I have a powerful message to deliver. It is a message of Love about Love…and an invitation to open to the beauty and grace within you.

Maybe you have been searching for it for a long time but could not find it. Perhaps you were not ready to hear the message then. Maybe that time is now. For Love has been waiting patiently for you to open your Heart – and allow Love in.

With Valentine’s Day on the agenda in the month of Love, and the Rose being symbolic of Love, I speak here not of human “romantic” Love for another…but the eternal Divine Love that once we open our Hearts and align with it and allow grace in, it has the power to change us forever. Giving ourselves the gift of self Love and Love’s healing presence means that when we give our attention to our mind and body – we are telling the universe that we matter. If we truly want to come out of loneliness and hiding and reclaim our power to create the life we want, then we must be willing to love ourselves enough and heal our emotional body.

And particularly for women – it is time for healing the wound that we bought into that led us to believe that there is something wrong with us. This is the mission we have all been given in this lifetime – if we choose to whole heartedly accept it. This is not about heavy processing anymore – for those that have been doing their inner work all the hard work has been done and all that is required of us now is to step into the higher frequency of being Love. Everyone can access this energy at any time.

Love is not something we give or get. It is who we are. So what I offer here is a twofold invitation and open inquiry. What I offer is from my own healing efforts and an opportunity to move deeper into the Heart and self Love…offered to you – a gift of Love – with Love.

Firstly to bring awareness to something that may be unconscious and maybe a controversial explanation why so many people, in particular “Light” servers – and particularly women, who are falling ill or succumbing to serious or chronic illness.

Secondly, for those who have heard the call – it is time now for me to bring forth an ancient message held in the genetic structure of the Rose that is waiting and longing to be heard and activated in the hearts of all men and women around the globe.

Life for a lot of us appears to be moving at a faster pace now than ever and it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by it all. All the “chaos” we may see on the outside or be experiencing in our personal lives, is the unraveling of all that is no longer serving us or our higher purpose – and is a reflection to show us to transform our old ways of doing and move into a new way of being.

The Sacred Path of Tears

So if you are facing challenges of any kind, whether around personal issues of health, relationships, feeling stuck, not knowing which way to turn, at a crossroads, struggling to find expression in your life…or are tired of fighting with “the system”, others or yourself…then what I humbly offer here is a way out of struggle and an invitation to go deep.

Whilst personally I advocate Oneness and being One with everything and not just the happy, smiley, let’s bang a drum and clap hands good “love” vibrations, I appreciate there are some spiritual teachers and healers who do not hold the same view – preferring instead to focus on just the “Love and Light” whilst denying the messy bits about being human.

The time is now to bring our Hearts and minds, spirit and soul back into harmonious balance – for until we do, we shall remain in a state of illusion and victimhood and continue to believe that we are helpless and powerless. The ability to heal ourselves is within our own bodies and our own Hearts – but we cannot accomplish wholeness if we are only paying lip service to it.

There is much talk about reclaiming our power to create the reality we want yet the truth is, if that is all it is – talk – then nothing will change – no matter how many workshops, retreats, meditation classes or self improvement classes we attend. Whilst some are moving along the path of transformation and growth there are many who may have chosen not to move forward and have given up or gone back to their lives of illusion.

As life continues to appear to be getting crazier and tougher on the outside, many are pushing themselves still harder. As illness and disease is on the increase, many are now finding that the illusionary lives they were living are no longer holding. As the veils of illusion start to drop away, there will come a time where the conscious mind will be forced to look at all that has been hidden in the subconscious mind for a long time.

Through the Eyes of Love

Our body will never stop sending us messages to alert us to something in our life that is out of balance no matter how well and healthy we may think we are. The question is, are we listening to our bodies and feelings…and can we still love ourselves even in the midst of life’s challenges, illness, trauma or struggle? Can we still love ourselves in our feelings of worry, pain, anger, sadness or grief? Our ego will always want to push something away or get rid of something and reject a part of ourselves in the process…yet until we turn inwards to the Heart and invite Love in there will always be an inner war going on in our heads.

Through my own personal journey of healing through illness, the Love I accessed moved me…and it changed me forever. But the gift of illness also allowed me to access something so deep within that it enabled healing to take place on another level and in a bigger way that is far beyond any words. My illness had showed me where all my life I had hidden and not allowed my feelings to be seen and have a voice, and to move forward I had to feel and love it all – including the parts of me that felt shame. The hurt and shame was coming up to be seen to be loved – and I allowed love to see me.

Love cannot be felt if we do not allow the space in our Heart for it to enter. True healing is present only in the energy vibration of Love and grace…and it is being in alignment with the energy of love that allows grace to change and regenerate us. Our challenges and struggles and what is going on for us, including our feelings associated with them, cannot be transformed if we do not give them permission to be seen and heard and held in the space of Love.

Nearly two years ago I shared that work in a blog https://www.lightmessenger.co.uk/the-importance-of-healing-our-core-wounds/  ahead of its time I thought then…yet more than ever now its healing message yearns to be heard. For me I needed to experience illness to crack my Heart wide open…that was the experience for me…I appreciate it may not be yours.

Whether through illness or a challenge of some kind, it is about seeing ourselves in that space of Love…no matter how messy it looks. All pain and discomfort, worry, anxiety or frustration is the absence of Love and if we try to resolve these challenges with the mind, it won’t work. When we move out of the head and drop into the Heart to BE and FEEL what it is we are feeling we also access a part deep within us that also knows and trusts that everything will be ok. When we can break through the language barrier of the Heart, our experiences and our emotions will speak to us. For Love is here. Always. It is always here…and always has been…within the inner sanctuary of the Heart.

