The Sacred feminine is being called forth. Whether you are a man or woman, it is time to answer the call and reclaim the crown of power of the Sacred Sisterhood (and Brotherhood). The power of Love and transformation is within you…Love is calling us Home.

The Sacred Sisterhood is back. It is my belief that something wonderful and miraculous is happening in the world right now with the Rose sisters, and I feel so blessed to be a part of it. Having received and claimed my own crown of power as a member of the Sisterhood of the Rose, it is time now for many of you as men and women to awaken and remember who you are. The divine codes that you carry within you have already been seeded for this time that is now unfolding…so take your stand, claim your power and speak your heart.

The Bigger Cosmic Picture

The Sisterhood I speak of is not about girl power to the exclusion of men. Through my own life time of trials and tribulations, I am so thankful that in 2010, feeling bereft by a debilitating illness, the spark of remembrance held within me began to grow. There is much that I have learned on this journey, and it was only in looking at parts of my current life and healing my own Core Wound that enabled me to heal the collective wounds of ancient times from my own past. In healing this ancestral line a stark realisation was revealed…many alive today are still carrying the unhealed wounds and vibrations of the people who held the divine feminine consciousness who lived at the time of Christ and the drama of that story…and all the stories beyond.

The past four years have been an amazing journey for me, and I have felt comforted and relieved to learn that others were holding such memories too. The purpose of this blog is that it may trigger a spark of remembrance in you too, so that you may open and bring forward your gifts. In working with a past life memory of my own and sharing that in the article The Importance of Healing Core Wounds, I was playing my part in bringing the suppressed, distorted, and angry divine feminine back into balance so that the divine masculine could also come back into balance and divine union within me. It is the trauma of this collective wound in the stories of our incarnations and in the experiences of previous lives that the deeper cause of our wounding can be found.

In the past, particularly at the time of the Essenes, women held positions that were equal to men. It is not my intention here to convince you that you had past lives at the time of Christ, were burnt as a witch, or reincarnated as Isis or a Knights Templar…your beliefs are personal to you. My intention is to bring in a deeper awareness of how by tapping into these archetypal stories it can contribute to the evolutionary process.

The Sisterhood of the Rose

The Sisterhood today is a gathering of the Goddess in the realm of the new energies, bringing together all forms of the Goddess and God energy into the highest aspects of the Divine Feminine – an energy that has been lost for centuries and is now returning and reawakening our world as “Codes of Light”…as the Rose Codes are now being activated. You will know if you belong to the Sisterhood or Brotherhood because it will resonate with you strongly. Returning now to restore balance by recognising and honouring with Love, respect and acceptance of the equality of both the feminine and masculine traits not only of just within, but the equality of the sexes in the outside world too.

We have to include the Divine Feminine to be able to balance our concept of God. The time is now for the “Divine Union” that was anchored on the planet at the time of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua to be made manifest in the hearts of humanity. In the new paradigm of this Aquarian Age, it is not just about the Divine Mother energy returning to Earth, it is about her power merging with that of the Divine Father so together they can birth Oneness into the hearts and minds of humanity.

The Goddess symbol is the Rose, and the Rose is often the first thing that draws a person into a relationship with the Sisterhood. But the magic and energy of the Goddess vibration and the Sisterhood of the Rose then extends us to a relationship with the Stars.

The Divine Feminine consciousness is not all about “gathering the Goddess” to the exclusion of men though, for men also carry the Rose of Divine Love within their hearts and souls too…and they also have carried the wounds of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within their own cellular memory and DNA.

As the Brotherhood of the Rose…the Knight’s Templar’s…many were cut down, mutilated, persecuted and killed for protecting the Sisters of the Rose…some even tortured and burnt at the stake. So not only is there much healing, balancing and reclaiming to take place for women…this applies to men also.

Playing my part for Evolution

I have worked tirelessly to call forth numerous events in past lives to heal from trauma and distorted thinking, to ask forgiveness for the suffering I have caused others, and to tell the story of the Sisterhood of so long ago and as it is today. I have shared a brief story on the Sisters of the Rose page here on this website.

The Sisterhood of the Rose is a path of divine alchemy and brings a magical connection to the Divine Mother…called by many names. I am dedicated to help restore the Divine Feminine to her rightful place through Rose ceremonies and Initiations, and through the gatherings of the Sacred Rose for men and women so as to spark the remembrance within us all of the power, truth and beauty that we each hold…so that individually and together we may bring forth the desperately needed balance to our world. My website is in the process of being revamped so more information about this service work will be available on the website soon. In the meantime…let us look at Mary Magdalene, for she left us with a wonderful legacy, along with other female disciples and Saints…including Joan of Arc.

The Fall of the Divine Feminine

We are all a Light to the world and your own Light, whether you are a man or woman, is waiting to be discovered. Most of us today that are walking the path of awakening and ascension have started the process of uncovering or re-discovering the Light within and the Light we came here to be. Yet there are also many of you that are keeping that Light hidden and covered up…hidden from yourself and others because it has never felt safe to shine your Light and show who you are to your friends, your family, your co-workers, or even to the world.

