We are in Scorpio season which always asks of us to really go deep and see where we can let go of the old to transform our lives.

Rebirth, renewal, from an emotional side, Scorpio season is emotionally intense and raw. Although metaphorically it is connected with death, it is also about spiritual renewal and transforming our consciousness.

For many of us, it is time to shed our skins. That means it’s time to embrace our shadow side. We have an invitation to take advantage of this energy, all we need do is allow our higher self to take charge.

Finding empathy for ourselves in Scorpio season will enable us to close our Tome, the large book that we each have carried as a heavy burden on our backs which held all our fears from time immemorial and we carry as a deep, dark secret that we are not even aware of anymore.

So Love’s healing message from the Black Rose this month is this:

What do you need to transform?

Who or what is the thorn in your side? Name it.

What has happened to you that was so bad you needed to have traumatic experiences in this lifetime to release an unspeakable fear still held in your memory that has played out lifetime after lifetime?

As Mercury has moved into the underworld, whilst it has the potential to wreak havoc on our communication and technology, it also holds an invitation for us to contemplate how we can communicate with others in a deeper, more meaningful way.

That means tuning into our body and listening to our intuition to reflect upon where we have been and really look at the things that make us feel vulnerable.

Resolution is coming

An aspect of the Black Rose is very much about acknowledging the situations and events in our lives that were traumatic and that we never mourned or acknowledged our unexpressed grief around them.

So come out, come out from behind your mask. Over the past few months I have been able to access my “tome” and how I overcame a particular challenge.

Thick with dust and events and memories from long ago that had held unspeakable fears, this particular challenge for me was about clearing the last vestiges of what’s over but it felt like it was not quite finished.

I asked my self that question, what has happened to you that was so bad you needed to have traumatic experiences in this lifetime to release an unspeakable fear still held in your memory that has played out lifetime after lifetime?

On some level I knew I did not have to search for it, for there was a deeper knowing that it was already over, I just needed to find a way to shift the energy. All I needed to move forward was to roll with it, acknowledging that what was in my life not bringing me joy was now time for it to go.

Moving on

I share my inner work here with the Scorpio energies as an example.

Something had been exposed. I had to move away recently from someone that has been in my life for thirty years yet whose energy was toxic and disrespectful to me and not helping with my healing and well-being in my ongoing recovery from cancer treatment.

I had to take responsibility and admit to myself what happened. Although I have had good times with this person, I made a mistake in allowing someone back into my life a long time ago that was not good for me. I put my trust into the wrong person who because of my expectations I had of them, had let me down. Badly. Here’s how I shifted my energy.

It’s not about blaming another. Lo and behold, this unspeakable fear smacked me in the face a few weeks ago with the fitter that was fitting a new bathroom for me. His words were….trust me.

I felt this heavy feeling in the pit of my stomach in handing over control to someone I did not know. Although I have done a lot of work around trust and betrayal, I have been reflecting a lot about the past thirty years being around a certain person whom I no longer trusted and could not support me in the way I needed, I kept getting a song in my head “do you believe in Love after Love”?

I have also recently had an issue around blood. In esoteric terms, “Blood is a Very Special Fluid” – it is a spiritual fluid that contains all that we are. I have used my time and energy to reflect upon what didn’t work out and how it has accumulated to the new beginning I am experiencing.

I realised that I didn’t trust Love….and that belief had poisoned my blood. It has shaped my whole life.

I no longer need to hide that fear from myself or others and can change my responses in letting go of a soul tie from the past that I am willingly letting go of.

I remember why it happened the way it did because I was in a co-dependent energy. The other person has a lot to go through on a soul level and they were not capable of giving me what I needed. No blame. I just forgot who I was and what I deserved and settled for less.

It was tough for me to get out of this situation but I came out of it a better person and at peace. I found Love, passion and emotion by aligning with the energy of joy by connecting with my creativity, people and situations that fulfil me. I just need to connect with the unconditional energy of Love. Everything else is just BS.

At this time of Hallowtide, Samhain, the time is about remembering our ancestors and honouring those that have gone before. The trees around us in the Northern hemisphere teach us a lot about releasing past experiences and whether we see them as good or bad, they enrich our soul.

My tome has now been slammed shut. How about yours?

Forgiving myself and others, I am so ready to move into a new life with no more toxic, abusive people in my world.

With mercury in retrograde, there could also be people coming back from the past seeking closure. Whoever they are, whether friends or family that have crossed you, the pressure is on them to make things right as they could be the one seeking peace.

Please feel free to share your experiences or how Scorpio season is affecting you by posting your comments below!

In Love, Grace and Service,