Stargate of the Goddess

This is another one of those deeper messages that must be spoken and shared – even at the risk of it being understood.

August is a big month offering so many healing opportunities with two Eclipses and to receive the incoming frequencies of the Lion/Lioness Gate Portal. This is often referred to as the Stargate of the Goddess for it’s feminine energy and it’s connection to Sirius, the Star of Isis, and this Gateway is predicted to be a turning point for many of us.

There is opportunity for tremendous change and the potential for transformation and liberation, and many questions this Lion’s Gate of August 2017 is asking us to explore.

Everything is up for review now and we are being asked, does it align with our own truth? I will also share two interesting experiences I have had with this incoming energy so far.

So Love’s message this month from the Black Rose is this:

Are you ready to roar?

Or do you have unfinished business from the past?

There may be some parts of this message that resonate on a deep soul level. If what follows has no meaning or does not resonate at this time or is not truth for you, just let it go.

Go beyond the words shared here, for there are Codes within our DNA that are about to be activated through this powerful Lion’s Gate and must be felt rather than understood with the mind.

Many “Starseeds” and “Lightworkers” have been feeling and experiencing the Lion’s Gate energies building for a while, and through our ancient Galactic lineages, those who resonate and know themselves to be a Starseed may well be feeling the energy through the Star Sirius very strongly.

It is said that many of the incarnated Sisterhood and Brotherhood of the Rose have come from the Star Sirius, the home of one of the great Galactic Councils. Many are returning in this lifetime to awaken to their full potential and fulfil their sacred mission.

Sirius was the star of Isis. Sirius energy is about awakening to new frequencies, a higher consciousness, and can awaken the Third Eye Chakra often at an accelerated rate.

The Lion’s Gate is a time of balance and we have an opportunity to remove the impurities from our minds and bodies, heal the misuse of masculine energies and karmic lessons of the past, and heal a soul wound that has been carried by many for thousands of years….

We will be presented with opportunities to step out of our old life, and step into a new life we want. Everything we have repressed and ignored, avoided and denied, is still waiting in the shadows to be heard. We are all given free will to choose whether we want to claim freedom and wisdom for ourselves or not.

Energy from Sirius is shining on all of us and has a way of weeding out all that we try to hide – including the things we hide from ourselves. Yet it also brings us opportunities for spiritual growth and to awaken our own divinity and sense of worth. All we need do is be willing to open to receive the incoming downloads.

The Lion’s Gate Portal

The Lion’s Gate is a cosmic portal that opens between the physical and spiritual realms and gets it’s name from the heliacal rising of Sirius in the constellation of Leo which is symbolised by the Lion. The Portal is believed to be opened every year when the Cosmic and Galactic forces of our Sun, Earth and the star Sirius are in alignment.

Our Earth has to reach what is known as the Galactic Centre, the highly charged energy present within our solar system which becomes even more highly charged when Sirius aligns with our own Sun. Sirius is often referred to as our Spiritual Sun, and many believe it holds higher knowledge and Wisdom from the higher realms and through the Lion’s Gate we can receive downloads of spiritually advanced energy.

On our personal and collective journey towards wholeness, what follows is based on my own interpretation and the strange phenomena that I have recently encountered and experienced.

I have seen meaning, felt the deep shift within, and heeded the Call from the Divine who continually shines a Light for humanity to take the path towards wholeness and union with God/Goddess and step into the truth of who we are.

At this time many feel a deeper connection to the universe knowing we are the universe. The energies are strong and many have the ability to astral travel and cross other dimensions. Those sensitive to energies and who can connect with the cosmic and galactic realms as their multi-dimensional selves, can encounter strange phenomena and experiences.

It is and always has been my sincere wish that by sharing my own reflections and experiences on the path to Love that it may also inspire others on their own journey of healing and discovery and know themselves as multi-dimensional beings of Light.

Releasing old patterns deep within the Collective

Many ancient Sirians have incarnated now to complete the tasks they feel were left undone in the past. Some are completing a karmic pattern and calling parts of them selves home, or clearing a karmic pattern of fear of wanting or being able to express them selves.

This is particularly important for those who have a conflict between stepping forward as a “Way-shower” or remaining hidden. None of us have to do anything to lead. Just being is more than enough.

Sirius energy provides a powerful opportunity for profound healing and transformation if we can allow ourselves to embrace all the parts of us, even the parts we don’t want to see about ourselves. By releasing all into the Light of Sirius we can call all our lost parts home.

I can now humbly reveal why a Black Rose was taken last month to Chartres Cathedral and taken to the underground crypt by a Rose Guardian. Mass karma is about to end the unfinished business, sorrow and unexpressed grief on Earth, with a balancing of Universal karma too.

