Hello Earth Angels, Mighty Beings of Light and Galactic Hearts,

Still Stuck In Your Comfort Zone?

It is interesting how there is an underlying theme in the conversations we can have with different people. It is as a result of such conversations I have had in the past week that has prompted this month’s newsletter.

Yes, it is much later than usual, yet I always trust there is a higher purpose behind it – and that purpose has now come into full view since looking at my lunar calendar and hearing of the aftermath of the unprecedented devastation left by the super storm Sandy.

Although this newsletter is rather long, there is a very powerful message to be revealed within it. Even the planets this month are certainly giving us all the opportunity to finally let go – or should I say face up to, if we have the courage and willingness to go where angels fear to tread….

Whilst you may be aware of people around you still caught up in fear through the changes in the world that are happening around them, there are also others that are caught up in uncertainty and anxiety – some feeling stuck or frozen even, and who are not sure what step to take next.

This October’s Full Moon and the planetary line ups, whether it feels like it or not – is leading us all into Divine Love. What has this to do with your comfort zone you may ask? Read on….you may come to that ah ha moment towards the end!

As we are preparing to move into the transformative months of November and December, October’s Full Moon is giving us all an opportunity to feel into those places where we need to expand our own sense of Self.

Cosmic Forces of Death and Rebirth

October has been a powerful, confusing month for many. As always, all we can do is ride these waves with acceptance, forgiveness and compassion…learning and love.

Like a rising tide, the cosmos works through us all until we come to the realization that it is futile to resist. October’s Full Moon is thoughtful and very potent, and with the planets of Pluto, Uranus and Chiron, (Chiron being the Wounded Healer,) these mighty Ambassadors of the Galaxy are steering us into the direction that the universe sincerely wants us to take, even if we may feel at a crossroads and unsure what road to take next.

With the Full Moon in Scorpio on the 29th October and Samhain (Summer’s End) on the 31st October, it is time to look at those things that go bump in the night (or day!) which frightens us and keeps us stuck.

The element related to Scorpio is water (emotions), so like the rock pools on a beach, leave no stone unturned. By doing so, although you may not be aware of it, you may unwittingly find what is keeping you stuck in uncertainty and preventing you from finding the treasure you seek.

Many still are not interested in, do not want to do, or do not know how to do their inner work to find their true Authentic Self – yet this is a major requirement to be able to manage and deal with the post 2012 energies.

Only by having the courage and willingness to visit the “Dark Night of the Soul” called childhood can we ever begin to understand why we behave the way we do or “act out” as adults. The choices we have made in life as adults were our reactive responses to our childhood wounds.

If we grew up in a dysfunctional environment where we had wounded parents who did not know how to love themselves, is it any wonder then that many of us do not even know what it means to love ourselves?

The wake-up call from Mother Earth 

As one person remarked on the TV channel after the super storm Sandy, “How can we stop this happening to this great city again?”

Even in the post apocalyptic scenes from New York and Northern Ontario, people have still not woken up to the angry message from Mother Earth – change your ways…

Mother Earth is trying to get our attention in any way she can – we are living through transformational times both on the outside world and our inner world. These wild energies that caused so much destruction are just a reflection of the destruction we have caused to ourselves, to others and to Mother Earth.

The fourteen foot high surge of water caused by the Full Moon is just a reflection to show us the surge of unexpressed emotions welling up in us that needs to be released. Anger, fear, worry and despair to name a few.

The Subways in New York submerged in deep, dark water – symbolic of our subconscious mind where many of us hide our emotional trauma.

The snow falls in Canada – symbolic of our “frozen” tears and emotions caused by our deep seated emotional pain and inability to feel.

The trauma and loss from super storm Sandy – symbolic of the trauma and loss we experience in some form during childhood.

The devastating tsunami in Japan last year and now super storm Sandy…when will we get the message?

The underlying message

If you want to see peace in the world – then heal your Inner Child.

If you want to Dance with the Light – then Dance with the Dark first.

If you want Love – then love the Wounded Child within.

We cannot stop the wars until we stop the wars within ourselves.

The devastation outside is a reflection of the devastation within ourselves.

If you want to be healed – heal from the Inside Out.

When you are healed…Mother Earth will be healed.

The core wound in emotional pain can become so unconscious that we can end up feeling cut off from our feelings. The way to stop reacting out of our inner children is to release the stored emotional energy from our childhoods by doing the grief work that will heal our wounds.

Everything you see in the outside world, the wars, the violence the raping of Mother Earth – these are all a reflection of the war inside each of us that is projected onto the outside. The rain and the snow from Mother Earth are a projection of the tears we are unable to shed for ourselves.

It is all caused because we have been at war with ourselves and it is time now to stop the judgements on ourselves and the shame and guilt for being human. The time is now to take responsibility – not the blame.

Are you ready to walk into the darkness with me?

There is value in pain

I had to be diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis to appreciate and find the true value and gift in pain. I mean real pain. I could barely feed or hardly dress myself, get in or out of a bath, car or bed, or walk up the stairs. I was almost crippled and a physical wreck.

I had been healthy up to that point in my life and had a successful spiritual, alternative therapy business, yet after being struck down with this debilitating illness I asked myself, “How on earth did I attract this?” particularly as there were no family members with it. In the next eighteen months I found the value in my painful, rheumatoid experience – a core wound of injustice that was so deep it even went below my radar system!

How can we heal?

The only way we can do this is to focus on our own individual healing. For aeons we have been doing things backwards. We need to change our perspectives – and this includes our perspective on the healing process.

Many people have spent years searching for their healing by visiting healers, psychics and therapists to take away and “clear” their “stuff”. There is no judgement in any of this – only learning and love. There is no right or wrong way to do our emotional healing, it is about integration and balance –this is a gradual process that takes time.

