Social Meetup for Lightworkers in Lockdown and Isolating!

If you are physically distancing or self isolating because of underlying medical conditions and chronic illness, or just looking for a friendly, supportive environment and community for positive well-being and emotional support whilst in lockdown, this could be for you.

This space is offering an invitation to connect with others to ease some of the aloneness, fear and anxiety, shock and grief, or for those struggling to cope with the isolation.

Share your experiences and creative ideas of what works for you in these difficult times.

Don’t try to fix anyone! Share the things you do to stay healthy and positive!

This community page is not to be used for commercial or personal promotion.

2 Comments on Social Meetup for Lightworkers in Lockdown and Isolating!

  1. Hi all,
    Just wanted to say a huge thanks to Libda for holding space for us all…. watching humanity unfold at present has been ‘interesting’to say the least. I hope everybody is well and I look forward to virtually meeting some souls soon ???

  2. Thank you Linda x you’re a star x it can’t be easy for you either so it’s really appreciated that you have done this x


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