Sirius is the ancient doorway to the feminine mysteries. This star’s radiant beauty for me is epitomised in the deathly silence of the Black Madonna, guardian of the threshold of life and death, and giver of Grace is for me the portal to Isis, Sirius and All That Is.

When I received a nudge that a Black Rose had to be taken to the Black Madonna at Chartres, an image well acquainted with sorrow and grief, covered in a veil of secrecy, wearing a Crown of Light and wearing a luminous veil of the Stars, I trusted there was a higher purpose.

I got a sense that it was in preparation for the Lion’s Gate to balance and bring into harmony the “right the wrongs” on a collective level and heal the grief, guilt, sadness and karma of unfinished business. Symbolically, this represented a collective wound of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine and tasks left undone or that we were not able to complete in the past and it needed to be laid down at the feet of the Dark Mother.

Death and wounding was never meant to be and when we can recognise this we yearn for a restoration of all things. Tears, sadness, guilt and unresolved grief are all part of that restoration and healing process on the journey to wholeness.

There is more…

Looking beyond a religious icon, the Black Madonna embraces the Sacred Feminine and embodies the Black Light. Black has been totally misunderstood and judged over thousands of years, and many “Light-workers” today still place judgement on it without knowing that black is the “colour” of unconditional Love and full of Divine Feminine energy.

The Black Rose is the Alpha and Omega. She is the zero point. She embodies the mysteries of Light and darkness and holds them in balance. She is the past, present and future and holds ancient Star Wisdom. She is the connecting source to hidden wisdom that many cannot see. She is the Dark Mother, the veiled one, who represents the higher powers and the Feminine, She is Isis-Sophia. And she has been wounded too….

Mission Complete

There was no co-incidence that the little Black Rose was placed in the crypt on the 3rd July by a Rose guardian and brother of the Rose as a symbolic apology to the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine – on a day of a double digit number of 10:10. (3+7=10), (2017= 2+1+7=10). In numerology the 10:10 is a double dose of karmic energy that can be used to wipe the cosmic slate clean and start afresh.

Fast forward to the 26th July, the start of what is known as the Planetary and Galactic New Year. I was on a Skype call to a Rose sister when something profound happened. Angel Hair…or Rainbow Warrior?!

A loving Disclaimer!

No, I have not lost the plot. The top of my head and Third Eye were emanating rainbow Light with colours of black, emerald green, shades of blue and green, violet, magenta, gold, white and red. My friend could see all this from her end and it was so profound I took some photos.

My ego was trying to make sense of something that could not be explained with the mind. I thought it was either a cosmic joke, the Angels having a laugh, a high voltage of energy discharge from me or I could fob it off as a faulty connection or something wrong with my computer camera.

After sharing the photos with a few close friends it was evident. It was not dissolving pixels because the light was only over my hair, face and hands and not the rest of the room I was in – either I was having an encounter of the Third kind or my vibration has raised enough to enable it to be captured.

Whilst I cannot share these photos so publically here, if anyone on the mailing list would like to see them please email me.

On the 3rd August I came across a Youtube video from Magenta Pixie about the Emerald Gateway and my profound experience made sense. Then, on the 5th August I had a dream. In it were many pale blue birds with white chests….they were about the size of a Robin. One flew onto my hand and anchored itself with its beak onto my index finger. I have called them Angelic Bluebirds as they are messengers of some kind…and maybe hold the Sirius energy.

Everything is vibrating at such a high vibration now, and through my own deep inner work and journey to wholeness with balancing the masculine and feminine, embodying the Black Light and activating my own Diamond Light body, my dedication to be of service for humanity’s Sacred heart awakening, and blessed to bring forth the Black Rose teachings to anchor the Divine Feminine, somehow has aligned my own vibration with the frequencies of other realms and enabled me to be a vessel to anchor them.

In being willing to receive the energies of this Lion’s Gate we can all awaken to our multi-dimensional selves and our own unique divine potential to sing our own unique soul song. May we be blessed to receive the abundance of this Lion’s Gate in all it’s glory.

Have you experienced strange phenomena or had unusual dreams receiving this increased energy and influx of Light? If so, please feel free to share your experiences or post a comment if this post has resonated with you in the comments box below.

In Love, Grace, and Service,


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  1. Emma August 8, 2017 at 5:46 pm #

    Absolutely wonderful Linda! Thank you so very much! I can relate to so much of this and the way you write is so very beautiful. Thank you again!! I really needed this and now have a greater understanding of what’s going on.

