The energies of the month of March have been powerful. With the two Eclipses illuminating the Truth for us, the Spring Equinox and Easter, we have all been given an opportunity to redefine our lives, and be resurrected into a new future to make a profound difference in the world. And that means taking action of some kind – one step at a time.

The holiday season of Easter is an important Christian festival that celebrates Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead. Easter is not exclusive to Christians, for it is also a planetary event and Festival of the risen living Christ presence that is merging into a new age that will express the Light and Love of the Divine.

We are all being given an opportunity now to “rise from the dead” – rising from the deadness of what we perceive to be real and rising into the Divine beings that we are. Shining our Light in a world that appears to be chaotic and in turmoil, it is time that we bring forth and express our Divine gifts in whatever way we can. So Love’s healing message this month is this:

Let your Light shine,

regardless of what is going on around or within you

Life is now inviting us to remember, experience, and fulfil all that we hold about who we are – regardless of any challenges, illness, limitations, or whether or not we feel whole. When we step into and walk in the Light we step into the higher vibrational frequency of Love.

It is not dependent on the job we do, the house we live in, what we are supposed to do for a living, or how to perform it. It is not about just shining our Light for a short period of time when we are within a certain space with certain others, it is a fulltime job – 24/7.

We are not being asked to be perfect. What is being asked of us now is to return to the essence of Love and embrace it. In doing so, we make a difference in the world.

I have several crystal prisms around my home, precision cut and shaped that from the reflection of the sun’s rays give off beautiful shapes of rainbow Light. Some of the natural Quartz crystals have internal imperfections that produce rainbows inside. Each is unique in its appearance, containing its own special energy, its own unique Light.

The point is it is these imperfections that make them beautiful. They do not dim their Light in the presence of another. And they do not dim their Light because another appears to be bigger or more brightly coloured. They do not wait for permission to shine their Light either.

Bringing forth our Gifts

We and our Light are needed now. Tests and lessons can come fast and hard for those who choose to stay in the lower vibrations. Embrace them. For these are the lessons to raise us to the vibration of Love. We cannot bring forth our gifts if we are not present.

If we want to reach a higher frequency we have to move out of the basement. We have to move beyond feeling stuck. Many want their situations to change yet they prefer to stay in their comfort zone doing nothing. It is time we stopped making excuses for why we can’t get things done. It is time we stopped allowing our past to hold us back from our present moment and future. It is time to let it go…whatever “it” means for us. It is time to stop ignoring, denying, avoiding and hiding our God gifted Light.

I often have conversations with people who know they are here to help others but they don’t know how to bring it forth or what they are supposed to be doing. We are not meant to know “how”, that is a question of the mind. My response is what is it you would Love to do? What makes your Heart sing when you are doing it? And therein lies the answer.

When we connect with the truth of our Sacred Heart and make a commitment to serve and be of service, it sets in motion our knowing within to bring forth what we are here to do. We need to ask our I AM Presence in the Silence for help in bringing it forth. Ask for the gift which is unique for you that will be offered in a way that will assist humanity and all life forms.

So what is the excuse you are using to not step into your Light? Are you hesitating or waiting for permission? You have that permission already. Are you waiting for when the time is right? The time is right now. Are you waiting until you believe that you are good enough, deserving, or perfect? You already are all of those things. Are you ready to give up your weaknesses, your desire to be accepted by others, your anxiety and your crushing fear of being judged by others? We need to stop sitting on our abilities and talents and use them.

If the world was ever in need of us shining our Light that time is now. We must never underestimate or hesitate to share what Mother/Father God has given us to share with the world, for we will never know whose life is saved, whose deliverance, breakthrough, salvation, healing or transformation has come about because of the gifts we have been blessed with. What we have within us is what someone else needs.

So why do we dim our Light when others around us are dimming theirs, reacting to what is going on around us or things don’t go the way we want? Through my own commitment to growth and self discovery, and my will to endure and survive, I had to dig deep so I could find meaning and purpose. It meant I had to learn to love myself and embrace every aspect of my being and relinquish my ego and Heart wounding. I also had to learn to Love everything that was happening so I could embody a higher frequency of Love.

That does not mean to say that “darkness” does not arise in my life, it means it gets transformed quicker. Our negative emotions have a purpose in that they help us identify our false beliefs that keep our Light dimmed and prevent us from stepping into our power. We all have an important part to play in the evolution of our soul and humanity, but as long as we are holding judgements, prejudices, anger, hate, distorted thoughts and beliefs we are contributing to the problem. What is being asked of us is to turn them around so we can make a difference to the world.

Until we change our perspective on things and understand that nothing outside of us can disempower us, then we will not learn the lesson of mastering empowerment. When we are empowered we not only hold a high vibration of Love, it also extends out to others and gives them an invitation to step into the Light too. We all have free will, so it is up to us to make the choice as to whether or not we are willing to embrace the higher vibration of Love and a new way of being.

Shining our Light to Bless Humanity

I, like many have had to resolve and find the truth in countless experiences of living life as a human. Many times I have been taken into the underworld, so I can bring back the gifts I found there and share them through these blogs. My healing journey with RA taught me about acceptance and self Love and living from a place of unconditional Love and service – for myself and others. I have always referred to RA as my friend as it taught me a lot about the beliefs I held around healing.

