The Winter Solstice is the longest night and shortest day of the year and symbolically, it has often been referred to as the “Dark Night of our Soul”. For some months now the energies around us and within us have been bringing up all sorts of stuff. And if they have rocked you to your core and you have been trying to make sense of them then do not despair, for the Winter Solstice is the time of death of the old and seeding and rebirth of the new – and provided we remain focused on the new we too can take part in this celebration of rebirth.

As we celebrate the darkest day of the year, let us take the opportunity to focus our awareness on our inner landscape – and that sacred space where our true light and inner peace resides.

For some time now I have felt disconnected to my path and my essence, and in my stuck place I felt like I had been suspended and frozen in ice. This was not a nice place to be, yet within that place I knew there was a gift waiting to be revealed. Then, a few days ago, I was able to show up in life again having broken through the surface of the ice.

For those that are committed to Truth and Freedom, whether we are open and willing to receive the downloads of Light or not, it is a natural process for it to shine a Light on all that is not Love so we can release it and let it go. Any feelings of anger, anxiety, depression, frustration, isolation, loneliness, loss, ostracism, sadness and even feelings of betrayal, rejection and abandonment, they are all creations of the ego and are coming to the surface to be healed and released because they are NOT Love – they are feelings that have been created by the thoughts and beliefs of the mind. For some, it has been about releasing the collective wound for others.

Hurt me with the Truth – NEVER comfort me with a Lie

It appears that some of this stuff is being triggered within us by the actions and behaviours of others in the most sudden and unexpected ways. Whether this is to do with the sudden loss of friendships, relationships or jobs, the truth is, the Truth can never hurt us but lies and deceitful behaviour can – particularly when we have been blindsided and didn’t see it coming and we have been left with that empty space wondering what the hell happened. Yet there is always some gem or gift that we will get from any situation that challenges us and it will always teach us something about ourselves.

To avoid or ostracise someone is the most insidious form of bullying and abuse. It is so easy to close our hearts when we feel hurt or betrayed, and whether the “other” is a wolf in sheep’s clothing (their true nature will be revealed by their actions), or whether their actions and behaviours towards us were ignited by their own fears, this is not about victimising ourselves or blaming another – it is about taking responsibility for the part we played within it. Maybe we did bring up their issues that they didn’t want or weren’t ready to deal with, but the truth is:

It’s about whether or not they are an energy match for us.

People come into our lives for a reason or season and when we come to this realisation we do not have to take it personally, knowing that there is always a higher purpose to what is playing out. Sometimes….difficult, painful challenges are to teach us to love ourselves more, or to see where we can learn unconditional Love and compassion for others at a deeper level and practice forgiveness. Forgiving others is not about condoning their behaviour and what they did to us, it is about forgiving them on a higher level to free ourselves.

Truth and Honesty

Our world and everything in the Universe is constantly moving and changing, so any attempt on our part to keep things as they are will only cause things to stagnate and die.

Can you be a pillar of strength to another and a beacon of Light that listens and speaks the truth from an open heart? Do you have friendships or belong to groups that just reinforce or support your mindset? A real friend or teacher might be the one who tells us what we need to hear – not what we want to hear to feed the ego that keeps us stuck in our comfort zone and limitation.

Truth and honesty, openness and transparency are essential to living in the Heart, because if our hearts become closed through our own fears that we do not want to face, how can we tell the difference between a true friend and teacher from someone we are just using to massage our ego and make us feel better? How can we be an open mind and heart if we just want to be in the “Love and Light”, whilst at the same time avoiding and denying our shadow?

What we think and what we believe are the very things that can block us from hearing what we need to hear through the words of wisdom from someone who has the potential to open our hearts. By the same token, when we refrain from speaking our truth we are likely to be providing a disservice to someone else – whether that be a close friend, a family member or a complete stranger who happens to cross our path.

The Kiss of Truth

When we can see the Light touch another’s face we know we have been of service. And through the Rose, Love’s healing message teaches us that to Love is to live. We each have a desire to Love and BE loved – yet it is this simple Truth that appears to represent our life’s greatest challenges.

The Rose has always been the symbol for perfect Love for that is what Love is – Perfection. Since ancient times, the Rose has had a deep connection to the Heart and its colour, symbolism and vibrational frequency is an energy transformer transmuting darkness to Light. So may the Rose inspire all whom she touches to embrace and appreciate the divinity of true Love which holds the key to harmony and unity that we all yearn to experience. And may we also find the courage and strength in Rumi’s words:

“To find in our battered Hearts the passion and faith to let all illusions go and reach for the ultimate reality…”

If we did not experience the pain of separation we would have no desire to go within to Source. In this new paradigm, is it possible now that to move beyond this world of trying to balance polar opposites is to accept that everything in the Universe is just simply a reflection of our being?

In doing so, what we perceive as the battle between Light and darkness will immediately cease on every level – and so will all wars and judgement. It is the Light which creates the shadows within us, and it is the Light which dissolves the darkness. When we can accept that there is no separation and that within the chaos of darkness and Light we are just a rainbow of colours, of crystalline energy that just oozes the magic of Love and Love’s healing presence – we will be reborn. Are you ready for rebirth? Then let us together, individually and collectively make it so.

The rebirth of the Sun through the Winter Solstice brings longer days and warmth to renew the Earth. As we are the Children of the Earth we too can embrace the Solstice energies and be part of this renewal in our individual lives.

Wishing you all a happy Solstice and Yule blessings,

In Love and Service,


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