    Love and blessings,
    Emma 🌟

  2. Rose August 8, 2017 at 10:49 pm #

    I have had golden dragon flies following me everywhere. Huge to small. But all brilliantly gilded like jewels. I also dreamt of a golden haired little boy last night he tugged on my skirt and said “find” I walked about what seemed to a store with him until we came upon two golden haired people man and woman who saw him and were overjoyed. He then waved to me as I slowly disappeared. But I did see myself. I was gilded in hair and golden eyes and finger nails even my skin glowed gold. It was quite amazing.

  3. Tara August 8, 2017 at 10:59 pm #

    Dear rose sistar,

    Today, the day after the full moon in which I at turns “efforted” and laughed at my efforting, because there were moments in which I was taken out of my world of tasks and lists and shot into a higher perspective from which I could see that everything is just fine, better than fine, and all I have to do is enjoy it all, if I can let myself. Those moments left me laughing and crying simultaneously: gratitude, relief, my own sense of self-importance and having a laugh at myself. All duality merged for a moment and I woke up and “saw.” Now I can draw on that memory At least, until the state becomes more permanent and less fleeting…. You know what I mean.
    Anyway, today I awoke full of the awareness of different fears, mine and the collective’s, since I no longer claim to be separate per say. Around abundance and specifically money and that all wrapped up in a lack of trust that support is all around, and a few other fears I can’t remember now. And I claim to be so fearless!!! Oh, I remember now: a fear of extreme sports, or of doing things like kite surfing that I really want to do but am scared I might get scared!!! How great is that? What a rock and a hard place kind of insolvable riddle that is!! We have certainly allowed ourselves to be fooled, have we not?
    So I awoke knowing it was an opportunity to release all that, or as my dear friend You, recently said to me, to acknowledge and own my own shadow. I’ve been awfully preachy lately to someone in my world about his fears – conscious and unconscious and what a dull way that is to live… So here in my dream, I am kind of sailboat wrecked on a rock in the middle of the sea and in comes a man to rescue me but he sees he can’t get close enough to shore to get me and my boat without wrecking himself, so off he goes. Then, you know who shows up? My dog! He is pulling the jib with his teeth, on his own sailboat/kite board and he brings it past the breakers and leaps next to me, leaving his boat to rest and somehow we know that there’s not much he can do for me, so he leaps back in the water, onto his board, and rides over the biggest wave I’ve seen and I panic for him and start out after him only to be frightened by nature’s power and my seeming fragility… When I kind of wake up with the understanding that he isn’t thinking down the road – he is in the now, and of course getting to his beloved companion, me, is all he has on his mind – not fear that the wave might sweep him away. It may, but that doesn’t stop him from action… So I needed to get on my board and make it past those huge waves and I was too scared!!!
    So today I journeyed and dedicated the journey to all my ancestors, those known and unknown, and to all beings on the planet and to Mother Earth herself, to be shown the shadow parts of me that are based in fear so that I may bring them home and love them into integration! I hope that was a smart intention my friends out there.
    So I listened to the drum. After singing sacredness into the room in a voice I have never heard from my throat before, powerful and vibrating on several levels, and in a language I don’t know… And I laid down and journeyed and acknowledged that I’ve been afraid, that I’ve been a cheapskate, that I have cheated people because of my own feelings of being poor and not having enough, of living in some uncertain future, that I have not trusted or seen the bounty…
    And I brought that part of me in and said we’re fine. There is more than enough for all of us. NO MORE COMPETITION. NO MORE COMPARISONS. Allow universal abundance to flow in and around and under and from within!!
    Then I acknowledged that I’ve felt better than others, more important, more special, like royalty.
    and in fact there is that element in my ancestry – and I am not sure how I resolved to both know I am special and not be separate. That’s a tricky one indeed.
    Then I met a part that has felt like a failure. Perhaps as old as Atlantis when I lost some knowledge I was entrusted to carry forward. This one felt huge. I told her, this separated part, that this knowledge was not lost, that others had also been entrusted with it and that shit happens, as it were…
    And I asked her to join us because there is so much she knows and has to offer and because we need her in order to be powerful. We need all our parts. And she came and stood in the circle with us.
    I was also shown a ceremony to pour or blow these fears and old ways of being restricted and controlled into a shell and launching it on dried reeds set afloat in the ocean then setting it alight, preferably with a fiery arrow, but while all the other elements were easy, the bow and arrow and great aim are not. I did my best and invited the man I’ve been judging to join me.
    I dedicated this ceremony to all of us on the planet, to the beautiful planet herself, and to the ancestors.
    So yes, it sure does resonate, Linda.
    And yes, I would like to see the pictures.
    And I am physically exhausted.
    Oh, I have been in my moon time during all of this, so I am powerful and poignant.

