Our planet as we know it is going through unprecedented changes where many will need to awake from their hypnotic sleepiness and learn to adopt different ways of thinking and perceiving, as well as adopting new ways of behaving and doing things if they want to assist in the deep transformation the world is going through at the moment.

People need to understand that the transition that we are going through requires change of some kind both on an individual level and collective level…and that change is both creative and destructive. With destruction comes upheaval of some kind…as our weather conditions over the past few months here in the UK attests too. The global changes we see occurring can set in motion an unpredictable chain of events that are Universal with far reaching consequences on a planetary, solar and galactic level. There can be no evolution (personally and globally) if change does not occur.

We have heard that we cannot “save” the world until we “save” ourselves, and whilst in one sense this is true, it is also thinking from the old paradigm…it is all about bringing everything into BALANCE. Whilst paying attention to our own development, we cannot just focus on this alone to the exclusion of the planet and others around us or vice versa…we are all intrinsically linked and paying attention to one at the exclusion of the others creates imbalance. What you create for yourself affects the whole, including your breath, your conversations and your actions. Understanding how you can use these in a more conscious way can make a difference…so learning to become aware of the words and the language you are using does make a difference!

Those who are speaking out and bringing awareness to others about the humanitarian or environmental issues, whilst it can be perceived as speaking your truth and raising awareness of what is going on, just raising awareness is only part of the work required…it is solutions that are needed. Whilst it may look daunting, it is not how much you do, it is what you do on a smaller scale…including assisting to raise awareness for others by sharing with them how you woke up. It may be a book you read, a workshop you went on, a website…if these inspired you and helped you awaken, then help make a difference and share them with others. You can make a difference by co-creating with others, including doing voluntary work in the community – it will make a shift.

The “Healing is in the Feeling”

On a personal level, our journey to awakening begins with the inner journey…a journey many are not taking. If you have been working on expanding your awareness and consciousness you will have recognised that since the start of this year things have been speeding up. Ever been on the back of a runaway horse, or a roller coaster ride? The faster it goes, the scarier it gets because it can feel as if things are out of control. If you or your life feels or has been feeling a little out of control recently, it is showing you where things are out of alignment and need to be released and brought back into balance. to evolve and move forward, anything that is not of Love or has been holding you back will be coming up to be released…this includes all your uncomfortable feelings.

The root cause of all our challenges in the world today is as a result of our distorted thinking and painful feelings that have caused us to behave and act in a particular way which created (and still creates) separation. Having shared often times through past blogs and newsletters, it is our thoughts that create our feelings…our feelings create our behaviour… and it is our behaviour in response to those feelings that creates the outcome. It is all very well pointing a finger to “them out there” for what we perceive they have done, yet we have to recognise that they are us and the energy of blame and anger will not bring the peaceful solutions that are needed, because we will just be creating from the old ways. It is unconditional Love that will dismantle the old and bring in the higher values needed to create the new…so we cannot exclude or ignore our inner world.

More than ever now we really need to listen to ourselves more: our thoughts, our words, our feelings and our body if we really want to change how we experience our reality of life and be the change that we want to see in the world…and that requires AWARENESS as to what is going on INSIDE of us in every given moment. Our thoughts can become like a runaway train out of control, and if unchecked, can lead to stress, anxiety, depression and illness.

What you create for yourself affects the whole…it your mental perception of how you see and feel things that creates your reality. We have all experienced separation, alienation and insecurity in one form or another, yet when we realise that our essence is whole and how alike we all really are, we cannot help but feel more connected and open to the Love in each other’s hearts. Some are choosing to make a decision to remain where they are right now because the work required to grow and evolve is too painful and too frightening for them to look at. Every soul and every heart has a song to sing, yet many are still seeking spiritual shortcuts or using external spiritual tools rather than doing what is necessary for growth, transcendence and evolution.

We are in the Chinese year of the Horse and this last Mercury retrograde has been a wild ride, leaving many feeling battered and bruised as if they have been thrown off balance, tipped upside down and turned inside out wondering what had hit them. A Mercury retrograde give us the opportunity for quiet time to recognise and see what is out of balance within us and that is not in alignment with Love…this includes all our old “issues”, our insecurities, negative feelings, programmes, beliefs, and patterns of behaviour that we have not dealt with or thought we had. When we can recognise these parts within ourselves that are not Love, we can reframe and change our perception of what we thought was Love and see that the higher purpose of it all was to move us forward into a deeper Love for OURSELVES so we can let go of all that is holding us back. So learn to love those parts of you that feel frightened or insecure.

