In view of the recent events at Sandy Hook Elementary School I have thought long and hard before issuing this newsletter and sharing with you the higher purpose of this tragedy. However, this event has affected not only the people of the place that this terrible tragedy took place in – it has hit the world at large at such deep levels, action is being demanded like we have never seen before by people that have had enough.

As many around the world reel in horror and share the deep pain at the price paid by these little innocent souls and their families, from where I am standing….I see the Truth being revealed and a beautiful Divine Plan unfolding that will change humanity forever….

As we are nearing the end of 2012 and the end of the Mayan calendar, the Mayans worldview provides a different sense of human history, a poignant way of relating to each other and a deepened sense of personal and collective identity. We are all finding ourselves on the edge of a precipice now… the heartbreak and the grief being felt around the planet from this recent tragedy can bring us all closer together or it can drive us completely apart. This is the choice we are all faced with now….to live in love or fear…which will you choose?

I have shared with you and talked about through this website and past newsletters of my own personal challenges and losses. These experiences wrecked me and broke me…breaking my heart wide open. However, I was shown the gift and I received it graciously and with gratitude – I recognised the silver lining and allowed the alchemical process that followed to completely transform me. Having been touched by Truth, it changed me forever.

And you can too. Whenever we are faced with loss of any kind, it will bring up “our stuff” that needs to be embraced within us. Dealing with loss and limitation are two of our biggest challenges in life and learning to deal with them takes us deeper into the meaning of life…

For me, the losses and grief I had to experience in 2010 was to move me into a deeper level of love and compassion and to come to the realization there was nothing in me to fix, nothing was broken and nothing needed healing – it is just the ego that wants to “fix”, “improve” and “heal” things.

And so here lies the Truth…this tragic event the world and planet has now been presented with is to bring up everyone’s deep grief and the grief of the planet so it may guide us into a deeper level of unity, love and compassion for one another. We are all Divine beings and we always have been…that is the Truth. It is time now for us all to step out of “victimhood” and drop our stories so that we can empower ourselves and rise up to the truth of who we really are.

In the January 2012 newsletter I wrote that many people will have to move through the challenging emotions of loss and grief. I also wrote how the last few years and especially last year, we have been shown how our inner emotions are reflected back to us in our external circumstances. Last year we saw many upheavals, both inner and outer, moments of deep pain and sadness for many, yet in the process of HAVING to let go, it gives us the opportunity to learn even more about ourselves.

The Higher Purpose of this Tragedy

What happened on the 14th December 2012 was a two-fold message to the world. Tragedies are our wake up calls which are urging us to awaken to the Truth and make the necessary changes on a much deeper, personal level.

I was talking to a friend recently and I expressed to her how I had to question why I felt so emotionally detached from this event – how could I be so at peace within when there was so much shock and grief being shown around the world? Was I in denial of these events? Was my heart so closed or was I so hard faced it did not bother me?

I was picking up so much fear and helplessness around this tragedy through messages I had seen on Face Book and TV coverage, yet I also knew it was not my fear and helplessness – it was the fear “energy” of the world that I was picking up on.

What I have learnt through my own healing journey over the past ten years, in particular the past two, is that there is nothing to fix, there is nothing to clear, and everything that we experience is an opportunity for us to move into peace and even greater grace and gratitude. It is about embracing EVERYTHING in life, the good and the bad, in this cosmic dance of Light.

What this tragic event has shown me is that I have embraced my heartbreak and grief and I have been able to shift and grow from it into another vibrational level – a level where I can see the blessing in everything and a level of peace that I have never experienced before – for that I am grateful. I am not talking here about the heartbreak from a broken relationship – I am talking about the heartbreak that rocks us to our core and rips our hearts wide open.

Anything that we have not embraced in ourselves will come up for us to deal with…and it will keep coming up until we stop resisting and say enough is enough. Many around the world are at a point in their evolution now where they literally have to allow their hearts to break. Like me, when you have been touched by the Truth, you too will never be the same again.

