence of the Black Rose”, and her essence vibrates throughout the cosmos and Galaxy for those who have the “ears to hear”, for she can nurture us at the deepest of levels that no other can ….

Those times when we might feel most alone, call upon her. For even through my own Dark Nights of the Soul, her lamp was a guiding Light showing me that where there is darkness her Love is always there waiting to guide us back home. Do not believe other peoples BS that they place upon you and have trust in yourself.

Darkness and Shadow do not last forever.

What are the Eclipse energies trying to show you?

What patterns of the past are you being asked to break?

Where have you held back and kept your hurt in, and not spoken your truth?

A lot of things have not been said and they need to be spoken from the Heart. If you have an opportunity to speak up and say what you feel is true for you then say it.

What is your karmic relationship trying to teach you?

Claim your power and walk through this Eclipse Portal.

See you on the other side!

Please feel free to share your own revelations in the comments below.

In Love, Grace and Service,