The time is now to lift the veil of silence on all our suppressed, compressed and unexpressed pain, including all the judgements and restrictions that have burdened us for so long…for until we do we shall continue to see life as a struggle.

Permission to be Seen and Heard

Many of us as children were brought up to be seen and not heard. Love is always here…there…and everywhere…yet we don’t see it. We don’t see Love because we have not given it a voice to be heard. We don’t see it because we don’t invite Love in. We don’t see it because we don’t allow Love to see us in our “brokenness” and vulnerability…in our hurt and in our pain…in our worry and anxiety. Yet it is there waiting patiently to be allowed in and to be felt. Love is present in the beauty of a Rose, a piece of artwork, a book, or a healing message. It is present in the present moment. Yet we won’t see it or feel it until we ask ourselves, “Can I still Love me in the midst of it all?”

It is my belief that the reason why illness and disease is on the increase is because we are not giving a voice to all our unexpressed and unhealed emotions that are calling out to be seen and heard. From my own personal journey through illness this is what I have learned – the importance of learning to love and nurture OURSELVES unconditionally – no matter what shows up or how it looks like.

Attracting illness that manifested in my physical body was actually a sacred, holy pathway to break my Heart wide open and receive the grace of Divine Love. I don’t mean that in a religious sense. It was also a sacred pathway to show me that in this dark place I was not alone…and through inviting Love in it enabled me to heal the Divine Masculine and Divine feminine within me…and the wounds of the feminine down through the ages.

Our bodies are a powerful Gateway to truth…yet we cannot be transformed until we go within. The root cause of dependency in all our relationships is the unhealed Mother/Father wound with our parents – and symbolic of the unhealed Mother wound of the Divine feminine that many of us still carry – men and women.

What broke my Heart was my own self criticism, self punishment and how I had turned anger on myself (self hatred). It was all there to show me where I had forgotten to nurture myself. So is it possible, the reason so many “Light workers” and women in particular are succumbing to illness is because of the unhealed pattern of self hatred we hold within ourselves? I believe it is. Many choose not to reach out for help, and remain suffering in silence. And it is that veil of silence that longs to be lifted – for the feminine voice of the universe – the Divine Feminine – longs to be heard within us all.

Yet how often do we allow ourselves to open to Love and feel it? I don’t mean human “love”…that will follow when we have the Love that’s worth finding. If the chamber within our heart has never felt love’s healing touch, perhaps it is because we have never welcomed divine intervention. Yet the truth is the divine cannot intervene unless we invite it into the sanctuary of our Heart. So invite love in now…I dare you. But if you do, be prepared…your life will change. For if you invite Love in…compassion is sure to follow.

So in this new paradigm, to heal the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine and bring them into union within you, are you open and willing to invite and allow Love and its healing message in? Are you willing to see with the eyes of Love? If so, let the journey begin….

The Way of the Rose

The Rose has a story to tell…it is a story about Love. It is also a story of sacrifice. The Rose relates to my own story and personal journey and somewhere it may resonate or relate to your story and personal journey too…for the Rose was a signpost and a calling that revealed my destiny and lead me to a higher purpose.

During a visionary experience in 2011, within the shadows of fear and in the grip of illness, a white Rose presented itself in full bloom…it was a calling card from the Angelic realms to acknowledge and nurture my Higher Self. Yet this calling card was more than that. It was a reflection of the invitation I had given to myself eons ago to remember. It was a call from the ancients – for all of us to remember and acknowledge and honour the female and male energies and bring them into balance and union which when united become One – for in Truth, there is no separation. Mankind, in veiling the feminine aspect of the Divine, has hidden from us what the secret of happiness is all about. In exploring the symbolism of the Rose…and its healing properties, we can then start to understand and embrace our highest potential.

And that highest potential is a promise I made eons ago with the ancient order of the Sisterhood of the Rose…to remember…what I came here to do. It is the reason why so many are now drawn to gather…it is simply a remembering…and a reflection of the invitation you have given to yourself eons ago to answer and activate your souls calling to a higher purpose.

For me, that is to bring together a “Gathering of the Roses”…men and women…to bring forth the beauty and transforming feminine energy of the Sacred Rose through Rose Gatherings so they may assist in the opening of humanity’s Hearts and healing the wound of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine that resides within us all.

For men and women who resonate with this work or whose Heart has heard the Call of the Rose or the Divine Feminine, there are various gatherings throughout this site.

Physically the Rose relates to the Heart – the Heart being our source of intuition, and it is the Rose that has the ability to gently assist in the process of transformation and change.

As Sacred Geometry is the building blocks of the Universe…Love…as a pure energy…is the building block of all that is. All of it. Everything. The Rose is the symbol of the Heart…and a pathway to awakening to that Love. As a universal symbol of Love, the Rose in many mystic, Pagan and religious traditions has represented the Divine and she is the ultimate symbol of the “feminine mysteries”…long ago suppressed by the male patriarchy.

It is time to lift the veil and embrace and honour the secrets that lie hidden in the Rose…for within it there exists a vibration that the world as we know it has yet to fully embrace. Her own symbolic journey is an ancient plea for us all to return to Love…so that together we can unite and maybe start to repair the damage we have caused on this planet Earth in our long arduous journey towards enlightenment and ascension.

In following my intuition when the Rose revealed herself to me, symbolically her dew represents the tears humanity needs to shed for the Rose to fully blossom and bloom within our Hearts. Her thorns enabled me to truly understand and be aware of and trust that through courage and sacrifice, we can all transcend the limitations we place on ourselves in the physical world so we can rise above all our pain and fear that blocks us and prevents us from truly experiencing the true meaning and the many aspects of Love.

If this article has touched in you some way please feel free to share it or post a comment.

In Love and Grace,