Rest awhile Child of Light, guardian of the Rose,

and breathe in the sunlight of my Magenta Violet Light.

Ancient Masters of the past are waiting to connect with you,

as you carry ancient wisdom, Love and Power

to bring forth for the future.

You are being called to action in service to Self.

Master and bring balance to your mind,

physical body and emotions.

Future paths are waiting for you.


So Love’s healing message this month is this:

Strengthen the gold….by being transmuted by the black

I am aware of an ancient consciousness that is coming forth which I cannot explain, yet feel a sense of duty to share it with those that have the eyes to see and ears to hear. You are important. A new energy is rising up. Maybe you have felt it too?

The warrior sovereign Kings and Queens are rising…

I have been taking time out. Going through a transition….

Repairing my mind, body and Spirit. Releasing and rebalancing.

Prioritizing myself. Purging a wound that can longer remain.

As such, I have not been able to send out my usual Love letters for the past few months, so apologies for that. I have been refurbishing my home. With six planets in retrograde I was in the process of packing things up, sorting through what I wanted to keep or let go of, then unpacking them again after each room had been decorated and re-carpeted.

It has been cathartic….in the refurbishment of my home I found a shadow aspect within me that had been hidden for a long while. Living with chronic illness I had neglected my home for a very long time.

I was expending my energy trying to do too many things when it could have been directed into other areas for my own well-being. Not having enough energy in a day things accumulated. They got shoved in boxes and bags. Put in corners or cupboards that did not see the light of day to be sorted another time. That “another time” never came. I was feeling overwhelmed.

New Light Codes and new life are coming

Our SOUL chose to come here and be part of the story we are living through right now. We can choose to use this time to amplify our Light, our inner golden essence, or be consumed by fear and worry.

I felt a new energy coming in and making its presence felt for a new life for me and my home. For the past few months, energy has been building in preparation for the Scorpio season on the 23rd October and partial Solar Eclipse on the 25th, providing us with an opportunity to purge our core wounds and explore the higher meaning of what we are going through.

On 23rd October we have an opportunity to dive into the murky, dark, mystical deep waters of Scorpio where we have an invitation to go within and be transmuted by the black. To feel our feelings, embrace what is in the shadows and purge our unacknowledged grief, bereavement and loss so that we may bring forth the wisdom to share with those in need.

What is your shared vision personally and collectively?

What are the choices you will make?

What do you want to be?

On a paint pallet, mixing yellow and black together creates a mysterious, unique green healing colour. Interestingly, I had chosen a pale green colour for my lounge carpet that was called “Meadow Light”.

There are many layers to core wounds that give us an opportunity for growth and healing. As I am drawn deeper and deeper into the Roses and our multidimensionality, I am humbled.

As some of you know six months ago I purchased a Rose called “Mountbatten” and did not know why as I am not particularly drawn to yellow Roses. The Rose was named after Queen Elizabeth ll’s cousin and was chosen by Princess Diana to be included in her wedding bouquet. He is a beautiful golden yellow whose petals have a luminescent sheen in sunlight.

Standing proud, with dark, leathery foliage, an exquisite perfume, the large blooms have up to thirty five petals that are tinged with pink as they age.

Here in the UK my Roses have come to the end of their season. Leaves are falling and decaying on the soil surface. Buds are not opening. They are preparing for their dormant season and so must we.

Our wisdom is needed.

Changes are happening.

We are purging what can no longer remain.

We are in a life changing transit.

Will you be called to plant a golden yellow Rose in the dark, fecund soil? I get a sense that the collective wisdom of the golden Rose is calling.

Here in the northern hemisphere it is the ideal time to plant bare root Roses in their dormancy where they can over winter in the dark soil to strengthen their root system ready to start coming to life in spring.

Symbolism of the Golden Rose

The Golden Rose symbolises the risen Christ, our sovereignty and “All That Is”. It represents the masculine and feminine essence within that has come into union and perfect balance as we become sovereign Kings and Queens, holders and Keepers of the Wisdom held within.

In colour healing gold is said to connect to the light of the higher self and has been called the “Master Healer” to stabilise and balance the emotional system and Heart conditions.

I often wonder what would we and the world would look like if we saw and observed things from a higher perspective and soul level rather than the wounds of the Heart? What if we all operated from the wisdom of a golden Rose? New life is coming.

As I forever observe the higher meaning in things and events, the recent passing of Her Majesty the Queen here in the UK gave me an opportunity to explore the higher meaning of what we are going through. There is so much fear, worry (quite understandably), unacknowledged and unexpressed grief and trauma in the world that is in need of healing and releasing.

I understand that as well as an outpouring of a nation’s grief, her death also fuelled criticism of her legacy for those who saw her as a symbol of the British colonial empire. I want to acknowledge that and those who still live with that pain and trauma.

Throughout her decades-long reign, her seventy years of service, Queen Elizabeth II imparted many words of wisdom and advice, often with grace and mastery.

Whatever some may think of her and the British Monarchy, there are those who underestimated the world’s love and admiration for the Queen. King Charles lll softened even more hearts with his remarkable speech.

It is my belief that we are seeing through him and Prince William the new “Warrior Sovereign Kings” emerging.

