Change is in the air, and not just in the turning of our seasons. For we are all being prepared on a grand scale now for what is coming. Being true to ourselves in a year of self realisation is what 2015 is all about, yet it appears Humanity is stuck in old patterns at the moment. We are all One, so whatever energies affect the Universe, will have an impact on us as well.

Collectively, we are seeing this already in Europe. Even for those who do not watch the news, it can be felt in the air as fear, stress and unrest are bubbling up from the deep, hidden shadows on a collective and personal level. As we observe the mass exodus of people from Syria unfold, I sense it is also a trigger for mass awakening. Although it is creating challenges for the unity of Europe, on a personal level it is also pushing many of us out of our comfort zones as the time for huge awakening and transformation is nigh.

What we once knew and believed no longer applies, as the time is now to live and be our soul’s expression. There is much arising as the ever increasing high Eclipse energies, especially the total Eclipse at the end of the month, will be creating much emotional turmoil of tsunami proportions for some as situations continue to arise for those who are not aware of what is going on, or are unable to see the bigger picture. Yet through synchronistic events that are happening, there will also be some wonderful opportunities for those of us who are ready to align with our true path and fully walk into our authentic power. There is a big difference between like minds and like hearts…and these Eclipse energies are now illuminating a big shift taking place in what our global family, community, and what Oneness and unity truly means.

So Love’s healing message this month is twofold:

It is time to come home to Love for ourselves – and move into Oneness and Unity with others

We need to get real and take a clear and honest inventory as to what is useful and adds value and meaning to our own lives and our well-being. It’s time to slow down for a while, turn inwards, listen to our Heart whispers and open up to new ideas. This is especially relevant for the teachers and healers who are coming into alignment now with the great work that lies before us, which includes if we choose coming together in community with other heart-intended individuals to achieve more as a whole than any individual can do on their own.

In the last blog posting I mentioned I would hold a door open for others to step through and would share an invitation into a new paradigm to meet our True Selves. I am now delighted to offer a small part of this work at the end of this posting and in service to Humanity.

For many of us the mental, emotional and physical self is still in need of fine tuning and we need to ask, where are we sacrificing and betraying ourselves for the illusion of safety and security which is preventing us from moving forward?

Eclipses are also significant events at a spiritual level and it is their significance and symbolic meaning for humanity that could be far reaching in the months and years ahead. They are all about change and are opportunities for changes in our consciousness to occur on a monumental scale, both personally and collectively. Any outdated beliefs, thoughts, behaviours, our relationships, friendships – and even the way we serve others will be illuminated by the Total Eclipse at the end of the month. Only when we can release and end our patterns of self sacrificing and self betrayal can we step into our own power as authentic people and empower our True Self to step forward.

To the astrologers of the mystery schools of Egypt and Greece, Eclipses were a stellar Gateway and they knew that an eclipse created a tunnel to the higher realms. Whatever feelings are coming up at the moment, if we can be open and willing to understand that whatever is being triggered within us is confirmation that we have opportunities now for letting go of all that limits us and expand further into Love – and that includes self care for ourselves. We are being shown now in detail where we need to prioritise, look at what we value and who values us – and what needs to be released.

Whether in our personal or professional lives, we are all being asked to look for truth now in the value and quality of relationship. None of us need be lonely or feel isolated, yet none of us can truly meet our True Self and the True Self of another until we heal our trauma, correct the distorted beliefs we have about ourselves, and let our reactive patterns dissolve. Self Mastery is not some far off pie in the sky ideal, but a living, breathing process that is available and accessible to all who are willing to do the deep inner work themselves, or are prepared to seek help and guidance and do the work with others who are walking the path.

I have not been exempt from the influences of these energies, so being aware of where we are resisting change, not wanting to make change or let things go, and staying small in our comfort zones will only increase our discomfort and keeping us away from making meaningful connections. It is the end of feeling victimized or making excuses for why we “can’t” do something – for that is a choice too. We either want to step into personal self mastery and do the inner work ourselves or seek guidance to move fully into Love, or we become even more stressed and unhappy as we remain in the old and create even more disharmony for ourselves. We can no longer talk about Love and being heart-centred. If we want to live our Truth we have to listen to the voice of Love and be love and that means taking action of some kind – for no action means nothing changes and is a signal to the universe that we are happy with our lot the way it is (even if we are not).

The Veil of Maya

Maya is the illusion that we are all separate and is which keeps us from Source/God/Goddess/Creator and all that is. We may sometimes, even if temporary, have moments of seeing through the veil – only to fall back into the dream of separation and being separate from the Divine.