Expansion or Contraction?

It is your choice whether you move away or move forward into your Light…and this will be the deciding factor as to whether or not you are ready to move into the next stage or level of consciousness. Many people will choose to “drop out” because deep down they do not want or are frightened of change and moving forward, because they believe that the old is more comfortable and better. Change can feel a bit scary, and stepping into unknown territory can feel a bit frightening…yet whether you like it or not, change is happening. It is time to rise up and be bigger than all your experiences and beliefs of the past.

Your energy field will expand and contract depending on what you are thinking or feeling. Is your life restricted and contracted with problems and challenges, or are you open and willing to allow it to grow and expand into what is possible? The New Consciousness is about EXPANSION…including a new and expanded way of thinking. When we can see things in a different way, what we perceived were “problems” or “challenges” in the past that kept us small and in lack or limitation, they can now become opportunities where anything is possible. The sky is not the “limit” anymore…the new consciousness is beyond limitation where there are infinite possibilities for anything.

At the root of the global “crisis” we face right now as well as personal “crises”, is the recognition that the old way of functioning and doing things is not working anymore. Although the New Earth that many aspire to seems a long way away, many are waking up to the realization that their skills and gifts are just what the world needs right now…but you have to let go of all that you are not for them to be effective. You are not your thoughts. You are not your feelings. You are not your habits, your conditioning or your past.

Being more Conscious

Being more conscious acts as a filter system to the mind to sift out what we know what is true for us and what is not. Our beliefs affect our lives…yet how often do we stop to consider the repercussions of our thoughts and beliefs not only on ourselves, but the impact it has on others too? We all have a responsibility to stop blaming “them out there” for what is happening to us, because it is our mental attitudes and beliefs that shape our experiences of life and whether we like it or not, the world around us is changing and we are all part of that change and transformation.

We are also being given an opportunity to move into a deeper place of Truth and Love now where we do not have to sacrifice ourselves, hold ourselves back, or over give to others anymore by trying to “save” them or “heal” the planet…it is allowing others to have their own journey. As the collective consciousness moves forward, we can look beyond ourselves and connect with others in the vibration of Love, Grace and Abundance, where the synergy of the whole will achieve more than any individual can do on their own.

Love and Interconnectedness

When we open our hearts that have been closed in the past through hurt and fear, we expand more into Love, Unity and Interconnectedness…Love and Interconnectedness being the foundation for the New Earth.

Society is a reflection of our selves where fear represents ignorance and a lack of wisdom. Fear makes us withdraw and keeps us separate from each other because we believe others are the enemy. All fear is, is a lack of understanding and a lack of wisdom. But above all, fear is a lack of Love…a lack of Love for ourselves that tells us we are insignificant, have no purpose, are not good enough, and believing we are meaningless and not worthy. It is our belief in separation that keeps us isolated, alone, and why we separate and withdraw from others believing at some level that we are un-loveable.

Fear is all the parts of ourselves that feel insecure and unloved…they are the parts within us that are in pain and do not understand or cannot comprehend the bigger picture, and so we feel and become threatened by the things we do not understand. If we are totally secure within ourselves then nothing can phase us. As we start to understand and integrate all the parts of ourselves that are in separation, we let go of fear and replace it with the higher frequencies of Love, Light and Wisdom.

When you are open to receive the Love, the Grace and the Light of Divine Intelligence, when you can feel it’s presence that is in and around you and everyone and everything on this planet and within this Universe, then you will experience something truly sacred and precious that cannot be physically seen or touched…it can only be felt with the Heart. When you find it, you will be tapping into and accessing the unlimited abundance of the Universe and the Divine Intelligence that lies within you…and it will offer you the opportunity to EXPAND further into what is infinitely possible.

When we can embrace the meaning in our lives we start to see the world in a very different way. Through Interconnection with everything we become aware of the meaning of synchronicities in our lives and see that every event, every situation and every person we have contact with is a sacred moment for a greater purpose that is beyond our self. At this level of awareness, you will see the sacredness in the gifts you have been given, because the gifts you have been gifted with are not yours to keep for you alone…they are for the greatest and highest good for all humanity.