An outpouring of a Nation’s Grief

Here in the UK, on the 8th September we saw the death of Queen Elizabeth ll. She was still a treasured member of her own family and her public funeral must have been a very difficult and sad time for them. The Queen had a strong Christian faith and for her, death is not the end. May her SOUL rest in the Light.

Not only was she a symbol of our age in life, I observed the period of mourning and while she was lying in state inside Westminster Hall how I felt she was still being on duty and of service even in death. Such a public event like this was sure to bring up tears on a massive scale.

I observed the pilgrimages that many took on their long walk to see the Queen lying in state. This major event and very public occasion with its long history of pageantry and ceremony, gave them time to reflect and do what they perhaps would not normally do.

People slept on the streets overnight in very cold temperatures and rain. They lit candles, they laid flowers. They shared their stories of bereavement and of their own families with strangers and what had compelled them to travel to London from all over the world.

It was as if something bigger was calling them to make a pilgrimage and who knows? Perhaps make peace with their souls. I listened and watched many who held back tears, some did not, and how the Queen had reminded them of their own grandmother’s passing.

A silent reverence fell upon Westminster Hall as people entered. People shuffled along in silence which was occasionally broken by a young child crying out or someone coughing.

The vigils around the coffin and the changing of the Guards were to me beautiful. It was as if we were being shown something from ancient times past.

I observed people’s faces as they bowed, crossed themselves, blew kisses….it was if they understood they were in the presence of and a part of that something so much bigger than themselves. Maybe it brought them to face their own death and mortality, their own losses and that our future is uncertain.

As my own body ages and health declines, it certainly brought up the fact I have no control over my future, however long or short that may be.

Symbols of Sovereignty

As women we may speak of the rise of the divine feminine, how we each claim our sovereignty of self realization. Taking our place on our throne, the seat of our Divinity, we wear our crown with embodied wisdom and soul freedom. Or do we?

Have we been caught up in demonizing the patriarchy and the masculine through distorted Priestess and Goddess beliefs and groups, projecting our unacknowledged and unprocessed trauma and pain onto them?

Have we ever considered the symbolism of all that? What it truly means and the responsibility of service that goes with sovereignty?

On the day of the Queens funeral I like millions watched an important piece of pageantry as the Queen was separated from her symbols of sovereignty, power and governance.

By removing the crown, orb and sceptre from her coffin and placing them on the high altar, it was the separating and releasing the Queen from her service and duty from her seventy year reign.

Finally, there was the “breaking of the wand” (stick) as the final symbolic act representing the official ending of the service of the Lord Chamberlain to the Queen.

I felt that separation. I felt that releasing. I felt that ending. I felt the end of her public service. I felt the ending of an era. I found it a very moving moment and how important ceremony is in the healing process.

Energetic return of Sovereignty

The gold Flame and Black Light are woven deeply into the Black Rose and the Black Rose Oracle deck (and these Love letters!), working their healing Light on whomever it falls. Their purpose is to heal the wounds of the Heart and mind so we may bring forth the wisdom of our own healed inner warrior and sovereign King and Queen to be in service to our highest calling.

I have recently seen the official photo of the Royal family all dressed in black on the eve of the Queen’s funeral taken at a reception in Buckingham Palace. What was striking for me was the black and gold.

Irrespective of our views on the Monarchy for these are my wandering thoughts only, could this be the energetic return of sovereignty and the rise of four golden Roses as the new warrior Kings and Queens within the monarchy that will reign and serve in a very different way and walk the future path waiting for them?

In 2017 on the Iona page on this website, I spoke of the ancient Kings, Queens and Knights….waiting for the time to return and take up arms again, and share a very important message.

Have the new monarchy each embodied the New Earth consciousness and received the Light Codes of the new “Warrior Sovereign King” and Warrior Sovereign Queen” not only for their own transformation but also for the transformation of the Monarchy in service and duty to the whole? Time will tell. What message will they bring?

Irrespective of whether we support the Monarchy or not, Queen Elizabeth ll was graceful, compassionate and touched the Hearts of many both in life and death serving in selfless service.

Perhaps in the upcoming Scorpio season we can reflect and ask ourselves, am I selfless to others in my highest calling or selfish and self absorbed thinking about myself? Have I reclaimed the warrior sovereign King and Queen within myself?

I understand there are many that would argue about her privileged life. She and the monarchy do not have to worry about paying the bills, having a fear of homelessness or going cold and hungry.

On her passing I would like to remember her by all the good things she did, the joy she brought to people, her devotion to serving, charities she served and her higher calling which she fulfilled in a “man’s world”.

In these times of great need where people are facing not being able to heat their homes or put food on the table because of the cost of living crisis or whether the mortgage hikes for many will result in people having to sell their homes, we can serve in the smallest and simplest of ways.

As we approach the Full Moon on the 9th October, let optimism and awareness bring closure to what has been holding us back so we can move forward into the new life that is coming, however that looks or unfolds.

If we can stay in peace, remember and spare a thought for others who may be going through very tough times (including ourselves) and offer what we can, even if it is just a heartfelt prayer.

May all be blessed with the Love and healing power of the Rose so we may rise with embodied wisdom to walk the future paths that are waiting for us as the new warrior sovereign Kings and Queens.

In Love, Grace and Service,