Last month’s blog highlighted the need for women to address their care-taking and care-giving patterns, because not taking care of ourselves may be a lifelong pattern – and we need to recognise where we are, or have been, self sacrificing and betraying ourselves. One thing women in particular with these patterns need to be aware of is their high levels of empathy and compassion. Whilst treating others as compassionately as possible, there is also a downside to compassion – or rather, giving too much of it to others. It is well known in the medical professions that too much empathy and compassion can also lead to caregiver “stress” and compassion fatigue.

I too have been addressing further and looking deeper at my own patterns of self betrayal because these Eclipse energies are really rattling our cages and illuminating the things we no longer want to do because they either no longer serve a higher purpose or we are no longer being fulfilled by them anymore. Love is what we all want and Love is more powerful than any of us can imagine. All chaos, life’s challenges, distorted thoughts and uncomfortable feelings are simply an invitation to self mastery which has but one intention:

To remove all our blocks to Love and Love’s healing presence

I shared my own pattern of self sacrifice and self betrayal in healing my own core wound of injustice, and having to look at a lifetimes distorted beliefs that had kept it in place. One of those beliefs was I had of a lack of people in my life who were there for me, who really got and understood me, valued me for who I am and respected me for what I did or had to offer. It revealed a pattern of over-doing, excessive empathy from being too understanding, a self sacrificing pattern and hidden suppressed anger. A self sacrificing person can be so focused on others, that they betray themselves when their own needs and well-being are eclipsed (excuse the pun!) by the needs of another. This is coming up for many people now, for men and women, not only in our personal relationships but in our professional ones too and is preventing a lot of people from moving forward.

Our work and our relationships need to be an expression of who we are, but the problem is we can end up staying in something long after it has served its purpose because on the one hand we are afraid of the unknown yet also experience the discomfort of what is known. It’s the reason why many people stay in jobs they don’t like and in relationships that are no longer working. This is not self serving or self loving – it is self sacrificing behaviour whereby we are betraying ourselves for the illusion of safety, security and familiarity.

The sting of Self Sacrifice and Self Betrayal

A Self-sacrificing pattern is the root cause of a lot of our sadness, and self sacrificers are also angry people so their self denying and hidden anger can be expressed in several ways – including extra marital affairs and self gratifying behaviour. Self sacrificers become so exhausted from their over sacrificing that whilst an affair appears to meet their own emotional needs, it does not solve the problem of taking caring of themselves in their main relationship. Their anger is because they are trying to solve their own emotional deprivation from childhood by over compensating and taking care of the needs of others.

I picked up my own self sacrificing pattern from my emotionally distant mother whose anger and frustration I often felt but did not understand at the time when I heard her say to my father “The more I do for you the more I might”. When Self sacrificers feel taken for granted or taken advantage of, feel invisible or overlooked for what we do, our distorted beliefs lead to feelings of resentment, suppressed anger, depression and illness if we cannot, or are unable to recognise our own self sacrificing, self betrayal, and our people pleasing and martyr patterns.

I was able to let the holding pattern and distorted beliefs go once I was able to see and acknowledge where all my life my own self sacrificing and people pleasing patterns had created my own suppressed anger and resentment which resulted in illness and disease – although I still have to be aware of when this old pattern raises it’s ugly head. My only way of getting attention in childhood was to “be a good girl” and be there for others. I carried this over into adulthood and believed that in doing for others at the expense of my own wants and needs I was “being of service and of value to others”. The truth is, it was just a beautiful dance showing me where I had betrayed myself through self sacrifice and needed to be of service to myself and value and care for my own wants and unmet needs.

Unleashing our Feminine Power

So my heartfelt plea to other women, and men too, and to other teachers and therapists out there who feel their energy is exhausted and who feel like giving up their work all together is this: I humbly ask that you look at where an unrecognised people pleasing, self sacrificing, and self betraying pattern may be playing out in your life too so it can now be released and enable you to step up on a global level and speak your truth from a higher vibration. By letting go of these patterns of self betrayal we enable our True Self to step forward, which enables us to create and connect with more satisfying and fulfilling relationships and friendships. The cure for a self sacrificing pattern is self care – and that means taking care of and giving our empathy and compassion to our inner child within.