  4. Dr. Cris August 9, 2017 at 6:00 am #

    Well Linda how beautiful and resonant your latest blog is – when I read it I felt as if I was flying! I thank you for the beauty of the Black Rose which you embody so gracefully. I thank you for your words of wisdom, which, following a big day of energetic transformation yesterday made the tears form in my eyes. This only happens when I am engaged with pure truth. And thank you for your dedication and commitment which sets such a wonderful example to us all.
    love from Cris

  5. June August 9, 2017 at 6:32 am #

    I would love to see the photos, Linda!!!!

  6. Alison August 9, 2017 at 6:21 pm #

    Hi Linda, As ever your words resonate with me. Last Sunday I was called to deliver 2 meditations at Gorton Monasteryin Manchester, I was to connect with one of my own paintings which lives there “The Angels of Here and Now”.Their message is very much about being in the moment, BEING, and reminds us that Chronos time is merely a construct. 3 women had expressed great desire to travel with me that day, 2 of whom had made big fuss and palaver over arrangements and of course, at the 11th hour, found other things to do that were “more important”. The 3rd woman, who had the longest journey to get to me and was also newly pregnant and car sick, arrived spot on time. Her experience at the Monastery and the meditation was profound. She was able to “see” what she had not seen before although it had been in front of her. As you say, we are now Wayshowers and it is not necessary to “do” anything but show up. THANK YOU x I love reading your blogs. x Alison

  7. A Rose Priestess August 15, 2017 at 12:22 pm #

    It’s lovely to read this. I have had some profound healing this month regarding male-female balance – one event i want to mention here is the healing of some temple rose sisters who were sacrificed in darker times. This event is now healed but some sisters may need to find their lost diamond self from this time and integrate it within for wholeness. Do not be afraid to do this soul retrieval yourself & heal this for yourself now. You can find your inner diamond self by calling upon Isis & MM and requesting they help you find her, ask her to come home to you & imagine & find her then simply place her in your heart. She is waiting for your call. Talk with her. Know all is now healed & it is safe for her to come back and unfold to her true glory. Isis & MM hold strong protection & healing over this. See their protection as you align. After the meditation keep affirming your wholeness and inner self love self beauty self respect self worth. Feel & connect with your whole diamond self. Allow your inner radiance to shine.

    • Suzanne Grimshaw September 2, 2017 at 10:46 am #

      Thank you for this Rose sister. It has been a real revelation to me. MM says yes I have a black Rose sister, she suffered horribly she says. My energy is being renewed.xx

  8. Jackie August 20, 2017 at 5:06 pm #

    Thank you Linda, for once again sharing. I have receved. I am receiving ….. and I admit the deepest awe of what is transforming or perhaps transmuting these days. Following a 9 day intensive retreat in Glastonbury, I feel more feminine and it feels like my whole history ….my memories of the childhood I had…. it all feels like they have been re written. Strangely, I feel not only love for my mum and grandmother …. but the very deepest compassion. And so I live from this point of being in awe of being shown by Mother Mary that the stories were incomplete. They were not wholly true

    Since I now give myself permission to live from my Truth and be safe (a major factor in my life quest), ALL of the femail family members are going through their shit. /and blaming me. Speaking to me of what they feel is my part in it all, I laugh. I love the portal which seems to have opened because I have seen more of my truth. So what do I do? I geti n touch with the compassion that I felt for my ancestors and apply it to my closest family members …. it feels good. And it feels right

    • Linda August 20, 2017 at 6:54 pm #

      Hi Jackie,

      Amazing what healing happens isn’t it when we rewrite the story!

  9. Cynthia Ayton August 29, 2017 at 11:13 am #

    Beautiful Beautiful article! Thank you!!!!!
    On the morning of the 8/8 Lion’s Gate I had a profound dream! I dreamt there was a Lion in the back of my Aunt’s car, I went to see him and held his head in my hand, I was filled with tremendous Love for him. I pulled the blanket back and his back was raw and ripped from an attack. None seemed to be coming to help, so I began to carry him, a bald headed man in a uniform came to me and asked if he could pet him, I said yes, he is very gently! So the man pet him for a bit and I walked back to the car, laid the Lion down, checked his back and he was healed. I felt so much Love for him….xoxoxoxo

  10. Suzanne Grimshaw September 2, 2017 at 10:30 am #

    I have just come across this lately, but thank you for making sense of a very deep and soul healing experience this month. I have been astrally to Ancient Greece to see a past life in Aphrodite’s temple and deal with cord cutting of an ancient tie on a soul level. My companion was Actun the leader of Starship Athena. He appeared to me two nights ago covered in gold dust. It was an accolade of my achievements this month of August just gone. He showed my my deep connection to the gods and goddesses, especially Aphrodite and Athena. I was told that this were my gifts come from and to give thanks to them unreservedly.Actun is the leader of the Arcturian race that protect our planet.

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