You covered it up to keep it safe…to keep yourself safe. Through eons you protected it for deep in your soul you knew how sacred it was and how sacred you are. In fearing for your safety, (your life even), it was the negative emotions and behaviours that caused you to cover up and hide your Light. You took all your worry and concerns, all those negative thoughts, your deep grief and hopelessness as to the way the world was into your mental body which then clouded your judgement. You held onto all your negative feelings and emotions, the sadness, anger, deep grief, the disappointments and the let downs, all the betrayal, the abuse in its many guises, abandonment, rejection, humiliation, injustice and rage, of not being heard or listened to, not having your needs met, you hid all your talents and abilities to heal others because you had been punished or killed for this work in the past, feeling helpless and afraid and at the mercy of the world around you rather than letting all these emotions flow through you.

Men have been taught from a very early age that boys don’t cry and they have to be tough and strong…being denied the ability to touch and express their feminine side. The cross and the crucifixion of Christ is the cross we all bear in one way or another…your stake is your cross…and the memory of the crucifixion at Golgotha is the deep wound and unexpressed grief we hold at some level within our DNA whether we believe in Christ or not. Women hold a lot of anger towards men because they hold the memory of that time when women were not included or taken seriously, and how women were excluded and denied teaching roles to pass on the teachings of Jesus…sound familiar in this day?!

On an unconscious level you have allowed these lower frequency vibrations to become trapped in your cellular memory and DNA, in your physical bodies even causing you immense pain, suffering, discomfort, disease and even death. Through male domination you had allowed yourself to be controlled and suppressed through emotional, mental, physical and spiritual disempowerment. I know…for I too had done all of this. Yet through all diversity, my Light was still there, unblemished and untarnished…as is yours.

Mary Magdalene and the Message of Light

Today, the 22nd July is Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day, and it is on this day at Lincoln Cathedral the “blue apples” and “rose coloured apples” phenomena appears due to sunlight shining through one of the stained glass windows, a similar phenomenon appears at Rennes le Chateau as well and probably anywhere in any church or cathedral where there is a stained glass window. The blue apples phenomenon maybe a happy co-incidence to some (or red herring!) or even as Claire Nahmad states in her book The Coming of the Holy Grail that they are a symbol of grapes of the ‘true vine’ referred to in the Song of Solomon. Whatever the story or the phenomenon, Mary Magdalene represented and held, as she does today, the Divine Feminine, not just on this planet but in this universe.

Mary Magdalene is perhaps the archetype of our time and has made herself known at this time for she represents all that has been hidden and suppressed throughout the ages and history. Her story, her divinity, is our story, for we have all lived with the repercussions and consequences of the loss of the Divine Feminine…the beautiful feminine within us all that remains hidden, remains buried or has been stuffed away in the dark. It is time for her resurrection and rebirth.

To just see through a very small lens of the story of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua (Jesus) is to miss the point totally. It is not about identifying with the story, or the wounding. To heal the pain of the wounded feminine and wounded masculine within both females and males, we have to recognise that we have been both victims and perpetrators through many lifetimes and that the wounding experiences were opportunities chosen by each of us for our spiritual unfolding and an invitation to remember who we are.

Embracing the Heart of the Magdalene Consciousness 

Mary Magdalene is not lost. The Divine Feminine is not lost, for she is who we are. Yet until we let her into our hearts we will be like abandoned children…longing for comfort and nurturing, Truth and wholeness, and unconditional Love that only a loving Mother can give us.

In this journey we have the opportunity to release the wounds we all carry as a result of this imbalance. Mary Magdalene then offers us an astounding remembrance of our own power and divinity, the beauty and wisdom of the Divine feminine held within every man, woman and child…this is her legacy.

Joan of Arc

The archetype of Joan of Arc is to raise our banner of Truth and freedom and walk into the Light. Whatever history may tell you of this woman is not all as it seems. She rode into battle as a girl and a man and what she took with her was the love of her heart and the integrity of her soul, where her faith and courage overcame all doubt and fear. Her story, like the story of Mary Magdalene was hidden, defiled and forgotten…and covered with falsehoods and untruths by the ignorant.

Yet for those with eyes to see, and ears to hear, the armour she wore and the sword she wielded was just a mask to cover the girl that was angered and enraged. It breaks your hearts to see war and suffering in the world yet Joan of Arc reminds us that there is no worst suffering than a soul that is too blind to see. There is much to her story…if you will only look with the eyes of your soul.

We must not look upon the stories of Joan of Arc, the Christ, or the Knights Templar as tragic stories that ended in pain and suffering and death. It is not about getting lost in the tragedy of the stories which ended in death or the heaviness of the cross and martyrdom. The cross, as is the stake, is symbolic of the journey that leads to the Light of our own resurrection. There is still much fear being carried by those who experienced their transition at the stake…and it is our present fears that can ignite the flames of the past.

Through these times of great transformation, bring forth the masculine and the feminine, for the power of Love and transformation is within you. As your broken heart heals from the wounds of the past, your true heart will be revealed. A heart that is no longer closed and in need of protecting…but a heart that is wide open and based on purity, Love and Truth for yourself and everyone.

Please feel free to post a comment, or if you are receiving Rose messages yourself then I invite you to share your story with me.