Trust the process. Things are happening. On the 12:12:12 portal of activation at a powerful, last Full Moon of the decade, we found ourselves at the Gateway to a New World.

When we didn’t think there was anymore to clear, challenges have been presenting to us thick and fast with lessons around relationships and the way we relate to people, to let go of dysfunctions that are no longer serving us. The 12:12 was a strong portal for endings.

The gift of the Full Moon brought things to Light to illuminate all the things in our lives that were not working. Although cycles closing can be tough, they can be beautiful at the same time.

We are being given an opportunity to wrap up certain situations and bring closure before we move forward to bigger and better things in 2020.

So Love’s healing message from the Black Rose this month is this:

Do not fear your freedom…..

It is time to step fully into your Light

Karma is leaving. Closure is coming as soul contracts are completing.

It is time to stop playing small.

It is time to step forward. It is time to be seen.

Awareness is not enough. We cannot hide in the shadows anymore.

It is time to move into a new area of mastery.

To open up to change.

To stop denying who we are.

It is time to live our truth.

To speak up. To share our unique gifts.

I smile. I have been squeezed and moulded as I have been going through a deep reassessment of my life over the past few months. The deep clearing has been intense. Something has shifted.

What these challenges were dredging up was to show me, what was the personal pattern I was still carrying that I needed to release so I could be free?

Rose Portals to the New World

Big life changes are happening for all of us, not just the few. With so many astrological and celestial alignments about to make their appearance, energetically, December and January hold some important energy “portals”.

With the upcoming Solstice, Solar Eclipse and the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in January, we are offered opportunities to return to the Light, to amplify our consciousness, explore the deepest shadow, and bring some much needed changes.

My own personal challenges were showing me where I had to take responsibility and create even stronger boundaries and say NO to what was no longer serving my life to enable me to release and move forward into 2020.

A Rose Portal to the New World in December through the Solstice and January through the Saturn/Pluto conjunction is the Black Rose.

Coming in the form of Kali at the moment she dances, screams and weaves her way through us. Kali comes as the uninvited guest, the one who will wield her sword and shake things up for us and watch as things fall apart.

The Black Rose offers us an invitation to surrender to the dark night of the soul at the Solstice, and healing our shadow side with Pluto in January, for in the stillness of the darkness we find a new truth of who we really are.

For those in the southern hemisphere where there is a celebration of Light, it’s time to step forward and get out there and shine!

The Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere occurs on the 22nd December. It offers us an invitation to enter into the dark night of the soul before we celebrate “the return of the Light”, whilst in the southern hemisphere, it offers an opportunity to move into the inner worlds as the Light withdraws.

To sit in the darkness and be with ourselves and our own thoughts and feelings, we have an opportunity to come face to face with ourselves and our truth.

For me, it’s not my thoughts that are important at this festival, it’s my feelings. I don’t analyze them, I sit with them and give them sacred space to be seen and heard and allow them to speak.

The Solar Eclipse

At the Solar Eclipse on the 25th – 26th December we have an opportunity to open up to higher levels of consciousness and set new goals for ourselves.

Do you feel it? A new path that is coming yet we can’t quite see what it looks like yet. Much has been falling away from our lives, some in some unexpected ways, to prepare us for the new world that is emerging.

What has been triggering you?

Who is old enough to remember Roy Rodgers and his wonder horse – Trigger? Throughout this year for me I have had to work on certain situations and ask myself, why can’t I let this go?

Many of us have had to work through this energy this year and look at the things that have triggered us, and that has certainly been an energy that I have had to wrestle with these past few months.

Many of us have experienced challenging situations of trauma and abuse yet they were to help us heal evolve out of that energy. As the festive season gets underway when many of us will be around family, Christmas will often show us where the cracks are and where we get triggered. If we can use the energies wisely, we can look deeper within ourselves and release it.

For example, I have had to let go a long friendship with someone. This person often used sarcasm towards me in a conversation which often left me confused and anxious wondering what the hell just happened?

The thing about sarcasm is that it is a passive/aggressive hostile form of communication that over time crosses a line and ruins friendships and relationships of all kinds.

What I was being shown was the loss of respect this person had for me because of their own issues of insecurity. I had enough of speaking up, so I chose to walk the way of the warrior by walking away. I was ready for the drastic changes that would follow as this was all part of the releasing to receive the new.

Pluto and Saturn Alignment

Saturn, “Lord of Time and Karma”, “The inner Teacher” and Pluto “The Great Transformer”, “Bringer of Light” and “Lord of the Underworld” are aligning on the 12th January 2020, a life-altering year for us all.

At this alignment we have an opportunity to receive the potential of their energy. When we allow Pluto’s Light to radiate into us, we will feel empowered and have a deeper sense of purpose in ways we have not known before.

Work with Pluto’s energy and the Black Rose, they both allow us to dig deeper pealing back the layers, for they are both about Soul, transformation, healing the shadow, awakening, death and rebirth, and burning away all that no longer serves.

Saturn, our great inner teacher, will keep revealing the Truth to us through tough Love until we see who we truly are. Saturn watches over us to make sure we are living our fullest potential.

As we are being reborn, so are Saturn and Pluto in their coming together. And their influence is helping us all to awaken.

Sending Seasons Greetings to you all in whatever way you celebrate, I would Love to take this opportunity to thank you all for supporting these blog posts with your comments.

May you be blessed with the mystical process of the Saturn/Pluto alignment as they work their Light in aligning with your Light at the highest vibration possible.

In Love, Grace and Service,