It is also worth emphasising here, we do not need “fixing”, we are not “broken” – it is our relationship with ourselves that needs healing.

It is not about “clearing” or “getting rid of” what has happened to us, or aiming for “perfection” – this will create separation. The purpose of the work is to change our ego programming and change our defence systems to open us up to receive love. This operates on a multi dimensional level also, because if we cannot conceive of a God/Goddess/Universal life force that loves us then how can we be loving towards ourselves?

Whether you are in a place to be aware of it or not, whether you can “see” it or not, whether you “believe” it not – the universe is a friendly place and has a consciousness that has our own and Mother Earth’s best interests at heart.

That may be hard to swallow if you find yourself right now with your back against the wall and the ceiling caving in on you, because it can seem that the world is not a friendly place if everything around you is collapsing or you are out on a limb and on your own. Yet in amongst the chaos of this world, by tapping into something that is larger than our self can fill us with awe and a recognition and feeling that we are connected. Whatever spiritual path you are on, being open to working with the planetary energies also links us to the Divine.

Owning our own power to be a co-creator with our lives rather than giving our power away means that we must change the relationship we have with ourselves. Becoming aware of our emotional pain body enables us to change our thinking. Before our spiritual Self can guide us, we need to become detached from our wounded self first.

Trust in the Dark

The dark is the one place most people do not want to go – yet it is in the dark our gifts will be revealed. Fear is a crafty thing – it will rear up its ugly head and bite us when we least expect it – or even when we do not or cannot recognise it.

Can you learn to trust in the dark? As the clocks have now gone back and it is getting darker earlier in the evenings, add to that the time of year of Halloween (Samhain) and there is a feeling of eeriness, spookiness and scariness in the air!

Modern astrologers use Mars and Pluto as Scorpio’s ruling planets. Planetary wise, Pluto is known as the bringer of death and regeneration. With a New Moon and Solar Eclipse coming up on the 13th November, we need to find our courage and recognise the fear and “darkness” that is coming up from our soul in whatever its disguises.

Samhain is known by several names – Hallowe’en, Day of the Dead, Spirit Night, Feast of the Dead and Apple fest to name a few. It is one of our four Greater Sabaats and is known as the highest holy day of witches. It is also the Day of the Dead for us as well as the Celts and Egyptians – it is the night when we remember our loved ones and honour our ancestors.

Samhain also marks the rising of the Pleiades, and with the Full Moon in Scorpio, that will increase the energy on the planet. In Celtic mythology the Pleiades became associated with tears and mourning and the ancients referred to them as “the cradle and the throne of our consciousness”. Regardless of all the doom and gloom you may be hearing from the media, this could also give us a boost as we may find ourselves presented with doors of opportunities and synchronicities – though it is up to each and every one of us to make the choice whether we walk through the door or just walk on by.

Scorpio is often known as the most intense sign of the zodiac and is associated with sexual activity – yet it is also the symbolism of death and rebirth. Whether you are male or female reading this, we are all soon to give birth to something – even if we do not know what that “something” is at the moment. As we move into November we could be heading for some big shifts and changes, both individually and collectively. Yet in the meantime, why is “giving birth” to something so painful?

Birthing something New

Who said giving birth was easy and pain free? Anyone that has witnessed a birth of a baby, let alone physically experiencing it, will know that it is not always an easy transition. It can be a very tiring, exhausting, emotional, painful and overwhelming experience for parents. And it can also be a traumatic experience for baby too.

From a soul perspective, can you imagine what it felt like for us when it was time for us to be born? Having spent nine months in a warm, dark place in our mother’s womb if we were lucky, protected from the harshness of the outside world, were we aware of the perilous journey and struggle that lay ahead of us to get into the outside world?

And whether we are male or female, this is what we are going through at the moment – we are being reborn both as individuals and as a collective and it is a painful, emotional struggle for many. Everything is in the process of some sort of radical transformation.

What does your soul want to express?

This October’s Full Moon is giving us the opportunity to gain insight into what our soul needs – and we must take responsibility for our dark sides. Anyone that has overcome a “Dark Night of the Soul” will know that our gifts lay in that darkness.

By finding the courage to go within to find and accept the darker aspects of ourselves, we will be doing ourselves a great service as our soul aligns and prepares us for the Great Shift.

Where is your comfort zone? 

Are you staying in a safe but toxic relationship or job?

Is it keeping yourself isolated because you lack the confidence to reach out to others?

Or keeping yourself “aloof” because you fear rejection or disappointment?

Maybe you prefer to remain a victim so you do not have to take responsibility for yourself?

Are you remaining trapped in “poverty consciousness” so you do not have the money to complete your souls mission?

Is it staying stuck because you are frightened of “rocking a boat” with friends or family?

Keeping yourself small because you fear failure?

Or do you feel safe and secure in what you know and is familiar to you, because you are afraid of the unknown?

Until you recognise what your comfort zone is you will remain stuck and not able to move into a more abundant life. October’s Full Moon is giving us all the opportunity to recognise and move out of our comfort zones and expand our authentic Self.

Strength comes from facing our fears head on until we are no longer afraid. Remove your core fear and belief that is keeping you stuck and you will expand into the power of You!

Over the years, I have held sacred space and walked with many on an inner journey into the darkness to find their wounded child, so they could heal their past in the present. Through the trauma of grief the gift of love is revealed.

As always, if this newsletter has raised any issues with you then please feel free to email me or write a comment on the blog.

In Love, Light and Wisdom,

Linda Raven – Multidimensional Teacher and Messenger of Light