As then, and now, as I work through my own patterns at a deeper level, in the words of Oriah Mountain dreamer and through the illuminating energies of the upcoming Eclipse, we now have to ask ourselves, “I want to know if you can disappoint another to be true to yourself. If you can bear the accusation of betrayal and not betray your own soul – if you can be faithless and therefore trustworthy”. Recognising our self sacrificing patterns may manifest for some now as a complete turn around, leaving jobs, careers or relationships that no longer fulfil or serve them – and that may include clearing out some of our Facebook “friends” and groups too. For some healers and teachers it may involve dropping the things we have always been passionate about and going off in a different direction entirely to serve in a different way.

Community and Oneness

From a vision I received in 2008, I put out a call in 2011 to those who were ready to move from their head to their Heart, who wanted to transform their life, to gather and join with me as a community as we had great work to do together in healing our wounds and distorted beliefs and be in service to our planet. Over the years people came, drawn by the energy of Love, but only a few stayed – many leaving over time because they were either not ready to face their fears, were blinded by Love’s healing presence or had got caught up in the illusion and spiritual glamour of what true healing is about.

I am thankful and very blessed to those who are messengers to challenge and motivate me because in meeting my own shadow it enables me to reach an even higher level and vibration…not better. We all are required to wake up now and understand that all our interactions with others are about our own shadow. We are all messengers only playing the role others have asked us to play…so when we can forgive ourselves and remove the thorns of blame and shame from our own Hearts, when we accept, receive and honour these gracious gifts in whatever way they show up in our life, it enables us to pay our gifts forward to empower, support and inspire others to rise up too.

These Eclipse energies are also illuminating where we need to let go of the things and people that do not support us or value the quality of authentic relationship and Oneness, so we can prioritise now and connect or come together with those who truly want to and are committed to transcend the reality we live in and let go of the old ways of being. I am very blessed to have a few people in my life that I can count on for support because they see me – as I see them. They get me – as I get them. We value each other for who we are. We each work independently of one another yet together for a greater cause. Some are my Rose sisters, my Rose family. These are my “tribe”, my community, the “right” people who, like me, are continually committed to their own self mastery and serving others in our own unique way.

I humbly share this not in a sanctimonious way, but to show what is possible for all of us now – to stop playing small and to recognise “we are all in this together”. The quality of relationship and deep meaningful connections, where we can reach out to each other from a place of authenticity and unconditional Love is available for all of us now. But before we make a commitment to become an effective healer, be a healer of the earth, or work in community or unity with others – it is a requirement now to remove our masks and first heal ourselves.

The Light Messenger community is also slowly growing as I am connecting with other genuine heart centred individuals around the world who genuinely want to come together in unconditional Love as One for the greatest and highest good of all and I am now delighted to offer the following.

Awakening through the Heart in the Healing Circles of Light

The Sacred White Rose brought forth to me recently a Prayer for the Light Messenger healing Circles of Light but it has taken me a while to integrate that this Prayer has been brought forth by a Council of Light under the direction of the Sisterhood of the Rose.

No-one needs to live in sacrifice and live without support or Love in their lives, so coming together in community or healing circles is a choice and I feel the time is right for me to share some of my personal and professional intentions. Whilst networking or coming together in community can be important parts of our human experience, it is also my experience that many do not want to enter and do the crucial work that is required for transformation.

My intention now is to prioritise and work with those who truly want and are committed to transcending the reality we live in and let go of the old ways of being. Learning to Love ourselves from the Inside Out, these experiential healing circles go to the Heart of healing and have the potential to open us up to a life of genuine healing and empowerment.

The virtual Global Healing Circle of Light is an invitation and humbly offered to everyone everywhere if they feel drawn to participate. The synergy of a group can achieve more as a whole than anyone individual can do on their own and although no-one needs a community to be whole, this is a freewill choice. This invitation is offered free of charge and in service to Humanity where we can all experience more fully the frequencies and sacred healing transmissions of Love and Light that are flooding the planet right now. The more we come together through the Heart the more the power of healing grows so if this Community Circle resonates, just email me or send a message through the contact page with your interest to participate.

For those who live in the vicinity of Bingham, Newark, Nottingham, Grantham, Leicester and Melton Mowbray in the UK, and who genuinely want to open their Hearts to the power of Love, heal their emotional wounds and break through their patterns of self betrayal and do this transformational work together face to face and in a group, in a loving, non judgemental healing community, the experiential gatherings are already posted on the website at: where other Healing Circles will follow shortly. If you hear the call of your Heart all that is required of us is to drop our masks to heal our wounds and open our own Hearts to Love.

I would also like to share that my dear Rose sister in Australia has just recently produced a book “Roses change your World” and can be viewed here:

If this article has touched or resonated with you in any way, please feel free to share Love’s healing message with your network or post a comment.

In Love and Grace,