Through the Portals of Time, on the palindrome date of 2222, a mirroring image and a sequence that reads the same forward as it does backwards, the 2nd February 2020 energetically created a shift in many that will bring a long awaited feeling of peace and harmony, as we ease into the new vibrations for 2020.

With February’s Full Moon, we must all look after our Hearts and prepare for the changes. We must have the courage, passion, desire and strength to make the changes that are meaningful for us.

So much is coming up for us in the dream state, as well as present time too. For me, the 2222 energy had linked me into a strange energy that had an important message. It was that of St Peregrine……

So the message from the Black Rose this month is this:

Pick up your staff and take it to the places you need to go

I for one felt January as a very heavy energy. I had been anti-social at times, feeling like I was walking between worlds with no interest in the Earthly 3D stuff of distraction. I was a hermit. Again.

Stories from the past were coming up into the present time as a real experience, same old foe in a different disguise to let go and release the trauma of past events. I know I am not alone in having these experiences.

Within a Tarot deck the card of the Hermit shows him standing alone. He holds in his right hand a lantern with a six pointed star inside to light his way. He holds in his left hand a staff. Just like a Crozier, not only does it represent his power and authority, it balances him on his journey, one foot at a time.

Having chosen a path of self discovery and obtaining a heightened state of awareness and self mastery, he is aligned with the highest wisdom. He then takes his wisdom, power, Love and authority as he steps out into the world to see where to go next.

There will come a time where many will be called upon to help those in need. Will you be ready? What will you do? Can you be a healing presence to the people in your life?

Servites of Mother Mary

We can perceive the world as broken, chaotic and crazy and buy into the fear of loss, conspiracy theories, global warming, terrorism, devastation and destruction. The obstacle, the challenge, the illness, the loss are the gift. They all offer opportunities for change and an invitation to act upon it. From my own personal experiences, I have found that what appears as loss comes around in another form.

My walk with cancer gave me an opportunity. It changed me at some level as it would anyone having a threat to life and it pushed me into a form of “posttraumatic growth”. One of the profound changes I noticed was a change in my priorities in that I no longer wanted to waste my time and energy on things and people that were toxic and abusive and no longer meaningful to me.

On the 2/2/2020, something came my way that I had to follow. I do not consider myself a religious person, so when Saint Peregrine dropped into my lap, I had to sit up and take notice.

Saint Peregrine was not only known as a rebel that became a Saint, the Church appointed him as the patron saint for persons suffering from cancer, foot problems and any incurable disease. That’s interesting I thought. I have “suffered” from cancer and the toll it takes on the body. I also have foot problems and deformities linked to an incurable disease – according to the medical profession.

So began my search into St Peregrine and I found the Servites of Mary.

Before they became a religious order, it is said that seven prosperous men came together. In 1233 a war was taking place in Tuscany. The middle class was emerging. The divide between rich and poor was growing. The picture was one of devastation, chaos, poverty and disease.

Some wanted to change things and alleviate the unfortunate situations of those less fortunate than themselves. History and war has changed nothing then! And there were those who wanted to stand alongside the sick, the disabled and the poor and bear witness to the healing presence of the Divine…..

The lifestyle of these seven attracted others to join them. The whole group sought out and moved to more peaceful surroundings where the order grew. Peregrine in his lifetime became a Saint of the Order.

Moving through history and time, the order spread to Europe and America. In 2000 the Friars in England, Scotland and Ireland wanted a new structure for these islands calling it “The Province of the Isles” and adopted “St Columba” as their patron saint. That Columba that travelled from Donegal to Iona.


One day Peregrine was praying in the Cathedral where he had a vision of Mother Mary who was holding in her hands a black habit, just like the habits worn by the servites.

Mary was said to have told Peregrine, “Go to Sienna”….she told Peregrine he would find there men that called themselves servants of Mary. She told Peregrine to attach himself to them.

After his ordination as a priest, he founded a servite monastery in Forli, Italy. After a few years, a cancerous growth appeared on his foot. After many hours of prayer, the story goes he did not have to have surgery as his foot became miraculously cured.

The Invitation

We are all going to be shown a lot of things on our mission for humanity. We are a brotherhood and sisterhood. The world needs so much love, and I don’t mean love of the romantic kind.

Peregrine invites us to be a healing, loving presence in all situations. And usually that healing presence comes in the most subtle of ways.

Whether it is a smile, a conversation with someone, or just being there for someone, these can all be healing experiences. No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted.

The subtle beauty of how the Divine works

I find it intriguing that it is hard to find a saint or mystic whose life was not significantly touched and changed by an illness or disability of some kind. Living with a chronic illness or disability is indeed challenging. This I well know. Yet I also believe each illness or disease is truly holy, as those of us who are there know.

My own life with illness and disability prompted me to write. It also taught me to seek a deeper spiritual understanding of the challenges it brings. Whilst the illness and fatigue I live with is not in remission, it taught me that life is not a bed of Roses. It has also taught me that the Divine, Source whatever we want to call it is with me always.

I also believe that the Divine has used my illness and the disability that followed to have an impact on non disabled people’s perceptions, beliefs and the use of respectful language.  It has also taught me to graciously accept help when offered, and to see the subtle beauty in those experiences of how the Divine works.

I have recently had three experiences with women where the Divine was working. Were they servants of Mary? Who knows. One day I found myself in a shop with debilitating fatigue and wondering how I would get back to my car.

A kind lady behind me at the checkout offered to carry my bag back to the car. Never before have I been so grateful to have a supporting arm. Getting back to the car she said to me she could see exactly what was happening and just wanted to help. I could tell by the look on her face and her energy that she was fulfilled in being of help. She was certainly a healing presence with what I was experiencing.

I found myself again in a similar situation last week. I could not put one foot in front of the other. I was at a standstill outside the entrance of a shop and wobbly on my feet.

I locked eyes with a lady who was going in the shop and she asked if I was ok. I said I was trying to get around the corner to the post office. She said, would you like me to take you there? She was truly a gift to me in that moment as she offered me her arm.

She just kept smiling and talking and reassuringly saying “take your time”. When we got to the destination, I thanked her profusely for her help and asked her name. Her name was Doreen. She did not leave me at the door. No, no she said, I’m going to take you inside and see that you get there safely.

Again I could tell by the look on her face and her energy that she was fulfilled in being of help. She smiled and waived as she turned and went back to resume what she was doing.

I researched the name Doreen and it is of Hebrew origin meaning “Gift of God”……

My experience with these two ladies was humbling. They had certainly picked up their staffs that day and took it to the places they needed to go. It’s like they stood up and were sharing their mission and revealing their truth with me as they showed a greater Love and understanding beyond themselves.

And so must we all. There are always signs from the Divine. It is a time for us all to stand in our power and walk in alignment with our highest calling.

In meeting my own vulnerability with these two ladies, my visitation from Peregrine has not been wasted. What I have had to experience and overcome to bring out from within me, illness and disability for me has been a rite of passage.

I had to go deep into the shadows and darkest recesses of my Heart and find the gold. And so like Peregrine, I will continue to be a Black Rose of Mary and pick up my staff knowing there is a Divine Plan, knowing what to do and when, and to remember that life is for experiencing.

If you have something to share or would like to continue the discussion, please feel free to submit a comment.

In Love, Grace and Service,