Parental Grief

This tragedy, although I am in no way making a comparison to the London Riots of last year, is a message telling us all to take care of our children. Without judgement here, our values are back to front. Our children are being neglected, deprived of love, ignored, abused and being brought up on a diet of unhealthy foods, violent computer games, pornography and absent parents.

Yet it also goes much deeper than this. It is not only the children of today that we must care for, it is the wounded children within each of us – my real concern is the emotionally charged energy that is being released upon the world at this time.

I make no apology for dwelling on this tragedy in this newsletter, what does concern me is that many will turn away and use their tears and sadness for the “little angels now in heaven” without addressing their own grief – no judgement in this, just love and learning.

The Lion Has Awakened

In a world that appears in chaos, out of control and seems to have gone mad, if we look closely there are still many good hearted people in this world. People like you and me who want to see peace in the world, who want to see this world of ours as a better and safe place for our children, the elderly, and the community at large, where everyone feels connected and not separated.

Have you ever watched and observed a lioness with her young? Those of us that are mothers know only too well a mother’s love – and how we will go to any lengths to protect our children. It is she who protects, nourishes, and bestows her child with love and care. It is she who sacrifices many things in life to give the best to her children.

As this tragedy has unfolded protesters have marched on the headquarters of the US gun lobby as the call for tighter firearm controls grows in the wake of the school massacre. As the first two funerals for young victims of the Sandy Hook shooting took place, the news is revealing that 75 activists descended on the Washington DC headquarters of the powerful National Rifle Association (NRA). The protesters were heard chanting: “Shame on the NRA,” and demanded that the organisation drop its hard line stance and make way for new gun control laws.

Protecting our children is a mother’s primal instinct and it is the group collective energy of the good hearted people who have had enough that is the most powerful energy that will create change – not the politicians, the governments, or the corporations. The time is now for each and every one of us to awaken the lion/lioness within, and to stand up and rise up for what we believe in. My heart goes out in love and gratitude to all those innocent souls who lives were taken so violently, so as to awaken a power far greater than could have ever been imagined.

Moving Forward Now

There are many astrological aspects related to this tragic event which I will not go into here and this is the second disaster with Sandy in its name. Co-incidence? I think NOT.

There is also no co-incidence that as we are a few days away now from the 21st December 2012 which is not only the Winter Solstice; the darkest day of the year, it is also the end of the Mayan Calendar. However, the end of the Mayan Calendar doesn’t mean the end of the world, rather the end of an age and the beginning of a new one.

The world IS changing, one step at a time. This date represents a window of possibility for an evolutionary leap in consciousness for our beloved planet, and it will create an opening where each of us, in time, will fully realize that we have the power to create our new world.

21st December and Beyond

The Shift will not end on the 21st December – it is the beginning of change that will take place for many years to come. Reaching the 21st December and moving beyond it is like emerging from an anxious drive through a very dark forest. Soon, we will be able to get to work and build a world that is a true reflection of who we are – built on a foundation of love and unity that we are all a part of.

I have received a “glimpse” of the higher purpose of the City of Light, Circle of Love and it is now up to each and every one of us to awaken the lion within and rise up and demand for greater protection for ourselves, our children, our families and even our communities – this must be the number one priority for all of us to move forward, surely?

How You Can Help

I invite each and every one of you to have your own prayer vigil over the next few days. Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed, light a candle and enter into a sacred space of prayer. It is very important to realise that you are not sending healing to a place or person – this is ego which has its own hidden agendas.

We are all spiritual beings having a human experience – so no one is broken, no one needs fixing, we are already whole and complete – humanity just chooses to see it a different way. We are very limited in our perceptions but God/Divine Source will see that person/s as the multi-dimensional being that they are. You can then ask God/Source for a healing of the heart of humanity.

I will also be facilitating a gathering on the Winter Solstice as the City of Light, Circle of Love steps forward into a New Age of Light. I will be discussing the issues raised in this article and offering a candle light vigil. If you have any questions or comments, require support with your own grief, or have any messages for the prayer circle, please feel free to post them on the blog or email me in person if you wish to talk in confidence.

In Love, Light and Wisdom in this Season of Light – see you on the other side!

Linda Raven – Multidimensional Teacher and Messenger of Light