It does not make my Light any “less than” whether it is only one person who reads a blog or thousands. It does not make my Light dimmed living with illness in my physical body. I can be house bound a lot of the time but it does not stop me shining the Light and being a conduit for the Light in the best way I can. It was through illness my gifts were brought forth. When we can move beyond our pain and see the bigger picture that we are all here for a reason regardless of our pain or what’s going on in our lives, we see that it is about returning to our Divine essence which is Love.

We can still shine our Light even if we are doing it alone in our own homes or the workplace. With technology and the internet these days, sometimes it is about finding a different way to do things – regardless of any perceived challenges, pain and limitations. When we follow our Hearts and just do it we bless humanity in the most invisible and amazing ways that can make a difference.

Opportunities abound in our daily lives to shine our Light in any way we can and they are limitless. It may not be our role to speak to thousands at a world event, to offer one-to-one sessions, or be a healer. We may not be writers or artists, yet we can shine our Light at the supermarket check out with a complete stranger. We can shine our Light by giving a smile to the homeless person on the street, or through doing voluntary work.

The point is we all have gifts within us that others have not. It is up to us to find our gifts and use them. Find your own way to spread Love in the world. Focus on your own journey, not the journey of others. The truth is our own spiritual growth and transformation offer not only challenges, but opportunities too.

Our life purpose is to re-member who we are and then spread that Love out into the world. To be the Light is to embrace a higher frequency of energy. We shine our Light, regardless of whether others can, or want to see it or not.

Being an authentic Light

Out job is to be the Light, it is not dependent on whether anyone “gets it”. Neither do we need to feel threatened or challenged by another’s Light. The thing about Light is that it reveals everything. Sometimes our “Light presence” can bother others and so they turn away. Sometimes others will turn away from a beacon of Light because they don’t want to acknowledge their own shortcomings. Yet the truth is Light not only shines on and exposes what is hidden in the darkness – Light also shows us the way out.

To be with honest, authentic people who shine their Light full time, who share their joy, their Hearts, and their passion is like a breath of fresh air. To shine our Light is to shine it authentically and unconditionally.

When we are honest and authentic, there will always be people who do not accept us, or are not ready to receive a teaching we have to share because they cannot yet see the Light or it is too bright for them. And that is ok too. We must honour each soul, whether they choose to walk the path of Light or the path of darkness.

Does that mean we will turn away from friends or loved ones, or dismiss someone from our life because they cannot see the Light in their moments of anger or upset? Do we become frustrated when they cannot see our perspective, or make them wrong because they do not hold our beliefs? Our world, inner and outer, has become difficult because we have moved away from our Hearts. We have moved away from the frequency of Love.

The Heart is the centre point that allows us to access our ancient wisdom, connect with others, shine our Light and BE an authentic Light for others. Being Light is about balance. To shine our Light means we have to choose Love. We have to choose Truth. We have to choose peace and joy. We all have bad days but whether we choose to react or respond makes all the difference. There is also a big difference in convincing ourselves it is ok to react and loving ourselves enough to hold our reactive behaviour and emotions in a frequency of Love.

Blocks to Shining our Light

We need to recognise that these situations we react to have not happened by co-incidence. They have been presented to us for a reason, for they hold valuable lessons and a beautiful message for spiritual growth and expansion, and a lesson too in mastering our own emotions. They show us where we have stepped out of the Love frequency and where we need to clear our lower vibration.

If we have reacted to something or someone that has triggered our emotions, it can be a hard pill to swallow, and accept, that what we are really being asked to do is raise our vibration and SEND THAT PERSON LOVE.

If we are truly committed to our growth, we cannot break the cycle of negativity by feeding it more negativity. When we truly understand the meaning behind Love everything and hold it in Love, we understand we are being asked to face all fear and negativity and hold it in Love – including our own fear and negativity.

Then we need to thank them, not necessarily in person, but we need to acknowledge that they were presented to us as our teacher for a beautiful opportunity to grow from a valuable lesson. For the lessons that person is teaching us is to learn about compassion, humility, unconditional Love – and Forgiveness. It is easy to Love those who think the way we do, or accept us for who we are. The biggest challenge is to Love unconditionally those who hurt us deeply. But we are also being asked to shine our Light on that person that is crying out for help too.

We can convince ourselves or rather our ego can that the other person doesn’t get it, they are not conscious enough to understand, or they are not on the same level as us. It is not about the other person, it is about us. If we truly want to move into the Love frequency we need to stop taking things personally and see the bigger picture in these events. They are presented to us so we can practice the vibration of Love. On a conscious level they are acting out from a place of fear and so are we if we are reacting – we are dimming our Light. It is not Love.

Sometimes we are presented with someone having an upset to practice holding space. That means, holding them in a space of Love. On an unconscious level, that person who is playing out their drama in front of us is crying out for healing – a healing that can only be given by a heart-centred soul through Love. But we can only give that healing when we are connected with our Hearts and not reacting from our own emotional wounding.

It is time for us to make a choice. Find our Light within, our passion, live it, spread our Truth.  Are you ready to hand your struggles over to Love? It is time to take our place. The Legions of Light are massing…will you join the ranks? Will you take your position?

In Love and Grace,