We have to be inspired and create from the inside in the present moment now as co-creators with Divine Intelligence…not create separation from the ego as a reaction to something outside of us. The new consciousness offers only opportunities where infinite possibilities abound for you to discover and reveal the treasures within YOU…yet without this level of awareness you will not comprehend this mind shift until you have experienced it for yourself.

What are you Creating?

STOP…LOOK…LISTEN…what have you been focused on lately “out there” that has kept you self absorbed and focused on your perceived painful or uncomfortable reality?

If you want to shift your vibration that is more in alignment with your true authentic self, then you have to clean up your act by becoming aware of what you do and why you do it. Be mindful of the language you are using, and truly understand the meaning of what Love and Interconnectedness means right now. Until you do, even with the best intentions, you will never be creating from the heart…you will still be creating from a place of separation. As we each release all our old beliefs, thoughts, words and patterns of behaviour…this will lead to the New Consciousness.

Where are you reacting in a defensive manner, “zoning out”, withdrawing and shutting yourself off rather than reaching out and asking for help…or maybe not offering your services to others because fear is holding you back? It is not what happens to you, it is what you choose to do with it. The truth is that no one outside of you has power over your thoughts, feelings, and actions…and nothing can affect you unless you allow it.

The new consciousness is not about reacting defensively, hiding, or “problem solving” anymore, it is far beyond our thoughts, beliefs and emotions. This is a different level of understanding and thinking which requires us not only to believe and act differently…it requires us to think in an entirely new way that is beyond our pain and all the stories we have told ourselves about our past. What you are uncomfortable with in your life is the old…and you are resisting that…and not accepting that there is another more expansive, joyful and loving way to be now.

Moving into the New Consciousness

Last month’s blog highlighted the importance of Love without conditions, and whilst we cannot force things, it is imperative that we are aware of what it truly means to work from the Heart so that we are not creating more illusions and deception for ourselves or others. When we can be aware and understand that everything…every situation, every “conflict”, every thought, every feeling, every piece of tension in our body and every word we speak has a gift for us, we can understand it is an opportunity where we can choose to either keep ourselves small, or trust that through the right intentions we will expand and evolve.

So watch your Language. Even the energy of words is changing as they no longer have the same “meaning” as they used to, holding a lower vibration that can keep you stuck in the old. Listen to the words you are using, do they make your energy expand or contract? Omit the words “should”, “ought” “can’t”, “pain”, “problems” and the “yes buts” from your vocabulary…even the word “limitation” creates a belief that we limited. Are we?

It is one thing to believe that you are “Love and Light” and living from the heart, it is another to turn away and choose to hide from what feels uncomfortable or you do not like. If you are not aware of what is going on within your feeling body then the strong solid foundation required to build Love, Unity and Interconnectedness from the Heart will be weak and crumble because of the “illusion of what Love looks like” is being created from a lower vibration.

Ultimately, what we see going on “out there” is a reflection of what we are and what we need to look at within ourselves. This time is giving us an opportunity to not only look at and see where others are keeping themselves small, it is getting us to see if we are lowering our own vibration and keeping ourselves small to suit the wants and lower needs of others because they feel more comfortable to remain where they are. Ultimately each person’s journey is their own to take and they have chosen where they want to be on that path. It is not our job to convince others of how they need to be…it is for us to claim back our own power and stand in our own Truth.

Resolution not Revolution!

Our purpose in life is to remember who we are by overcoming the “limitations” and “challenges” we have placed on ourselves that keep us small and stuck. By taking responsibility for ourselves and our own development and growth, we can learn and grow from situations and “challenges”…no one can do that for us. Our goal in any life is to learn and gain knowledge so that our soul, as it accumulates that knowledge, grows in awareness and ability to reflect that perfect “Light” that Christ said we are.

This year is a year of magic and transformation. It is about moving into action and deepening the process of our own understanding and expansion of who we really are. In essence, we already are whole. Our job requires that we all become consciously mature, bringing that wholeness into Oneness with our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. When you start changing how you think…stop resisting…stop reacting…choosing instead to live in a higher vibration of infinite possibilities and abundance…then YOU will change YOU and it is YOU that will then change the world.